Sometimes a thumbnail image can give you a good idea if the photo is worth a closer inspection or not. But what about the times when the thumbnail is just not enough? If the idea of a quick peak zoom feature for your browser sounds good then join us as we look at the zoomZOOM extension.


The first thing that you should do once you have the extension installed is to go into the “Options”. Make certain to enable the extension for any websites that you frequently use. If desired you may also change the “popup location/position”. While there are only six websites available at the moment it is our guess that more will be added with further development (based on the Change Log).

zoomZOOM in Action

We decided to try three of the six currently available websites for our article. We started at “Photobucket” with a search for “cats”…thumbnails can be good but larger images are better.

Note: For some odd reason the “Address Bar Icon” did not display in our test browser.

Next we moved on to “Flickr”.

Our third and final example was “Google Image Search”. Once again everything was nicely enlarged and with the second image the full size (1024 x 768) version became available for viewing.



The zoomZOOM extension may only do one thing but it does it very well…letting you view nicely enlarged versions of the images at your favorite photo websites.


Download the zoomZOOM extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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