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Remove Office 2010 Beta and Reinstall Office 2007

Have you tried out the Office 2010 beta, but want to go back to Office 2007?  Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove your Office 2010 beta and reinstall your Office 2007.

The Office 2010 beta will expire on October 31, 2010, at which time you may see a dialog like the one below.  At that time, you will need to either upgrade to the final release of Office 2010, or reinstall your previous version of Office.


Our computer was running the Office 2010 Home and Business Click to Run beta, and after uninstalling it we reinstalled Office 2007 Home and Student.  This was a Windows Vista computer, but the process will be exactly the same on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.  Additionally, the process to reinstall Office 2007 will be exactly the same regardless of the edition of Office 2007 you’re using.

However, please note that if you are running a different edition of Office 2010, especially the 64 bit version, the process may be slightly different.  We will cover this scenario in another article.

Remove Office 2010 Click to Run Beta:

To remove Office 2010 Click to Run Beta, open Control Panel and select Uninstall a Program.


If your computer is running Windows 7, enter “Uninstall a program” in your Start menu search.


Scroll down, select “Microsoft Office Click-to-Run 2010 (Beta)”, and click the Uninstall button on the toolbar.  Note that there will be two entries for Office, so make sure to select the “Click-to-Run” entry.


This will automatically remove all of Office 2010 and its components.  Click Yes to confirm you want to remove it.


Office 2010 beta uninstalled fairly quickly, and a reboot will be required.  Once your computer is rebooted, Office 2010 will be entirely removed.


Reinstall Office 2007

Now, you’re to the easy part.  Simply insert your Office 2007 CD, and it should automatically startup the setup.  If not, open Computer and double-click on your CD drive.


Now, double-click on setup.exe to start the installation.


Enter your product key, and click Continue…


Click Install Now, or click Customize if you want to change the default installation settings.


Wait while Office 2007 installs…it takes around 15 to 20 minutes in our experience.  Once it’s finished  close the installer.


Now, open one of the Office applications.  A popup will open asking you to activate Office.  Make sure you’re connected to the internet, and click next; otherwise, you can select to activate over the phone if you do not have internet access.


This should only take a minute, and Office 2007 will be activated and ready to run.


Everything should work just as it did before you installed Office 2010.  Enjoy!


Office Updates

Make sure to install the latest updates for Office 2007, as these are not included in your disk.  Check Windows Update (search for Windows Update in the Start menu search), and install all of the available updates for Office 2007, including Service Pack 2.



This is a great way to keep using Office even if you don’t decide to purchase Office 2010 after it is released.  Additionally, if you’re were using another version of Office, such as Office 2003, then reinstall it as normal after following the steps to remove Office 2010.

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 04/1/10

Comments (52)

  1. Bob

    Office 2010 has upgraded my Outlook PST file – can I still revert it back to Office 2007?

  2. purplegreendave

    Anyone who doesn’t know how to uninstall/install programs shouldn’t be using beta software to begin with…

  3. Matthew Lucas

    and also anyone who can’t uninstall programs would never read this article.

  4. Steve

    I didn’t find it as easy as this, nor was it as easy as ‘installing / uninstalling software’ implies. It actually screwed up my registrations, registry, and resisted repeated efforts to uninstall cleanly. I finally just reinstalled when I did a clean install of Win 7. Following the normal uninstall process did NOT work, nor did carefully going in and seeking out references to 2010 beta in any number of places.

    A real pain in the behind on my machine. Hope others have a better experience.

  5. bf

    Why would anybody do this. 2010 works flawlessly.

  6. Matthew Guay

    @Bob – We plan to investigate this and cover it in an upcoming article … stay tuned!

    @Steve – Sorry to hear you had problems with it! That is one side effect, sometimes, of using prerelease software…

    @bf – Some people may try out Office 2010, and then decide to save money and revert to the version of Office they already own. Even if they like 2010, economic realities may prevent some from upgrading to the final release. At least that’s the scenario I had in mind.

  7. Mike Alexander

    Outlook 2010 will not currently sync with my blackberry, so I have unstalled Office 2010 beta and reinstalled 2007. Just one reason to do it…

  8. calebstein

    Just install 3.2 ;)

  9. Frankenstain

    Open Office realy sucks – still not fully compatible with .DOC and .DOCX files….

  10. calebstein

    @Frankenstain: .odt is the iso open document standard. .docx is not really compatible with anything.

  11. Matthew Guay

    @calebstein – Hard to say. DOCX is supported by a wide range of programs, not the least of which are Office 2007 and 2010, and then Office 2002 and 2003 with the compatibility addon, and WordPad in Windows 7. Other programs that support it include Office for Mac and iWork on the Mac, on any platform, and Google Docs and many other online word processors online. So I really wouldn’t say it’s not compatible with anything… after all, it is an open standard ;)

  12. calebstein

    Well, does have import capability for .docx, but .odt has been defined as the true opendocument standard.

  13. Mario

    Your explanation seems very straightforward but I do have a problem with reinstalling 2007: mine came pre-installed with my laptop and all I had to do was to validate it with the key that came with a card, now since I don’t have a CD how do I do that? Is Office 2007 still on my computer? If not , well I’ll just keep 2010 which btw works pretty well. I just need to be sure that when it expires I have a chance to upgrade without losing anything.
    Thank you

  14. Matthew Guay

    @Mario – Some options:

    1) Check your start menu, and see if Office 2007 is still installed, or check in Add/Remove Programs. If it’s there, you’re ready to roll.

    2) If you have your Office 2007 key but don’t have the disk, then you can download a trial copy of Office 2007 from Make sure to download the same edition of Office 2007 as your product key is for. If you did own a copy but cannot find the key, you may be able to contact Microsoft Support for help if you have proof of purchase.

    3) Or, like you said, keep Office 2010, but do note that you will have to purchase a full copy before the beta expires in October. One option is to purchase a copy of Office 2007 right now (from a major retailer such as or and you will get a free upgrade to Office 2010 when it is released from

    Hope this helps!

  15. Mario

    2) If you have your Office 2007 key but don’t have the disk, then you can download a trial copy of Office 2007 from…..81033.aspx. Make sure to download the same edition of Office 2007 as your product key is for.

    This is my option, just one question: first I remove 2010, then I install 2007 (MS gave me a temporary KEY) what do I do to register the product with the original key (that I own)?

  16. Matthew Guay

    @Mario – Sure, just uninstall Office 2010, then install Office 2007 and enter your original product key during the setup. If you have a trial key, you could enter that during setup, and then you will be prompted to enter your full key that you own after the trial period is up.

  17. Ralph

    Only concern is with OneNote and Outlook the way they upgraded their respective files. All other programs I have no issues with. I assume going back for these two is not going to be as simple as you make it sound in the tutorial.

  18. Matthew Guay

    @Ralph – We have an upcomming article on how to migrate your Outlook 2010 files back to Outlook 2007; stay tuned. I was not aware of issues between OneNote 2007 and 2010, but I will check into it.

  19. Tim

    Seems like a pain in the neck to me. The original version of office (with all of the updates) shold have been left on the computer. There should have been no need for reinstallation, reactivation, reregistration.

  20. Bill

    This is quite easy IF IT WORKS. The hard part is when it does NOT work. I have the beta installed and to install the full version I have to uninstall the beat. The uninstall procedure asks if I want to truly uninstall and I tell it yes. It thinks for a minute or two and gives me that wonderful MS message that uninstall did not complete successfully. That’s all, no error message, no error log, no nothing. Nothing removed at all.

  21. Dave in Phoenix

    Uninstalled Office 2010 beta
    Uninstalled Office 2007

    Now it says Office 2003 is corrupt which I don’t even recall having on this computer.

    Using the Windows uninstaller program and REV0 – no hint of any Office 2003 or Office XP (was that also 2003?)

    Now I have no access to critical work and I have no Office 2003 to reinstall to uninstall.

    The Office 2010 Beta installed great but now the real deal won’t… frustrating

  22. westa

    while uninstalling office 2010 power went off. nw i cant uninstall it. it is sayn program is running.

  23. Matthew Guay

    @Bill, Dave, and westa – Sorry for the problems you’re having. Looks like Office 2010 Beta can be fairly pesky to uninstall. Check out this other article about Fixing Problems Upgrading to Office 2010 RTM … Even if you’re wanting to install another version of Office such as 2007 or 2003, the instructions here might help you get the 2010 beta removed fully first – Hope it helps!

  24. theresa

    click to run beta is interfering with my free download upgrade to microsoft home and student 2010. the above instructions are not removing that program.. advice?

  25. JS

    What about your emails on outlook, are they lost if you uninstall 2010?



    office 10 beta version cannot remove from add and remove , it will not open documents it always wants to to client virtuallization ,.I have to indicate I want to open in documents.otherwise it freezes if it opens with windows 10 beta. Your assistance would be helpful

  27. Maurice L

    I cant uninstall Office 2010 Beta, I have purchased Office 2010 Home & Office but cant install until Beta if off.

  28. Thor

    You can install the Microsoft Office 2010 trial.
    This will buy you some time until you can purchase the full version. (If that’s what you decide to do.)

  29. Ezra Ben-Meir

    I had Microsoft Office 2000 professional running, then got a new computer- as a present.
    No office was installed, but downloaded Office 2010 beta as a trial.
    No longer functioning, but there was no sign of the 2010 beta in the control panel.
    Reinstalled my office 2000 professional OK BUT cannot USE the FIND option to look for files. A window opens telling me that I need to install it, but the install program fails to find it on my two disks- the install and language pack.

    HOW can i uninstall the 2010 beta?- It is still in th registry. And although all the beta programs are in the All Programs field, there is no unintall there.
    Thanks anyone

  30. Mike

    Is that the way we’re thanked as pioneer of MSoffice Beta testers. Losing hours trying to uninstall it is not only disappointing but unacceptable!

  31. Jen

    Ok so I had the microsoft office 2007home and student then downloaded the free trail of office 2010 in May. It has now expired and couldn’t open any documents on my computer. I uninstalled several components but did not uninstall click and run first. Now the 2010 Beta is still not functioning and will not uninstall. So I bought the 2010 Office Pro and it won’t install until I uninstall the previous version. Called Microsoft and the guy said yes my product ket is valid but I need to activate, well I can’t activate if it won’t install, he transfers me to a activation centre and I get a computer asking about other products I say no it hangs up on me! Okay I am frustrated. Please help!

  32. Julie

    I uninstalled as shown but now cannot find any of my emails—how do I retrieve them or are they lost forever? It didn’t say to archive them anywhere that I saw….please help.

  33. dg

    Having the same problem uninstalling the Office 2010 beta. It does not appear in the Control Panel Programs & Features (ex-Add & Remove Programs). Also cannot install new Office 2010 trial until the beta is removed. How to get Microsoft to focus on this glitch? It seems to be punishment for letting the beta lapse before buying. Any suggestions?

  34. Nassim

    I am having a heck of time uninstalling the beta office. First, there is no entry as Microsoft Office Click-to-Run 2010 (Beta) in the list of the programs. Secondly, when I try to remove the one that is there, it comes back with the ” program was not successfully uninstalled” message. I have purchased the new office 2010 but unfortunately cannot install it. What is my remedy? Uninstall windows 7?

  35. Mafalda


    I have one question, if somebody can help. I was working with the outlook on beta2010. I am reverting to the office 2007. How can I recover all emails and contacts I had on the 2010 version of the outlook?


  36. Sndyb

    Lots of good questions/answers. As I read over the uninstall directions I have done most of it. Still get the error 2324 etc. Now I think that since I have 64 bit that is why it will not uninstall, can anyone address that please?


  37. Tomer

    HI, I have the same problem likr Mafada, How do I keep my Emails and my Calender If i remove the 2010 Beta BEFORE installing the 2007 back ?

  38. marion

    Hi I also have the dreaded office Mondo 2010 on Vista. I cannot uninstall it, keeps on telling me the product installation has been corrupt run set up again from original source. When I try and do exactly that it tells me the installation cannot be done because it failed!!! I am desperate for a solution!! When I open e.g Word it tells me ur beta software has expired and it doesn’t doesn’t uninstall! Please some help here?


  39. Tom Kolakowski

    Any idiot know how to Remove programs through control panel, BUT Office 2010 Beta does not appear in Control Panel (it did the first time I uninstalled it). Office 2010 Excel and Word keep starting up on my machine after removal. How do I get rid iof this VIRUS from my machine?

  40. Moe

    I unistalled office 2010 beta and installed 07 pro
    How do I know if it’s completely of my pc

    I.E registery enteries

  41. Mehrdad

    How do you uninstall Office 2010-64 bit to install 32 bit instead?

    You said you will cover this:
    “However, please note that if you are running a different edition of Office 2010, especially the 64 bit version, the process may be slightly different. We will cover this scenario in another article.”

  42. Jacqi

    I downloaded office 2010 beta version to try it out. when I tried to upgrade to full version it did not work.

    decided to uninstall office pro 2010 via add remove programmes, my computer froze…. got the following message….

    This product installation has been corrupted. Run set-up again from the CD, DVD, or other original installation source. (my original installation source was Microsoft’s web site) so do not have CD.

    I have purchased new full version key and want to remove old corrupted version of my machine and start again with clean install. I am using Microsoft windows XP pro version 2002 sp3…. Any advice as to how I can get rid of office 2010 trial of my system and obviously office any time upgrade which clearly has failed to do its job.

    any advice much appreciated.

  43. Jacqi

    purplegreendave + Matthew Lucas: I am having the same problem as Steve, you have no right to tell anyone who posts a message that they should not be here if the can’t install/uninstall a programme. The problem is far greater than simply going to the control panel and selecting add remove programme/s I to seem to have a corrupted beta version of office 2010 and the conventional way is clearly not working. would you tell a trainee doctor he should not be in a hospital ???. Don’t be rude, it cost nothing to be friendly and others may come back for genuine help. So stop posting drivel and get a life.

  44. Jacqi

    Matthew Guay : thanks just spotted your link, going to try it out now .

  45. jorge paras

    i don’t know what i do,but i try how coz my mcirosoft office is is license but mistaken to enter the product key

  46. jorge paras

    i don’t know what i do,but i try how coz my mcirosoft office is is license but mistaken to enter the product key

  47. Greg

    I get an error that says “Click 2 Run configuration failure” when I try to uninstall the beta. Now that I can’t uninstall the beta, I can’t install office 2010… Help please?

  48. Arefeh

    I bought new Pc windows 7 OS and pre installed Microsoft Office 2010; I’ve uninstall office 2010 and installed Office 2007 but the excel file will not open and defult of system is word. Any idea what is the problem; I brlive there is a hidden file from office 2010 still sat in my computer.

  49. Scott


    Does anybody know how to get Microsoft Office 2007 back? I have a product key from my Medialess License Kit, but i dont have the actual software. Does anyone know how i can get it?


  50. John

    Anybody come up with a solution to uninstalling the outlook beta 2010 software. I don’t know how I got it on my system, because I have outlook 2007 and its running. Now outlook 2010 is conflicing with outlook 2007 and causing my Blackberry desktop software to shut down and not sync with oulook 2007.

    When I tried to uninstall outlook 2010 with microsoft’s fix it, it took outlook 2010 of the computer and BB began syncing with outlook 2007 since it was no longer in conflict with outlook 2010, but removing beta 2010 also removed all of my calendar data in 2007 and now I can’t resynch it from by BB.

    i tried to restore my computer back to before I removed beta 2010 but the calendar data did not reappear in outlook so now I have the conflict back and no calendar data.


  51. Joel

    I have purchased the full version of Office 2010 and am not happy. I use Excel and the program crashes multiple times with almost every file I work with. I am using it in Excel 97-2003 compatibility mode so that others who use the same files I work with can also use them.

    I had Office 2007 and had no issues with it. I only upgraded to 2010 in hopes that Publisher would be more robust.

    What a PITA.

    Now I need to try to uninstall 2010 and reinstall 2007. The $$$$ I shelled out for 2010 will be wasted. Not to mention the time and trouble.

  52. dan

    i uninstalled the other office program home & business, not the click to run program, now when i enter my windows 7 upgrade cd (i had windows vista on my laptop originally) it wont allow me to install as it says newer version is already on my laptop, office outlook has disappeared from my laptop and I cant find outlook.exe either anywhere on my laptop??
    how can i reinstall outlook 2007?

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