Looking for a way to get access to more content through Windows 7 Media Center? Maybe you’d like a good way to jump back and forth between Boxee and Media Center with just a click of the remote? Today we show you how to get access to Boxee through Media Center with Boxee Integration 1.0.

Installing Boxee

Download and install the current version of Boxee. (See download link below) The install is very straightforward, just take the defaults. You’ll also need to register for a Boxee account, if you don’t already have one.

If you have Windows Firewall enabled and this is the first time you’re running Boxee, allow it to access your network.

Boxee Integration 1.0

Close out of Windows Media Center, then download and install the Boxee Integration application. It’s also a simple install. Just take the defaults and click “Finish.”

Restart Windows Media Center and you’ll see a Boxee tile on your main interface.


Click on the Boxee tile to launch it. You will be prompted to enter your username and password. Select the “Remember password” option if you don’t want to have to enter your login credentials each time.

You’ll be prompted to set screen calibration. You can do so now, or click “Skip.”

Boxee will open up in full screen. From here you can enjoy all your favorite Boxee content.

When you exit Boxee, Windows Media Center will restart in Full Screen mode. It is not completely seamless. You will see the desktop and a command box flash for a few seconds before Media Center opens.


This a great way to get access to some popular apps that aren’t currently available in Media Center like Pandora, LastFM, and MLB.TV. Unfortunately, Boxee Integration does not work on extenders. If you like this Boxee Integration application, you might want to check out our earlier article on Hulu Integration in Windows Media Center.


Download the latest version of Boxee

Download Boxee Integration 1.0