There are a lot of apps out there that help you organize and view your favorite RSS feeds. If you subscribe to a lot, sitting at a computer to view them all can be overwhelming. Today we take a look at accessing them from the couch with WMC.

Using Media Center RSS Feeds

To get RSS feeds to work with this plugin you need to subscribe to them through Internet Explorer.


The first thing you’ll need to do is activate Media Center RSS Reader (link below) on their site.

Next install the Media Center RSS Reader plugin (link below). Installation is easy, just select the defaults when going through the wizard.

Now when you open Media Center you’ll see the RSS icon in the main menu under Accessories.

You can also find it in the Extras section.


Enter in the username and activation code you received when you activated the plugin earlier.

After activation you’ll see a list of the RSS feeds you currently subscribed through Internet Explorer.

Click on the site feed you want to read and you’ll get a list of the different items available.

Next you get and overview of the contents for the item you selected.

From there you can show the page of the website containing that item.

For any audio or video feeds you subscribe to, at the overview screen, click on Play to watch it.


Then just sit back and watch your favorite video RSS feeds on WMC.


Media Center RSS Reader plugin will work with Vista and Windows 7. If you’re looking for a way to check out your RSS feeds in WMC this is a cool plugin for it.

Download Media Center RSS Reader –You can activate it here as well.

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