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Turn Non-Resizeable Windows into Resizeable Windows

Are you frustrated with Windows app windows that can not be resized at all? Now you can apply some “attitude adjustment” and resize those windows with ResizeEnable.


Everyone is familiar with the many app windows in their Windows OS that simply can not be resized. What you need is cooperation, not attitude. For our example we chose the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties Window”…notice the cursor in the lower right corner. No resizing satisfaction available at all…



The program comes in a zip file with three files as shown here. Once you have unzipped the program place it in an appropriate “Program Files Folder”, create a shortcut, and you are ready to go.


There will be a “System Tray Icon” with only two “Context Menu” items…“About & Quit”.


Here is a quick look at the “About Window” that tells you exactly what ResizeEnable does. Notice that it does state that you may occasionally have a window that may not respond correctly.


Now back to our “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties Window”. Notice the resizing cursor in the lower right corner….time for some fun!


During our test the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties Window” was suddenly a dream to resize.


Daring to stretch the window even further…now that is what you call “stretching” the window out in comparison to its’ original size! Think of all the windows that will be much easier to work with now…



If you have been frustrated with non-resizeable windows then ResizeEnable will certainly bring a smile to your face as you watch those windows suddenly become a lot more cooperative. This is definitely one app that is worth adding to your system.


Download ResizeEnable (zip file)

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 03/22/10

Comments (15)

  1. acermike

    Thank you! It worked! Now, after I close the dialog box and open another dialog box, it goes back to its normal size after resizing before closing the dialog box. It is fun!

  2. tasaduq

    what really sucks is, it does not leave the window with that size, you have to resize everytime >.>

  3. jcard21

    This doesn’t seem to work for Vista msconfig dialog window.

  4. Josh

    Finally MSCONFIG window can be resized! I just wish it kept the size I set it to the next time I opened it – after all this little hack is continuously running in the background.

  5. Osama

    It also can’t resize back to enlarged format after shrinking any windows. The text goes small and tiny. It’s just an eye catchy not functional.

  6. cmg

    Tried it; ran it. The window resized, but nothing inside the window did so. I tried the Taskbar window as shown above. Haven’t tried anything else yet. And I am running Windows 7.

  7. john

    That my friends, is why you change the class names of your modal dialog boxes! if you understand spy++, you know what I mean

  8. woodson hansell

    thank you thank you.
    often dialogue boxes wont show part of the box on my netbook due to sceen size. i would just try guess bottom box responses. this program is a must have on my netbook

  9. Gordon

    I installed it, but it does not work. I tried it on the same window as the example. No go.
    I have windows 7 64-bit.

  10. Roger

    john – That my friends, is why you change the class names of your modal dialog boxes! if you understand spy++, you know what I mean

    @john – instead of being snarky, why not share your knowledge.

  11. Skywalker

    Very sweet! I always got frustrated with small windows that should be resizable, but simple arent’t. This little program simply adjust that attitude :)

  12. Asian Angel

    @Skywalker – Agreed! I love this little program and have it set up on every Windows system that I have. ^_^

  13. dadwhiskers

    Roger – @john – instead of being snarky, why not share your knowledge.

    The ‘leets like to make themselves appear taller by cutting off the heads of others – of course you know that, so why bother the guy. He feels inferior, so he has to use passive aggression to attack others. I like to do it directly. He’s a dipshit!

  14. Simon

    john knows spy++. dadwhiskers knows john. lol

  15. Øyvind Granberg

    Right on!
    Finally I get to resize those pesci small windows so I can see what the heck I’n doing.
    Works fine on my Vista computer….

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