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Ask the Readers: Which Web Browser Do You Use?

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Yesterday we looked at the Browser Ballot Screen, which offers 12 different browsers as alternatives to IE for European Windows users. This got us thinking about this weeks question. What browser do you use for your daily web navigation?


Yesterday we showed you the Browser Ballot Screen which was introduced in March to Windows users in Europe. While it offers the choice of the most well known browsers on the market, there are some obscure choices as well. This got us thinking about what web browser(s) you use at home, in the office, or even on your mobile devices.

Some people might have a favorite browser they use at home but are required to use IE at work due to proprietary applications the company uses. Also, if you use an operating system other than Windows, you might favor Safari, Firefox, Konqueror..etc.

What web browser do you use? Leave a comment and join in the discussion!

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  • Published 03/17/10

Comments (263)

  1. NaeNae

    Mostly Firefox and Safari at home…been trying out Chrome here and there. Hate hate hate IE so won’t use it unless I absolutely have to

  2. Sam Tate

    I use Google Chrome and Opera 10.50 together. They both have unique features that make them better for different tasks, and these features also make them MUCH better than other browsers. They also look extremely nice, compared to IE8 and Firefox

  3. Kawa

    Opera, me. 10.50.

  4. insomniac


  5. Terry

    I use Google Chrome. Seems to me that it is the speediest and I absolutely love “create application” feature in chrome. I use this in combination with launchy to open facebook, twitter, google reader, gmail and some others.

  6. Damian


  7. Gurpa

    IE8 and Firefox

  8. Jaan H Murumets

    Google Chrome for me. Used to use Safari on my iMac but switched to Windows 7 when the RC came out. Tried Firefox but it was too sluggish. Can’t be happier with Chrome, when they started supporting extensions it turned into the perfect browser for me. I also like the minimal interface (FF’s themes didn’t exactly help make it any quicker).

  9. cowgod

    chrome is nice and fast, but the extensions are paltry compared to those in firefox. i’ve grown too accustomed to them to switch to anything else.

  10. Kevin

    Every browser has it problems. IE is kind of slow and really buggy. FireFox crashes sometimes and Chrome does not load pages on the first try and has to be refreshed and Opera, to me, is confusing and lacks a lot of add ons. But on average I use FireFox and Google Chrome 99.9% of the time.

  11. Matthias

    Switched from Firefox to Chrome recently.

  12. Shawn Thompson

    google chrome, mostly. firefox for those sites that don’t like chrome and ie if its an ie specific site.

  13. JasonCook599

    On my Ubuntu Netbook I used Firefix until Chromium (not Google Chrome; the open source version of it) suported extensions.. At school I use IE :( as I have no other option.

  14. **Juanito**

    Firefox, although is a resources eater is the best browser in this moment.

  15. DigitalGeekery

    Chrome. Once I tried Chrome I basically dumped all other browsers for anything other than testing purposes and the occasional IE only site.

  16. Mysticgeek

    Firefox as my main browser then play with Opera, Chrome, Safari, and IE occasionally

  17. teresa

    I use IE for work and firefox for everything else.

  18. pposso

    I’ve been using Opera for years since it was ad ware. These days Google’s Chrome is the last star between the browsers, I think us, the Opera users, the few of us don’t really understand what is the fuss about Firefox before or Chrome now, you have to install bunch of extensions to those browsers to get the functionality Opera has out of the box. We (the Opera users) have enjoyed many features first in Opera that later other browsers copied (Speed dial, integrated ads blocking come to mind), the trade offs have been less than perfect compatibility with some web sites and that is negligible nowadays. And supposedly speed, I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox and I chose functionality over -0.01 sec less to load some web page- any day.

  19. Giri

    I am using Chrome.. Its nice. If I added the extension also it doesn’t affect the speed. It looks slim and neet with max screen. I luv it.

    I am expecting more and more from Google. Google Rocks!

  20. KBPrez

    Firefox has been my default browser for a long time. I also use Safari sometimes. I use IE only when I have to and nowadays that’s very rare…thank goodness.

  21. Doctor

    GOOGLE CHROME the one and the ONly webrowser :)

  22. Kemal Emin

    Chrome and Firefox.. I also block visitors with IE6.. (I know its a bad idea but have my own reasons to do so…)

  23. Callum Booth

    Mainly Safari, but sometimes i use my own VB web browser. Just because it means i can modify it as i like.

  24. Stevie


  25. john

    Opera 10.50

  26. Bill Bird

    Chrome. I download the latest from

  27. James

    IE5 and Netscape

  28. Cam

    Opera on Windows, and Epiphany on Ubuntu. Chrome for the occasional site that doesn’t like Epiphany or Opera.

  29. beastfellow

    Firefox is the best so far. No crashes No hassles nothing

  30. Asian Angel

    Firefox of course. ^__^ I also use Iron Browser, Opera, and ChromePlus.

  31. z-man

    Chrome since it added extensions and bookmark sync. Before that i used firefox.

  32. Callum


    IE 8 I use occasionally for my remote access – it does work in Chrome, it just isn’t as neat

    IE 7 for work – however occasionally completing testing in Mozilla

  33. Andrew

    Firefox as primary. Chrome as secondary. I would use Chrome as primary, but I’m hooked on Firebug for web-development.

  34. TatoSgr

    Chrome =D ..

    But Firefox is a great browser too :)

    Hate IE completelly >.<

  35. Abhishek

    I use Opera 10.5 and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and Internet Explorer 8 (Sometimes).

  36. Richtpt

    Mostly Firefox, though I also use Chrome a fair amount. Never use Opera, only use IE when I have to, like at work because of SharePoint and some other internal things.

  37. JonnyP

    Chrome both at work and at home, except for the applications at work that require IE7.

  38. Nico

    Firefox as my primary, Chrome as well. IE just for updates on my WinXP machine.

  39. Sam

    Firefox, for the moment. Chrome is catching up, but it is still behind in modifiability, more specifically in addons.

    Parents use Opera for their slow computer.

  40. AndyB

    I use Firefox almost exclusively, except for the occasional needs-be IE8. I use Opera Mini on my phone quite a bit too.

  41. Samir Damle

    Google Chrome Beta and I bet this is the best browser I have ever used. Fast, simple and useful.

  42. at0mic

    firefox for normal everyday stuff and the gawd awful spyware chrome only for blogger. google only tracks me on one site instead of every where i go

  43. ScottyABrown

    I made the jump from Firefox to Chrome about 3 months ago, and love it.

  44. docpaul

    D. All of the above.

    Chrome — primary, workhorse browser.
    Firefox — just recently started using it again for old time’s sake.
    Opera — for when a web page / app is running slowly, Opera is often faster and smoother.
    IE — it allows drag and drop to my Live account for all my online storage. (You can’t beat free 25 gigs and picture viewing is actually really slick.) Also it works better with my school’s email.

  45. hotchef

    Is FF getting too big for its boots?

  46. Greg

    Chrome. When the stable version started accepting extensions, I made it the default browser and have never looked back. Every other aspect of my online life is owned by one Google product or another, so in for a penny, in for a pound. The sites that aren’t Chrome-friendly just don’t get my business.

  47. Matt


  48. Thomas Skov

    I use Internet Explorer 8 on all of my computers…
    – on my HD2 I use either Opera or Internet Explorer, depending on what I’m browsing for.

  49. Navjot

    Chrome, but theres a lot of sites that aren’t compatible with chrome so sometimes I use Opera 10.5 or Firefox 3.6

  50. Cexi

    I’m using Opera 10.10 and will upgrade to 10.50 when they fix that mess.

    And I agree with pposso. It’s just hype, I guess.

    Opera is the best browser, in my opinion. But I do wish it had the look of Chrome and the add-on functionality of Firefox. Can’t have everything, I guess. :)

  51. ori_b

    Mozilla Firefox 3.6 with too many add-ons

  52. Andres

    Chrome 4, with ie tab extension for ie specific pages (windows live services)
    Love chrome except for the downloads, if there was a download manager fully compatible with chrome it would become the perfect combination. Now I have to open ie tab or ie sometimes and paste the page where the download link is and then click on download

  53. Ben

    Chromium and Opera for the win.

  54. cody

    chrome. sometimes firefox.

  55. Aaron

    Google Chrome Dev

  56. Walter

    Firefox is, in my opinion, the best browser in the market. It could be better in many aspects, but overall it is very efficient. Chrome is somewhat faster than Firefox but it lacks the extent of customization that Firefox has. One thing I really dislike about Chrome is the new tab page. Also, not being able to have a status bar and that the download manager is integrated into a tab rather than being a separate window. In other words, Chrome is just too simple for me. If the features of Firefox and the speed of Chrome could be combined in a single browser, it would be fantastic.

  57. delphinus87

    Safari on my iMac.

    I gave Chrome a whirl, I use it on Windows, but Safari integrated better into OS X than any other and it’s the same speed.

  58. Joe

    OPERA !

  59. Gallupy

    Chrome on windows Firefox on ubuntu

  60. Grixis

    firefox & chrome

  61. phinney5350

    Chrome AlL The Way…Firefox is now too bulky & crashes too much.

  62. Zach

    Firefox and Opera

  63. radman

    Chrome! Fast, smart, highly manageable and customizablee!

  64. Chama

    OperA 10.50 – The Fastest Earth

  65. IE

    IE is the best!!!
    just joking
    moved from firefox to Chrome. way faster loading etc, have some minor problems in some pages though

  66. dhfinch

    Firefox and occasionally Chrome or Opera – all portable versions. If I need IE I will use the Firefox IETab extension – there is one for Chrome too…

  67. Michele

    Chrome in Ubuntu Karmic

  68. Ross Royal

    IE 8 and Firefox. Firefox is the default browser because of the abundance of extensions.

  69. bobbylight

    Firefox due to the extension

    I use Opera the odd time

  70. AlienDK

    I use several different browsers for different tasks. Firefox for general browsing, Opera/SRWare Iron for sites with heavy javascript and sometimes I use K-Meleon too (just for fun :D).

  71. AlienDK

    Sorry for the double post. But this is very important. Unless you do NOT care about privacy AT ALL, use SRWare Iron instead of Chrome! SRWare has removed all the privacy invading “features” :). Gotta love it.

  72. fatman

    I use SRWare Iron, so I get all the goodness of the chrome browser without the spyware of google. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Google Chrome, but I am a simple man with simple needs.

  73. Gary

    Minefield/3.7a4pre – Build ID: 20100317125512

    FF 3.7 is starting to look sweet. It’s going to give all the other browsers a run for their money.

  74. Anton Magus

    Firefox 90% of the time, Chrome, Opera and IE only when needed.
    I like using Firefox more than the others.

  75. Rick

    I have used FIREFOX for quite awhile…..They have made great contributions (copied by a few) I will stick with them……………thanks FIREFOX

  76. David Levine

    I used Firefox as my primary browser up until about a month ago. Then I switched to Chrome and now use that as my primary. I use IE 7 for work websites because Chrome and Firefox don’t work 100% correctly for them.

  77. Chris

    I’m a Chromer 99% of the time, the other 1% is Firefox

  78. admin

    firefox + opera

  79. Nivekian


  80. mrrix32

    When people ask me I always think of Firefox, but in reality I use Chrome more these days.

  81. TomSr


  82. Matthew Guay

    I use IE8 and Chrome most of the time, but then also use Firefox, Opera 10.5, and Safari for Windows from time to time. I like IE8’s integration with Windows 7 (e.g. tasbkar tab thumbnails), but now other browsers are starting to add that so its less of an advantage. I can’t wait to start using IE9 as my primary browser, but the Platform Preview isn’t ready for that :)

  83. Simon

    I recently switched to IE 8 from Firefox. It’s fast and nice looking — nicer than Firefox, anyways.

  84. Rob


  85. Sdreamer

    IE8, it just works. Maybe not as fast as the other browsers, but it works with every site I need to visit.

  86. dmmacs

    Chrome or IE8 when a page requires it.

  87. ScottW

    Firefox with Google Chrome up next. Firefox just has me spoiled with the couple of addons that I use so, maybe when Google has them too, I might think about switching. Maybe.

  88. Benoit Rainville

    Chrome dev of course, on ubuntu must I insist!

  89. JFK

    I use Firefox both at home and at work.

  90. thesun


  91. R. Daneel

    Firefox 85% Opera 15%

  92. Mysticgeek

    @Opera Users: Actually kind of surprised there are so many of you. Would you guys like to see more articles on Opera?

  93. DS

    Firefox & IRON

  94. dave

    FireFox never IE

  95. sfmitch

    I’m using Safari on Mac the vast majority of the time. When I am on Windows, I use Firefox.

  96. edmenje

    Opera is da bomb! I first used Opera 3.x back in 1997 and fell in love with it. At that time it was $25 for a license, but I felt it was well worth it (remember this was long before Firefox came on the scene).
    Heartily agree with pposso and Cexi above with the addition that I love Opera link which keeps my home install, work and usb portable installations, and Linux installs updated with all my bookmarks etc and it makes a reinstall or new install a breeze. Also need to mention the built-in email client, Dragonfly, one-click W3C validator and editable source view for web development, the new Unite personal web server, and follower tabs which can be set tiled in the main browser window (tabs can also be cascaded, a feature of Opera since the beginning).

    Main browser: Opera 10.5
    Second: Firefox (mainly for sites like Veoh, and others with proprietary plug-ins that only work for IE and FF)
    Third: Google Chrome
    Last Resort: IE8
    Additionally: IE Tester (runs multiple versions of IE from 5-8) along with all of the above for testing my website designs for cross-browser compliance.

  97. d-rok

    Chrome for fun, the speed and simplicity makes it the best for simple speedy browsing.

    Firefox for work, tools like firebug, html validater and more are just to good for testing and reporting.

  98. Chewie063

    Firefox for daily browsing.
    IE to run internet radio stations (so I don’t interrupt music while tweaking Firefox)
    Ever since Xmarks was release for Chrome, I use it on my USB drive

  99. Derek C. F. Pegritz

    Chrome. I used to love Firefox until it became grotesquely bloated and unstable. Chrome is 1,000 times better now.

  100. tmercswims

    Firefox only.

  101. nad

    Firefox pretty much because of it topnotch adblock+. Nothing come close. Chrome on the other hand is a piece of shit that only hide ads. I use Iron from time to time. I try to use Opera 10.50 as my main browser but it couldn’t compare to the versatile of firefox, so just time to time.

  102. Raiyan Hossain

    Firefox 3.6 ; Google Chrome dev*latest

  103. Gabriel Castro

    Opera 10.5 as my main browser at work, home and in my laptop, and soon in my yet to arrive android phone. Used it since versions 3 or 4.. Still paid or or you had to live with a banner in the free version…

    And I use chrome as a secondary browser.. IE just as a last resort..

  104. snsn

    chrome dev 5.0.342.5

  105. SquareWheel

    Chrome Dev 5.0.342.5 on Windows and Ubuntu.

  106. Jim

    Since they added extensions I’ve pretty much settled into Chrome though I still use FF for some things.

  107. nakul sharma

    firefox at home
    firefox portable at work

  108. aXius

    Firefox is the best!! for me chrome is only looks, I mean, yes, is faster loading webs than FF but it’s just mliliseconds, and doesn’t eat RAM form the PC until… you open more than 5 tabs!!! AND the last thing is the chrome extensions aren’t working just as fine as the FF extensions do.
    And in terms of speed Opera is the first one.

  109. Mike

    IE8 & Chrome. I also use Firefox, Safari, and Opera to check my websites.

  110. Ray

    Firefox cause there are about 5 extensions I can’t live without. IE8 because its integration with Windows 7 is awesome. It actually gets a lot of things right and I can’t help but think that “it just works”

  111. mickeyblue

    Chrome 4.0.12 BETA, its the fastest, PERIOD!!!

  112. Rajiv

    I am always using Firefox………

  113. anticafe

    Chrome + Firefox

  114. Mehmet Latif Uzunel

    I use mostly Maxthon and sometimes Chrome. Maxthon is super fast.

  115. Trevor Bekolay

    I’ve tried Chrome and Opera 10.5 recently, but I can’t seem to shake my Firefox habit. I’ve been using it so long that it’s second nature to me, and any of the subtle differences in other browsers really throw me off. I know I could get used to them, but I don’t really see a good reason to switch.

  116. bryan


  117. spk2629

    I use both Opera & Firefox. If Opera would get it together with more add-ons [site advisor, pop-up blocker, etc.] I’d make the outright switch. I use FF for security, Opera for speed. Chrome? Trash that is so stripped down it is almost unusable. IE8? Absolute 100% FDA Trash.

  118. Nightshadow

    Primary browser is Firefox. Once I tried it, I never went back to IE, although I do keep it installed so I can download Windows update.

    I tried Chrome once…too much Eye Candy for me.

  119. feng shaun

    Nobody has mentioned uzbl-browser! I use it exclusively! It’s da best!

  120. chirantanf

    Primary browser Firefox, but i also use chrome side by side, its actually like i use firefox for some sites and chrome for some (mostly streaming videos etc work better for me in chrome)

  121. Joe

    Opera 10.5 for 99% of my browsing. Chrome for what doesn’t work in Opera, Safari next, then Firefox, then IE…

  122. BookwormDragon

    Both Firefox and Chrome, depending on the purpose. Chrome is my default browser in Windows, because it opens very quickly and is therefore perfect for following links from email, twitter, etc. Also use it for quick browsing and searching. Add I love the ability to make stand-alone “apps” for email, calendar, etc.

    For long-term browsing “projects”, or for reading long articles or stories, I use Firefox, because nothing can beat Firefox’s ability to make pages of almost all sorts comfortably readable. Most of my bookmarks are in Firefox.

  123. Dima

    Opera 10.51. Customizable, fast, handy. Has some unique functions others do not have(Link, Unite). +its not Google :P. No, i really like that company, they are NOT Google and not open source, but still CAN compete with them!

  124. C. E. Frederick

    @Mysticgeek: Yes please. I use Firefox as my primary browser, but Opera is my secondary and I’d love to see some stuff go up around here about using Opera.

  125. Jaxx

    Primary: Firefox
    Secondary: Google Chrome
    Last Option: IE8

    Mobile: Opera Mini

  126. edawnedsram

    IE8 at work, although just trying out Chrome
    Just downloaded Opera to try
    Use FF at home unless on my Mac then I use Safari

    Doesn’t help determine the most widely used, when I end up using most of the popular ones anyway…
    Keep up the good work. mate

  127. firefox

    Firefox +1

  128. crystalis

    Firefox and Chrome but mostly Chrome

  129. Anh Tuan

    Ever since I changed from Internet Explorer to Firefox a fews years ago, Firefox has been my most favorite web browser due to it’s support for a wide range of add-ons and it’s simplicity in customization. I have tried Opera and Chrome but somehow I just can’t stick with either.

  130. Sonu

    Main browser: Opera 10.5
    Second: IE9 aka Chakra Developer Preview ;)

  131. sparrow

    Primary: Firefox 3.6
    Secondary: Opera 10.50
    Last Option: Internet Explorer 8

    Mobile: Opera Mini

  132. JJ Quin

    Primary: Firefox 3.6
    Secondary: Latest Chrome Beta
    No other choice: IE (noooo!)

    Mobile: Browser on my awesome Palm Pre Plus!

  133. HydroKirby

    Wow, lots of Opera users! This is heartwarming to know. The browser I use depends on which computer/OS I’m on.
    PC – Windows 7: FireFox. I want the security of No-Script and WOT. Moreover, it has NicoFox which other browsers don’t get. I have Opera here if I want to visit a site that I know is safe.
    PC – Ubuntu: Opera. My #1 favorite browser. I feel like I could mold and manipulate Opera like clay. I keep FireFox in case of web sites that behave badly in Opera.
    Laptop – Windows 7: Chrome. I like to try a variety of things. My laptop gives me an excuse to use this browser which I can’t really find a significant use for. I’m annoyed at some of the add-ons’ behavior tbh…

    A common thing I end up doing when looking at a new browser is that do my best to outfit it to make it act like Opera. It just shows how attached I am to Opera (and how much I gripe at having to use plug-ins). If I had the power to outfit Opera like FireFox and Chrome, the only thing I would add is WOT.

  134. Firas

    At work:
    Primary: Firefox 3.6
    Secondary: Latest Chrome Beta
    If really no other choice IE

    At home:
    Primary: Firefox 3.6
    If really no other choice IE


  135. bobby.tables

    Mainly Firefox, but also Opera and Iron (a no-Google-version of Chromium/Chrome). IE only if I have to (while developing sites and checking them for multiple browsers).

  136. Ola

    Why don’t you have a tally and have a visual display of preferences?

  137. Antrikshy

    I use Firefox 3.6 (cranked and tweaked to highest performance) on one laptop, but Opera (BETA) on the slower laptop.

    I also use Opera Mobile 10.0 and Chrome Portable on a flash drive, synced with Foxy on Xmarks.


  138. Silencer

    surely FiREFOX

    IE is slow as hell for comp. with fox.
    chrome is not customizable as fox with extensions for now.

  139. Kalle

    I use Chrome and sometimes Firefox

  140. Non-Anonymous

    Firefox: Primary web browser used for heavy use (i.e. Academic researching, hobby researching, leisure).

    Chrome: Secondary web browser used to either check something quickly on the internet which includes my Gmail and Google Apps account.

    Opera: Just recently exploring and experimenting.

  141. Miguel

    Google Chrome and sometimes Opera

  142. chipukb

    and chrome for google apps: it is a bit faster then

  143. social network web development

    Thanks for posting this. I even didn’t know some of these existed. This is definitely a big help.

  144. Mike J

    My main browser is Ff v2–I can’t abide how the new versions provide no control over cookies. I have Firefox tweeked for speed in about:config. I love the add-ons. I also use Iron, which is good but lacking in some features. I agree with the poster who said Opera is confusing. I have tried it three times & eventually ditched it each time; I feel like I need to take a night class in order to understand it.

  145. Veli

    of course Firefox ;)

  146. Dan Dwyer, Sr.

    Google Chrome + GoogleApps

  147. Gildawie

    I used to use Opera but switched to FireFox soon after it was released.
    I still check out other browsers now and then but haven’t found a good reason to change yet.

  148. smallraven

    K-Meleon – for faster loading than Firefox and less drag on an old computer with modem connection. I rarely have any problems with it

  149. Greg

    I use the newest version of chrome and I have an extension for it that renders web pages like ie. That way I never have to use anyother web browser :)

  150. T

    firefox chrome sometimes

  151. bronco245

    Comodo Dragon (based on Chrome). The portable version is not really portable because it stores bookmarks, cookies and other other user data on the C drive.

  152. Jeffrey Paul Zacher

    Opera 10.10

  153. Lloyd Kuhnle

    I use Google Chrome most of the time, except when I’m forced to use IE8. Chrome does seem to be quite a bit faster, and has far fewer crashes.

  154. PopKills73

    I use ChromePlus ( both at work and home. All the benefits of Chrome, and a little extra. If you are a Chrome user you should check it out. If you aren’t a Chrome user because it didn’t have a feature you were looking for then check out ChromePlus as well.

  155. james

    at work : ie8 (i have no choice)
    at home : firefox and safari (on the mac machines)

  156. Shirkit

    First, I always used Firefox. When Chrome was on version 2, I started to use it. But when it came to the version 4, it started to crash all the time, and I’m using Opera 10.50 now, and I’ll never use IE.

  157. tommy2rs

    Firefox is my default browser across all platforms. I even carry the portable version with me, just in case. Have Safari, Opera and Chrome also on the Windows boxes. Safari, Opera and Camino on the old Mac in addition to Firefox. Depending on the flavor of the current Linux install and the desktop chosen I’ll have different additional browsers but Firefox is still the default there. Why Firefox? The ability to customize not only Firefox but the web itself via extensions.

    IE? Not now. Not ever, Never. I’ve even removed all visible links to it on my machines. It can only be started via the run box or command line. Like I tell my customers, IE is the superhighway to infection thanks to activeX. Not to mention its lack of support for web standards.

    I will say that Chrome is getting to where it’s almost usable, especially since ad blocking is now a choice and the extensions are coming along.

  158. Enigma

    I mainly use Chrome to browse and Firefox for web development. I also use IE, Safari, and Opera, but only for testing.

  159. J.R. Rickman

    I have been using iGoogle for a while now, but some programs or downloads work best with certain browsers, so at times I go with whatever works best.

  160. Brian

    Firefox – except for Web sites where I absolutely, positively need to use IE…

  161. jay

    Firefox 3.6

  162. Paolino

    I mostly navigate on Facebook: with IE there were problems about creating photo albums, so I switched to Firefox, and photo album ok but orrible about chat. Switched finally to Chrome and all problems ended

  163. mamk


  164. Ashutosh Mishra

    I mostly use Chrome. Firefox at times. I’ve this desire to mate Firefox, Chrome and Opera together to produce the ultimate browser on earth. It’d be snappy like Chrome, friendly like Firefox (I used FF for 3.5 years before going the Chrome way), and feature-ful like Opera.
    That’s never gonna happen so I’ll just be happy if Mozilla makes Firefox as snappy as Chrome. I’m talking about the interface, I’ve no problems with Firefox’s javascript and all. :)

  165. Don Richesin

    I use IE8 because I don’t understand the others.

  166. Daniel

    I use Chrome for personal stuff and Firefox at work. As there are still some applications in our intranet that only work with IE6 (!!!) I also have to use IE Tab (puuh, at least I don’t need to use native IE6 interface ;-) ).

  167. Joleca

    Firefox for just about anything and everything (on desktop and both laptops).. Depend on all extra functionality from the extensions I have installed… Only use IE when absolutely forced to by a particular site (generally can get away with using the Coral IE Tab extension in FF for these), or for an older program which still works great, but doesn’t recognize anything other than IE as a “default” browser..

    Have tried Chrome and hate it… Can’t get it to do anything I want, seems limited and awkward, same goes for Mathon, Safari and Cometbird. Tried installing Opera and it totally froze and locked up my computer (desktop), so…

    I’ll just stick with Firefox!

  168. brgulker

    Firefox mainly. Chrome occasionally, mostly to check on its level of polish and development when updates are made.

    Firefox isn’t as fast as Chrome (or Opera), but its feature set just can’t be replaced by either of those browsers yet, at least not to suite my needs effectively.

    Plus, I’ve had all sorts of rendering issues with Chrome at my office, which I think is linked to some security policies in place.

  169. Sarah

    Firefox. Tried others but always came back to Firefox.

  170. shle896

    I am addicted to Google Chrome. It’s crazy-fast and makes even Firefox seem sluggish.

  171. Nitrox

    Firefox is my primary browser. Opera sometimes.

  172. heinz

    Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Opera 10.5 is my favorite browser. It is fast and has quite a lot of inbuild featchers. New: inbuild flashblock plugin (on demand plugin). Unfortunably it has no add on capability.

  173. egolint

    Maxthon all the way!

  174. Cam

    Firefox. It’s still the best all rounder. I’ve looked at Chrome but it’s still some way short and is not so fast as some seem to think.
    Opera is a good 2nd choice.

  175. Wil

    Firefox at home (ie tab in case Firefox won’t open a page correctly) , ie 6 at work (I hate it!), sometimes safari (because of my iphone), chrome some times and opera if I hear about a new feature that makes me want to test it out again.

  176. Mohammed

    Firefox for work and websurfing, Opera 10.5 for games

  177. arash

    hey buddies ie8 isnt that bad, i use IE on windows(yeah IE!) and opera/firefox on suse(love suse). i hate safari since it steals webkit and apple do commerical things with it and hate chrome cause its from an evil company.

  178. knotryder

    No one seems to have even heard of Lunascape ite a three engine browser, combiunation of trident (IE) , Gecko (FF) and Webkit, you can change engines on the fly It’s as buggy as chrome, firefox but it also has enhanced features making it an all purpose browser which also accepts FF plugins.

  179. beergas

    IE 8 since ain’t broke. IE9 Platform Preview is out for developers, not for ordinary use, non beta.

  180. Daryl Griffiths

    Firefox at work on Windows machine. I have most of the other machines at work ruinning IE8 though, (so as not to scare the horses!!).

    At home, running Firefox on the wife’s laptop and the desktop. Currently also running firefox on Jolicloud (linux) netbook and also playing with Chrome on that one too.

    Kind of reluctant to totally adopt Chrome as I’m not sure quite how secure and competent it is yet…

  181. ed

    IE 8

  182. ed

    Chrome period!

  183. juanit0x

    Been using all of them, but Firefox is THE best browser. Chrome lacks customization and adblock doesnt work as good as on firefox. Opera has some nice features that can be achieved in firefox with some addons. Also its adblock is not as good, nor the bookmark systems, the configurability etc.

    Firefox FTW!

  184. uttaradhaka

    I use Opera 10.51 and Google Chrome BETA (for checking out extensions) channel together as my primary and firefox occassionally.

    But if I had to choose one, I would choose opera because it is so feature packed and looks bleeding fantastic in Windows 7. Also, it is the only browser besides IE 8 to support Aero Peek…

    @mysticgeek.. Please please please post more articles about Opera. Being the new speed king and all…
    Also, is there a way to install extensions in Opera? Not that I need it, but just for the bragging rights of using the ULTIMATE browser!!!!!

  185. notgeeky

    I am so “invested” in IE I use it for most things, but Firefox really works faster and better for me. But it crashes more often. IE is going to go by the board slowly. Meanwhile I have both up in tabs and switch from one to the other.

    Have not ventured into Chrome except just once. I will try it more since many are favoring it.

  186. Akshay

    Google Chrome! But sometimes it doesn’t transfer across User Accounts, but Opera does, so I just use that.

  187. col

    Chrome/Chromium and Firefox on pcs and laptop. Opera mini on Nokia phone.

    If a site requires IE It does not get viewed end off.

  188. mayday

    Firefox but when visiting Microsoft site, use IE. chrome? just don’t like it.

  189. JayGee

    Maxthon (enhanced shell for IE).

  190. Mghmg

    IE8 and Firefox

  191. Harris

    first off i’d like to say how much i enjoy your site and i look forward to your daily e-mail.

    as to browsers my first choice is opera…i like the fact that i can add search engines and by typing a g or y or b in front of my search i choose google or yahoo or bing. password management is great and it has a built in e-mail program. i like the speed dial and unite. i also have fun when i’m in a public area using the voice option…it’s interesting to watch people’s reaction when i talk to the computer.

    I.E i use when i can’t get to specific sites such as government pages (canada).

    i try firefox every once in a while but i find it awkward and the gadgets seem redundant.

    i like chrome except for the fact that it won’t let me decide where it will be installed and i really don’t feel like using command lines to try and install it where i want it to go….

  192. Litbea

    Opera 10.5 & FF 3.6

  193. Ryan Dozier

    I’m a big fan of Chrome, I am very pleased with it and it is awesome. But I also love using Firefox and Safari, at time. My favorite would have to be Chrome especially after all the new Extensions that are being released.

  194. Kevin Vélez

    I use Google Chrome, is the best, is fast, simple and amigable, but firefox is good too but I prefer Google Chrome

  195. Sam

    Firefox all the way.

  196. 'Grey Beard 37'

    Opera . By a wide margin. Been using it as main browser for 7+ years. Paid for one in years past when not free, and would again. Losing my bookmarks file(s) alone would result in a major loss.

    Keep trying others, don’t have the patience to dig how to do functions built in to Opera, (e.g needing add on’s in FireFox),. I do use programs (esp. freeware) to ‘improve’ areas that Opera is not always superior in. (e.g. use ‘AdMuncher’ to cut way down on ‘popup’s and web clutter, although I find that Opera’s handling of popup’s is pretty darn good.)

    I’ve tried to turn many others on to Opera, not always successfully. When not, the most common complaint seems to be that Opera is so ‘feature rich’ that it overwhelms them. Very true. Even as a dedicated user for nearly a decade, I’m still find new ways to use it.

    If I have any ‘complaints’ it would be:

    1) Writers (e.g. ‘Geeks’, hint, hint,…) don’t feature enough info/use about Opera
    2) The Opera help files and ways to navigate around the incredible number of options needs significant improvement.

    I’ve seen enough comments re: FireFox and Chrome, that I expect I’ll try them again.. That is when my patience level is high enough to put up with the frustration of ‘finding out’ how to do even the ‘basics’ that are built into Opera.

    (P.S. the (19)’37’ in my ID stands for my birth year. Been in the software business for a long time. (You do the math). I often used Opera as a prime example of how software should be done when mentoring ‘newbies’ coming up.

  197. Tom

    Since I use Roboform, my only choices are IE and Firefox…really, Firefox is the only choice. It is also the only one that has the noscript addon. I’ve tried Chrome and Opera and Safari. Was happy to get back to Firefox. Combine speed with very few ads, which produces even more speed…

  198. Redfacer

    I use 95% Chrome, 4% IE7, 1%, get my wife to try something.

    Chrome really is very good.

  199. axyosh

    Firefox as default browser and Chrome as secondary.
    Chrome looks nice, but it is too simple for me and doesn’t has the variety of extensions that has firefox.
    I also use Opera if i get bored of firefox and chrome.
    Since i discovered firefox a few years ago, i have never used IE.

  200. jdbpogo

    i use ie6 at work, but saying that, i wonder why anybody would use it, or safari for that matter, if they didn’t have to.

    on all of my machines i use firefox as the plugins have me hooked. i couldn’t live without so many of them. i’ve tried chrome and it was fast and has a minimalistic appearence, but i’m not really bothered by firefox renedering a second or two slower and i do most of my browsing on a 30 inch monitor, in portait mode, with a silly amount of pixles so space isn’t a premium for me.

    on my mobile i use opera 10.5b. there really is no contest here, opera just blows away everybody else on the mobile platform. i’ve tried fennic on nokia’s n900 and it was almost as good. the only plus it really has is flash support, but with no phones having the backbone to steam flash video atm (not even my beloved hd2) this isn’t an issue. safari on the iphone is ok also, but imho, not as good as opera. my girlfriend, an apple dihard, has recently conceeded on this point.

  201. Yujin

    Chrome is the best browser! =D

  202. Mommacita

    I have just recently switched to Safari (I use Windows XP) and I find it very fast and easy to use. I was using Mozilla Firefox, but I became very frustrated with it constantly crashing even though I re-installed it a number of times. I also use Chrome (very good).
    Note: Firefox has a problem with add-ons and plug-ins not being compatible with their updated version. All was working good for me until version 3.6 came out.

  203. grandtechgeek

    I use Firefox at home. I am a tech facilitator for my school and I am working on switching all of our computers over to Opera because I found an app that lets the teachers tell me to do it for their such and such hour class. I look at the rosters and I can tell Windows Server 2008 R2 (that we just bought!) to program a certain speed dial slot to that for the students. (Eg. Say a teachers needs their students on Laeportal.) I love my job because I get to do this all the time too! If anyone has a better suggestion for a web browser, please say so.

  204. calebstein
  205. Tom

    Firefox 3.6

  206. Al

    Have tried most of them. Try to avoid IE as my default browser. Used Chrome for awhile and still do to some extent. Have been trying Avant since I saw it on your ‘Ballot Browser Screen’. Avant looks interesting and is a bit different from the rest of them. Seems faster as well. Was wondering why Firefox was not on that screen ???

  207. Paul Graham

    I use Firefox almost exclusively, and I use Safari for backup when I need to.

  208. tyler

    Chrome, but opera unite looks pretty cool. I think im gonna do a test switch soon.

  209. Alan

    Like many others in this forum, I use both Google Chrome And Opera 10. How anyone uses Firefox is beyond me! I’ve been trying to use Firefox since it was Netscape and have yet to find a PC that runs Firefox faster than a glacier and yes I have tried all the pipelining tricks, etc. Improvement negligible.

  210. j4k0


  211. Hanzaelanz

    Firefox ftw

  212. BrianA

    Firefox together with AdBlockPlus, DownThemAll, and several other add-ons plus Roboform give me all I need. Synchronising bookmarks etc between two PCs also makes for an easy life.
    Not sure I want the hassle of changing for a small speed advantage. But Google marches on so who knows.

  213. Meshal

    Google Chrome

  214. Phil

    Chrome, or FF if I have to

  215. wan obi

    use opera and firefox

    but with new opera 10.50, opera just getting better

  216. damiththa

    priamry Chrome, IE for work

  217. Murphy

    I use Safari and like it a lot.

  218. Andy

    I use the latest Firefox. It is so wonderfully customizable – although it is a memory hog.

    Until I read on here, I had no idea that Chrome had extensions ! I’m going to download it and check it out.

    I found that Opera too unwieldy, with poor widgets and an overall amateurish interface and feel.
    IE – I would never, ever, ever use that, ever (except for Windows updates, when XP forces me to use it)

  219. David

    Firefox all the way unless some site requires IE and the add-on does not load it properly..

  220. Chinaboy

    Hi, everyone. I am from China. Now I am use the Google chrome as my default web browser.

    It is cool and work stably.

  221. nemo

    I use netscape 3.5

  222. Andrew

    Firefox together with AdBlockPlus, Delicious and Diigo

  223. Dell

    IE 8 & google chrome. am missing aero peek in chrome… So i use IE 8 mostly… opera 10.5 has some serious security risks.

  224. Ben

    Firefox mainly, Opera secondary.

  225. Even Kristoffer

    Chrome as my main and Opera as my secondary.
    Used FireFox until it became too resource demanding for my old PC.
    Although I now have a monster, I still use it. It’s minimalistic, pretty and FAST.

  226. Tony

    Since the release of Opera 10.50 I’ve ditched Firefox and Chrome almost completely. Before then I was with Firefox primarily, but on one of my monthly “jeeze, do I really need all these extensions?” kicks I realized that pretty much every single extension I had deemed must-have in Firefox was already baked into Opera straight out of the box. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I’ve found Chrome’s extensions really lackluster. I haven’t found one decent mouse gesture extension for Chrome as an example, and Chrome’s complete lack of UI customization (i.e. being able to place buttons where I want them) is a huge deterrent to me. And don’t get me even started on Chrome’s themes — most of those make my eyes bleed.

    Of course I’ve done some heavy modding of my Opera install, including adding Fanboy’s adblock feature (almost as good as AdBlock Plus), setting Gmail as my email client and a spattering of user javascripts. Honestly, better and more varried implementation of user scripts a la GreaseMonkey could be Opera’s ace in the hole some day, but the scripting community is still rather small. The theme I use is Z1-Glass and it’s gotten some fantastic and well deserved press on Lifehacker recently.

    I’m still planning on keeping all three browsers installed, but at this point in time Opera is my baby.

    (By the way, if Mysticgeek needs a hand writing an article on customizing Opera, just drop me a tweet.)

  227. Erzeal

    I use Google Chrome dev release.. I love it. Though i wish the ad-blockers were better..
    most of them are pretty broken also the extension gallery sucks compared to Mozilla’s.

  228. Hi

    Sleipnir is the best..

  229. GiddyUpGo

    I have used Firefox since it’s day one. Firefox 3.6 has broken too many things for me to use it. I now use Firefox 3.5.8 and know that support will end before this year is out, so security will be the big issue.
    I am in the process of looking for another browser. I will miss noscript and wot extensions but Firefox 3.6 has come to the end of the line for me. I like what I read about Opera here. I will be trying it…..For sure I will be leaving Firefox.

  230. Leafy

    Opera for me.. Chrome nearly won me over, but it doesn’t have mouse chording or Bookmark sync (atleast, three years ago)

  231. Leafy

    ^ I mean to say, I’ve been using for three years ans Chrome didn’t have those two features when it was launched

  232. AlanWade

    Firefox 3.6 and Chrome

  233. poths

    I use Firefox and sometimes Chrome. I used IE a lot but nowadays it takes ages to just finish loading.

  234. Ed

    Opera, Chrome, …………… when I have to.

  235. Graham

    Recently changed from Firefox to Chrome BUT NOW am trying out the ‘Europe’ offerings and the ones named above.
    WHAT A FEAST. Thank you all.
    HOW to decide on the best?

  236. jeroen

    Laptop Firefox, at home Google Chrome for testing.

  237. Milad

    Safari on Mac and Google Chrome on PC

  238. Colvin

    Google Chrome and Firefox

  239. drubio1234

    Chrome is my favorite, but Opera has the possiblity to sync with the Opera Mini browser in my blackberry, so it gets use as well.

  240. Cassie

    I used to use Firefox before Chrome came out, but once it did I switched. I absolutely refuse to use IE, unless it’s at school & the other browsers available aren’t working. Although…I did try Opera for a while, and I use that at school when Chrome doesn’t work on some computers (network issues…ugh)

  241. Gerhard

    Firefox only. Hate IE.

    Opera Mini on my phones/portables.

  242. C0ntr0ller

    Lynx. Fastest browser on earth.

  243. MikeGibson

    Firefox and Chrome

  244. Giancarlo

    Firefox, sometimes IE for pages that couldn’t load on Firefox

  245. creepydarkdeath

    From the development of Firefox 2.0 I have started using Firefox. Before that I used to play with Opera. And then I started loving Firefox as I get to know it better. Till then I have been using Firefox and never looked back, although I have test Opera 10.0, Chrome and Safari periodically.

    Love Firefox…!

  246. Krish

    1. Opera 10.51 – as default browser (Opera Mini or Opera Mobile on my mobile according to the connection i use)
    I use Firefox as my secondary browser. I also use IE, Chrome, Safari occasionally.

  247. Van

    Addons still rules.

  248. Tom

    I use Firefox as main browser. I used its configuration page to tweak it and I am happy.Opera sometimes on my second monitor.

  249. amgad elsaiegh

    Opera 10.51 – as default browser 90%
    IE 8 10%

  250. Sandy

    Safari- in my macbook (always)
    and IE when i have to use the pc

  251. Brian

    I use Chrome & Opera, mostly Chrome – just love it. Even though MS has been forced to give Europe a choice they have craftily made sure that one has to also have the dreaded IE as some downloads & updates will not work under any other browser. The legislators missed that trick didn’t they!

  252. scott

    Opera 99.999% . used to use firefox, tried chrome and liked it till i couldnt stop the drop down “suggestions” in the addy bar, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo back to opera and dont think i’ll ever change. have been curious about iron browser though. WANT to use chrome, only for googles stance to china but opera is the way to go for me. it’s fast, easy to personalize , FAST, looks good, and did i mention that its FAST!

  253. Matt

    Google Chrome.

  254. Chuck

    Werll Im the one who unfortunatley unknowingly let MSN keep changeing my home page to thiers when I want YAHOO>com as my homepage. Heck I dont even want BING!!! But alas is theier anyway to udo the damage done by IE and msn?? I chatted with tem and they say there is no way to do it? As soon as I change it again to it changes it back. thiers. YUK I cant even go to my hotmail account cause as soon as I do it changes my home page again to theirs..

    Well enough is enough… my home page 4 now is Yahoo until i find something better lol

  255. hbhager

    I use IE 8
    I use Google ,but hate the new side bar ,is there a way to get rid of it ?

  256. Ebony

    I love the new Dolphin3D

  257. nickfrost

    I use Opera whenever i can, in work and out. Love the speed, the look, and the smallish footprint. But sadly still have to use IE for Internet banking and a few other sites. and it goes a little funny sometimes with flash. But thumbs up to opera!

  258. seclub

    I swapped to Chrome after 6 years with Firefox because of the boot time and the lags. I used to be one of the greatest fans when 1.0 officialy came but ver 3.6 was the biggest dissapointment for me. And google toolbar started acting fishy not to mention when I open 10 tabs which is quite often and though I have a high-end mashine it lagged a lot. With chrome I’m very happy, works as fast as FF 3 years ago and seems like it loads faster. So far I’d say it’s the best thing around nowadays. The only negative point is the customization which isn’t quite extended as there’s no status bar and the annoying “other bookmarks” folder but hey, no product is perfect :)

  259. Tristan

    Iron as my primary, chrome as my secondary, safari as my emergency backup in case both iron and chrome fail, and IE only if my life depends on it

  260. you dont need to know

    I use Google Chrome I love the create application feature in chrome. I use this in combination with open-us to open Facebook, Skype, gmail and some more Google chrome is the shit.

  261. bobgrosh

    Love Chrome and IE hate fox and safari

  262. Ivydapple

    Right now, I use Firefox, which is definitely the most awesome web browser, in my opinion at least. Still, I used Internet Explorer all my life. I had to go to Firefox because it was crashing too many times (a day). I miss Internet Explorer, even though Firefox is amazing.

  263. manolis

    only firefox

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