If you use experimental add-ons in Firefox then you have experienced the frustration of having to manually check for updates to them. Now you can be notified of updates for experimental add-ons alongside the Mozilla approved add-ons with the EAVE extension.

Accessing EAVE

There are two methods for accessing EAVE after installing the extension. The default is the “Status Bar Icon” and the second method is using the “Toolbar Icon”.

Note: If you choose to use the “Toolbar Icon” you will need to select for it in the “Options”.

EAVE in Action

There are four things to keep in mind about EAVE:

  • You can manually check for updates as often as desired
  • The auto-check feature for detecting updates is set at a default of 7 days but can be easily changed
  • If a new version of an experimental add-on is detected you will see a slider alert with a clickable link for that add-on’s AMO page
  • If an add-on you are monitoring graduates from the experimental stage you will be notified and that add-on is automatically removed from the tracking list

Whether you use the “Status Bar Icon” or the “Toolbar Button” the right click menu is the same.


To get started with EAVE you will need to visit the webpages for any experimental add-ons that you want to monitor. Keep in mind that you do not have to have a particular extension installed in order to monitor it. Here you can see the four extensions that we chose for our list: autoHideStatusbar, App Tabs, PermaTabs Mod, & EAVE. To add an extension to the list left click on the “Toolbar Button” or the “Status Bar Icon”.

You will see the following confirmation window asking if you want to track that particular extension. Click “Yes” to add it to your list.

Once you add an add-on to your list you will see a small popup window in the lower right corner of your Desktop like this with the name and current version of the add-on.

This is what our list looked like after adding all four add-ons: Title, Version Number, & Update Status with the ability to delete one or all add-ons on the list.

If you decide to manually check for update just access the “Context Menu” and select “Check For Updates Now”.

The “Bell Icon” will disappear while the “update check” is in progress. During our tests the countdown always started at “4” and closed when “1” was reached.



If you chose to use the “Toolbar Button” you will need to select for it in the “Display In” category here. You can also change the frequency for checking on extension updates, choose the “Host Site” checked, and decide which side the “Slider Alert” will appear on.


If you have been wanting to automate the update notification process for experimental add-ons in Firefox then this is the perfect extension for you.


Download the EAVE extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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