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Easily Add Facebook Chat to Pidgin

Want to keep in touch with your Facebook friends throughout the day?  Here we’ll show you how to easily add Facebook chat to the popular multi-protocol chat client Pidgin.

Facebook has recently added support for XMPP chat, which means you can easily add it to popular chat clients such as Pidgin.  Previously you could only add Facebook chat to Pidgin through a plug-in that didn’t always work correctly.  Here we’ll walk you through setting up your Facebook account in Pidgin.

Getting Started

First, make sure you have a username for your Facebook account (link below).  This is a relatively new feature for Facebook, so if you’ve had your account for a while you may need to choose one. 


If you already have one, you should see it listed instead.


Now, open Pidgin, and click Manage Accounts.


Click Add…


Then select XMPP from the Protocol list.


Now, enter your Facebook username without the part (e.g your.facebook.username, not  Then, enter for the Domain, and enter your standard Facebook password.  You can check the “Remember password” box if you’d like Pidgin to automatically sign in to Facebook chat.


Now, click on the Advanced tab, and uncheck the “Require SSL/TLS” box.  Also, make sure the Connect port is 5222.  Click Add, and your Facebook account is added to Pidgin.


Now Facebook will show up in your list of accounts, with the username


Your Facebook friends will show up directly in your Buddy list, complete with their full name and Facebook profile picture.  Any users that are not in a group will show under your standard list, while ones in a Facebook group will be shown in a separate group.  You can move which groups your Facebook friends show up in, just like you can with other chat contacts.


And no matter if your friend is logged in on the standard Facebook website or through another chat application, it will work the same as always.


This is a great way to keep in touch with your Facebook friends throughout the day.  If you like Facebook chat and already use Pidgin, now you can keep from switching between programs and just chat with all your friends from a central location.


Download Pidgin

Set your Facebook username

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 03/10/10

Comments (89)

  1. Rashid Rupani

    Not working for me..

  2. matt

    just search “facebook chat in pidgin” on google and look for the link to the plugin which adds an facebook option to the account type box

  3. Corey

    Facebook’s xmpp doesn’t allow using port 80 does it?

  4. Chalpa

    Cool! This option works in the portable version too, the plugin doesn´t.

  5. Matthew Guay

    @matt – yes, you can do it with a plugin, but now that XMPP is supported it is the preferred method of using FB chat with Pidgin. This method is much more reliable than the plugin was.

    @Corey – FaceBook XMPP chat requires you to use port 5222

  6. bryan

    not working for me…
    when i tried to connect it says;

    bryanlamchihoong @ 已断开连接

    help me pls

  7. Jeahavee

    THIS WORKS GREAT. For some reason the “facebook” plugin or whatever doesn’t work but this work perfect.

  8. Matthew Guay

    @Jeahavee Good, glad it worked good for you. I had the same experience with the old plugin, and have enjoyed this new trick myself :)

  9. Victor

    This is not working for me, doublechecked the settings. If I have SSL/TLS on, Pidgin says “You require encryption but it is not available on this server”. If I turn it off it says “ requires plaintext authentication over an unencrypted connection. Allow this and continue authentication?” If I say “YES” I get “503: Service Unavailable”. any thoughts?

  10. Tim

    FYI: This didn’t work for me until I added as the “Connect Server” under the Advanced tab. Now it’s working fine.

  11. daveo76

    I like using an application for pidgin called pidgin-facebookchat. As you can see the users pictures and status. plus when you hover your mouse pointer of a username it shows a bigger window with a bigger picture and show all the users status

  12. mchlbk

    Hmm, not working for me. Keeps giving the 503-error.

  13. Henry

    Also been getting a 503 error

  14. dannybuntu

    503 me too.

  15. Matthew Guay

    I’ve never seen the errors with FB chat in Pidgin, but make sure that:
    – you have a Facebook username.
    – you’re using port 5222

    If this is set correctly, and Pidgin already works with other chat networks, then you FB chat should work fine, too.

  16. Mido

    I did your setting before March and it worked fine. But now it seems something changed in Facebook chat and can’t get your setting work for now. Error 503 and need plaintext authentication.

  17. Isaac Witmer

    When ever I try and sort my “buddies” it resorts them on the next log in.

    Is anyone else having this happen?

  18. joe

    it works for me. cool. take a bit longer at first but finally …:)

  19. Natalie

    to people having trouble – try entering the following information in addition to everything in the howto:
    Resource: Pidgin
    Local alias:

    and under the advanced tab
    Connect server:

    this fixed the 503 error for me

  20. JZ

    Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!! Finally fixed it!!!!! Yay!!!!!

  21. downforce

    If you enter a Local Alias instead of seeing xxxx @ you will see a pretty name ‘My name’

  22. Logan

    This was very helpful. Thanks so much!

  23. dike

    my god… what exactly does he mean when he says you must enter Your.Facebook.Username ????

    does he mean we must enter Your.Facebook.JohnDoe or does he mean that we must enter just JohnDoe ??? Why didn’t he just fill it up with a Complete Example Using Fake Info instead of hiding/shading out some parts of the pics and using incomplete examples :(( what exactly is Your.Facebook.Username ???

    Or is he simply trying to say “Type your Facebook Username Here” ?? i am lost cuz THIS IS NOT WORKING FOR many folk above including MYSELF and i am NOT sure if the reason could be this your.facebook.username thing . . . :(((

  24. Constantino


    @Victor and anyone else getting the “requires plaintext authentication over an unencrypted connection” thing.

    It will keep failing to connect until you uncheck “Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams” in the advanced tab. Probably if I had just said NO in the first place the problem may not have come up but give a go and see if it works.


  25. dexi

    This is perfect! now i don’t have to worry about fussing with all the crap that goes with getting that plugin to work on linux… thanks xD

  26. David

    OK guys, it seems it won’t work for allot of people until you go here:

    Go there, click pidgin, it will ask you to log out of Facebook, then log back in. Then reactivate the pidgin account, it should connect this time.

  27. Poul

    THx works perfectly!

  28. amila


    thankx, it works

  29. eric

    if you get this message, “You require encryption but it is not available on this server”, make sure you UNCHECKED “require SSL/TLS under the advanced tab.

    otherwise, delete account, then setup again following these instructions:

  30. atw

    thanks a lot
    I’ve finally got it running

  31. Fergus Gibson

    Thank you!

  32. Sebastian

    David, thanx a lot, tried everything else, this fixed it for me.

  33. Jay

    yeah, and then group chat came along and they didn’t think about making that work with XMPP.

  34. Mike

    Excellent, thanks!

  35. Curt

    I’m using Windows…. from what I can see the “Require SSL/TLS” checkbox no longer exists under the advanced tab. I can’t get this to work.

  36. jeff

    i like alot

  37. brian

    i think the problem is that you have to be signed into facebook in a browser while you’re trying to set it up … at least i’m speculating since after i was on fb in firefox for about 10 minutes my 503 error went away

  38. DonoJoshu

    @ Curt:
    Go To the Advance Tab, and find ‘Connection Security’, and drop down the new drop down menu. Choices are ‘Require Encryption’, ‘Use Encryption If Available’, and ‘Use Old-Style SSL’. The Choice you want to pick in order to connect to facebook chat is ‘Use Encryption If Available’. Select that, Save settings, and it should connect. Hope That Helps.

  39. Danny

    I’ve followed every instruction to the letter and this is what I get in response

    “You require encryption, but it is not available on this server.”

  40. Danny

    @ DonoJoshu

    I’ve done this as well and it simply tells me “Not Authorized”

  41. Diadem

    “Not Authorized” is what i get as well. I have checked the username, domain, password, set the encryption, set the allow plaintext, set the port, the connect server and it still just says

    “Not Authorized”

  42. hask

    Thanks! It works for me :)

  43. John

    works per David’s fix, good man :)

  44. Rich The Guru

    The XMPP really does work!

    The problem now is:
    Since XMPP is used for both, How does one differentiate between someone who is on Gmail and who is on Facebook?
    Is there a way to make custom icon based on who you are connected to?
    Or better, make dupes of XMPP, re-do the icon and ‘name’ them with the service used?

  45. Dim

    ok guys, it works

    but, you know, facebook has another new feature right now, Groups

    how we connect with the chatbox?? can someone help ???


  46. Chirag

    Thanks for this…
    But my facebook group wasnt created..
    whole lot of my facebook friends were under buddies list.
    I had to create a Facebook group manually.

  47. Derek

    You should really update this “howto” since it obviously needs some updating. You should tell people that they have to enable chat via their facebook account, XMPP doesn’t work at all unless you enable it for your username.

  48. azad

    very thank of u
    very good teaching i sow and tank u very much:d

  49. Ed Densmore

    i have done every single thing in here, i also do not have the check box, i click use encryption if availble and i get not athorized, i see some ppl saying i need to turn it on, on face book? how do i do this ? this works FINE for adium on my mac but PC is really fighting me here

  50. Ed Densmore

    i installed the facebook plugin that seems to be working fine

  51. John Doe

    Any idea about having secure Facebook chat ?

  52. kim

    works perfectly, no annoying plugins


    voillla it works!!

  54. thecourier

    Thank you. It works great

  55. Yogesh Kumar

    Awesome Man……… It works like a Charm……….. Awesome…….. thanks buddy…….

  56. Matthew Henry

    Doesn’t work for me. “Not authorized” :-(

  57. Matthew Henry

    Your instructions did not work for me.

    I installed the Facebook plugin from here:
    That works.

  58. NotRealAccount

    @Matthew Henry
    I was having the same “Not authorized” problem and I found this:

    After I changed my password everything worked perfectly.
    Hope this helps.

  59. RS_World

    Thanks man ……………………… it will help a lot .

  60. Chan

    Go to this link and click on the pidgin…. then try again.

    It worked for me… Hope it works for you too.

  61. Matt Harris

    Managed to get this to work after following David’s instructions on going to Thanks.

  62. AkumaOtoko

    Works for me. Thanks, to whomever put this here.

    Make sure to follow the instructions, step-by-step.

  63. Anas

    Thanks, that was great!

  64. justin

    my version of pidgin has no button to uncheck the “Require SSL/TLS”
    It just is not there….period. do I not have the newest version of pidgin???

  65. Apon

    IT WORKED!!!!!!…… hurray

  66. Frillazeus

    Works perfectly

  67. Sonja

    Great stuff – thanks for explaining. Am new to Ubuntu and think this all-in-one chat is better than anything else!

  68. Shyam Shankar

    Hey..thanks a worked perfectly for me :D

  69. ratacibernetica

    Thanks! it worked on my ubuntu 8.10 :D translated it to spanish to my blog

  70. abhijeet


  71. Volatile

    Simply wonderful!
    Nice that facebook uses XMPP as well!
    As soon as m$n and icq switches to XMPP as well (I wish), there will be no need for a multi-protocol IM client!

  72. Dave

    MUCH thanks! this should be part of their RTFM

  73. ghost

    how do u use it if u dont have the facebook ID yet…!?

  74. Sugesh

    very very thnx,,,i’m trying this from last 4 months,,,,,thnk you

  75. rahul

    it worked…:)

  76. Joseph

    Thanks for this really big help. Im definitely sharing this to my friends.

  77. elena

    ewh how can i chat in chat group on facebook?
    someone pliss help

  78. Thomas

    Go to face book to enable pidgin as David and Chan said. It says enable your client. It will make you log out and log back in after you select pidgin.

  79. Ricardo

    “Go to this link and click on the pidgin…. then try again.

    It worked for me… Hope it works for you too.”

    After this it worked! Thanks!

    Matthew, if possible update your guide with this part!

    Thank you!

  80. Riyan

    …hey i have been trying for past few months…
    i ahve tried the same(I guess) before aswell…but was unsuccessful
    but this time … did work…

  81. Nworgustella


  82. dinay

    its fixed….

  83. Nikhil Mahale

    Thanks a lot !!!!

  84. matuteromano

    Ok , it’s working perfect thanks …

  85. Karan

    Works like a charm !!!!! thanks man.

  86. Anand

    Works greAT…Thanks man good job.

  87. Prince

    help guyz I am an admin of a group but in group chat in I have clicked on ”hide chat from this group” and I am not able again to chat in this group can I chat again plz guyz I need help!

  88. The SEO Firm

    I couldnt get it to work at all. Where do I go and setup my user name??

  89. zarnaik

    A new guide is needed. No matter what I do, I always end up with the authorize problem. Even if I use the facebook tour thingy.

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