Are you a Twitter addict and need an easy way to manage your account in Firefox? Now you can access Twitter in your Sidebar or as a separate window with the TwitKit+ extension for Firefox.

Accessing TwitKit+

There are three ways that you can access TwitKit+ after installing the extension. The first is by adding the “Toolbar Button” to your browser’s UI.

The second and third methods are through the “View & Tools Menus”.


TwitKit+ in Action

When you open TwitKit+ for the first time you will see Twitter’s “Public Tweet Stream”. To get started login into your account.

Note: If you do not care for the “brown theme” you can select a different one in “Preferences”.


Here is a closer look at the top area and the commands available. Notice the “blue arrow symbol” in the upper left corner
very useful if you want to separate TwitKit+ from your main browser window for a bit.

  • Secure Mode, Undock, Preferences, Login/Logout
  • Google Search, Twitter Search, Copy Selection To Status Box, Shorten Selected URL
  • Public, User, Friends, Followers, @ Messages, Direct Messages, Profile

Note: To use Google or Twitter search enter your term in the “Status Area” and click on the appropriate service icon.

Here is the regular timeline for our account
the “clickable tab buttons” make everything easy to view and work with. You can perform actions such as replying, retweeting, marking as a favorite, etc. using the set of “management buttons” at the bottom of each tweet.

To add a new tweet to your timeline enter your text and press “Enter”.

A look at the “Following List” for our account. Having a more defined and separate “view categories” set makes this better than directly accessing the Twitter website.


The preferences can be quickly sorted out
choose how often the timeline is updated, name display, favorite URL shortening service, theme, and font size.

Note: The default connection setting is for “Secure Access”.



TwitKit+ makes a nice addition to Firefox for anyone who loves keeping up with Twitter throughout the day. There when you want it and out of your way the rest of the time.


Download the TwitKit+ extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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