Friday Fun: Games that Look Like Productivity Apps

By Brian Burgess on March 12th, 2010

We’ve been showing you fun flash games to play during company time on a Friday afternoon. Hopefully while playing them, you haven’t received a “talking to”. Today we show you some cool games to play that look like productivity apps, so the boss will be none the wiser.

The website has developed some very neat little games that look like productivity apps like Word and Excel. These apps look exactly like some project you would be working on, but are really neat little games. Here we take a look at three cool ones on the site called Breakdown, Leadership, and Cost Cutter.


Leadership is a cool game that looks like something you would be working in Excel and is a spin off of the classic game Moon Lander.


You navigate your ship through a variety of challenging line graphs.



This one is a knock off of the classic game Break Out. Use your mouse to scroll the racket at the bottom and bounce the ball off of the text in the document. Press the space bar to pause the game and the elements will disappear…good for when the boss comes around.


Cost Cutter

This one is a puzzle game where it looks like your working on some bar charts in Excel. You need to click combinations of two or more blocks that are the same color. Again, hit the spacebar and the game elements will disappear.


If you’re looking for a way to goof off with some simple games without the boss knowing, these will definitely do the trick. Another cool game along these lines is Excit! which we covered previously.

Play Cost Cutter, Breakdown, and Leadership at

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  • Published 03/12/10
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