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Redeem Pre-paid Zune Card Points for Zune Marketplace Media

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If you don’t want to pay the monthly fee for a Zune Pass, one option is buying a pre-paid Zune card. Here we take a look at how to redeem the Zune card points so you can get music for your Zune or Zune HD.

Of course the first thing you will need to do is buy a Zune card. You can find them for different amounts at most retail locations that sell Zune’s like Walmart, Best Buy…etc. When you purchase the card make sure the cashier activates it.


Now open up your Zune desktop software and sign in if you aren’t already. Go into Settings \ Account and under Microsoft Points click on Redeem Code.


Now enter the code from the back of the card that you scratch off and hit Next.


After entering in your code successfully it asks for your contact information, which seems odd considering you’re using a prepaid card. You may want to enter in a fictitious address and phone number if concerned about privacy…then click Next. The only thing you might want to enter in legitimately is your email address to get a confirmation email.


You’re given a Thank you message…


And back in your Account Settings you’ll see the points have been added.


Now you can go shopping for music, videos, TV shows, and more at the Zune Marketplace.


If you don’t want to give up your credit card info and pay the monthly fee for the Zune Pass, using prepaid card to purchase music as you go is a good alternative.

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  • Published 03/15/10

Comments (3)

  1. John M

    I’m a regular user of the pre-paid cards myself, but find the tiny letters and numbers in the codes quite hard to read sometimes. If they would fix that these things would be completely awesome.

  2. tsrblke

    They also make the prepaid cards for the Zune pass. I use them so I don’t have to worry about my credit card being charged should I forget to cancel it or run upon hard times.

  3. Hardrock

    Yeah.. I use the cards all the time..Even bought a years Zune pass at the local Microsoft store (we’re lucky, we have one here).

    John M… had the same problem with print size… then got new prescription for my glasses and WALLA! I could read them A LOT better! :)

    Zune ROCKS!

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