Are you frustrated with having to reopen your menus for each website that you need or want to view? Now you can keep those menus open while opening multiple websites with the Stay-Open Menu extension for Firefox.

Stay-Open Menu in Action

You can start using the extension as soon as you have installed it…simply access your favorite links in the “Bookmarks Menu, Bookmarks Toolbar, Awesome Bar, or History Menu” and middle click on the appropriate entries. Here you can see our browser opening the Productive Geek website and that the “Bookmarks Menu” is still open. As soon as you left click on a link or click outside the menus they will close normally like before.

Note: Middle clicked links open in new tabs.

The only time during our tests that a newly opened link “remained in the background” was for any links opened from the “Awesome Bar”.

But as soon as the “Awesome Bar” was closed the new tabs automatically focused to the front.

A link being opened from the “History Menu”…still open while the webpage is loading.



The options are simple to sort through…enable or disable the additional “stay open” functions and enable automatic menu closing if desired.


If you get frustrated with having to reopen menus to access multiple webpages at one time then you might want to give this extension a try.


Download the Stay-Open Menu extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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