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How to install Spotify in Ubuntu 9.10 using Wine

Spotify is arguably the best streaming music service available online. Spotify is available under Windows and Mac. However, by using Wine you can install Spotify to run on Ubuntu as well.

Note: Spotify is not available in all countries or the United States. Here we look at installing Spotify on Ubuntu 9.10 using Wine 1.2.

To begin with we’ll need to install Wine on Ubuntu. If you already have Wine you can easily skip this step. To install Wine on Ubuntu 9.10 first open synaptic package manager by going to System \ Administration \ Synaptic Package Manager.


You’ll be prompted for your password. Enter your admin password and this will open Synaptic Package Manager.


Select the package wine 1.2 and click apply. This will install Wine on your Ubuntu and it’s available under Applications \ Wine.

Now that you have Wine installed. All you need to do is download the Windows version of Spotify and install it over your Wine. To do so download Spotify (windows version). Once downloaded, navigate to the download folder and right-click the Spotify installer and click Open with Wine Windows Program Loader.


This will install Spotify on your Ubuntu machine.


Now you can enjoy Spotify on your Ubuntu machine if you live outside of the US. Also, make sure and check out our review of Spotify.


Download Spotify

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  • Published 03/2/10

Comments (6)

  1. Abhishek

    Its great. I had tried it sometime ago!

  2. 1fastbullet

    And someone would want to install this…Why??

  3. Jane


    Is it possible to install Linux and Wine and Spotify on a USB stick? I want to run Spotify on a Win7 box and I don’t have any admin rights to it. Does this sound possible? How can I do that?

    Thanks for the help!


  4. FIN-Ubuntu

    Works great with Ubuntu 10.04 & Wine 1.1.42 (beta release they said). Thanks for the guide! :)

  5. Larz

    @ 1fastbullet – To be able to play windows based games on Linux is a primary reason.

  6. silvio

    Gracias por la guia!!!
    Tack för guiden!!
    Thanks for the guide!!

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