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ShellFolderFix Remembers Window Locations in Windows 7

Remember when previous versions of Windows would remember the size an location of Explorer windows when you opened them? For some reason Windows 7 no longer does this, but today we take a look at a neat utility that will fix this annoyance.

It can be very annoying having to move your folder windows every time you re-launch them in Windows 7. Here we take a look at Vista with a bunch of different folder screens open, and when we close them, they will come back to the same location and size when we open them again.


In Windows 7 it seems to remember the last one you closed and you’ll need to adjust them again. So they can end up stacked on top of each other, all full screen, or end up in an inconvenient location on your screen.



ShellFolderFix is a handy utility that corrects this annoyance and will remember the size and position of the windows you have open. Just unzip the files into an easy to access location like C:\Users.


Then you can pin it to the Taskbar for easy access…


After you launch the app, it sits in the system tray and will remember the size and location of all your open folder windows.  You can go through the options and configure it to best suite your needs.


Other Features

There are some other cool benefits as well that we’ll take a look at here. If you have a task you do regularly and always open the same folder windows, you can save it as a workspace. Just right-click the tray icon and select Save Workspace. In this example we have three explorer folder windows open that we want to save as a workspace.


Just right-click the tray icon and select Save Workspace.


Give it a name…


Now that the workspace is saved, right-click on the icon again and you can click Close All Folders… which is similar to the Close All Windows app we covered previously but it doesn’t close actual program windows…only open folders. Notice you can select to Minimize All Folders as well.


It will give you a verification screen when you select to Close All Folder Windows.


Then when you need to open the windows for a certain task, right-click the icon and select Restore Workspace.


And there you go! All the windows are restored exactly how you saved them.


ShellFolderFix will handle a maximum of 200 open folder windows and has a configurable database size from 300 to 10,000 folders.There are a couple of caveats to this app though. It doesn’t work with your program windows and doesn’t restore special folders like My computer, My Network, and some network locations. But overall, this is an excellent way to manage folder windows positions and size. It’s a project that is in constant development and so expect more updates in the future.

Hopefully Microsoft will fix the annoyance of Windows 7 not remembering folder window size and positions. Even if they do, the extra addition of creating workspaces might make this utility a keeper. It is available in 32 and 64 bit versions too.

Download ShellFolderFix from Seven Forums

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 03/2/10

Comments (12)

  1. Good_Bytes

    The reason for why “Window location/size/view remember” system was taken off Windows 7, is because in XP and Vista, the system was totally broken. The system always work at first well, but after some point, the system breaks and now every windows was screwed up. In XP it wasn’t so bad, because you had few view settings, and people displays where smaller so no much place you can put a window (well not really.. on that last point I just made, but kinda plays a part in why it was harder to see the problem because of it)

    In Vista this is not the case, and this was really a big problem. The advantage of Windows 7 now is that window size and position is based on your screen resolution, and the window size/position is also remembered per resolution. Meaning if you have those fancy screen that can switch from landscape to portrait mode, this is very beneficial, as you don’t have to reposition and re-size every window, every time you switch modes.

  2. jpmays

    I have a question:

    Is there an app/utility that will remember program windows locations? I ask because I have this one program/app (Pandora) that will not open in the same place on my desktop. I have this one spot where I like to keep it when opened, and I would like it to remain there when I open it again, but it does not. I continually have to move it back to the spot that I prefer.

    Any assistance and/or suggestions you may provide would be greatly appreciated!

    BTW… I’m using Windows 7 Pro 32-bit.

  3. SquareWheel

    jpmays, I know you are able to set windows up to always open minimized or maximized, but I don’t believe you can set their X/Y unless the program has a command flag for it. I think your best bet would be to email the developer and ask for a feature so that program remembers its previous location.

  4. kjd

    There is a program called WindowManager from that will remember window locations. Documentation isn’t the greatest but it might be able to remember Pandora’s location. I have used it on WIn7 x64 for several months. This might be an interesting program for Geek to check out and review.

  5. isma

    I thought this program did something else. Thought it could fix something terribly annoying in win7: it doesn’t remember particular folder views. Why in the world would they take that out? For instance, I want the My Pictures folder to be set as thumbnails and sorted by date newest last. I can do it, but then every folder I open is set as such. It sucks biiiig time! don’t you know any software or windows patch that makes it normal again? (normal = XP’s behavior).


  6. kingfaust

    I’m curently using this software. The workspaces are great for me. It appears there is a 16 workspace limit? I need more, any tips?

  7. Steve

    Can’t thank you enough for this TS3 has an annoying habit of opening full screen everytime I use it and you have saved my eyesight.

    Thank you

  8. Angelo

    Taking note that Windows 7 has been out for a little over a year now, I was just wondering if this utility is still necessary to have? I would imagine that at some point the features it provides could be integrated into the operating system via a patch update.

  9. R77R

    Use xplorer2 for fast file browsing, and it can have tabs too. And each tab will remember the last position of each window.

  10. Russ

    This program stopped working altogether… won’t remember folder options.

  11. Roni

    Started to use the utility and it looks very nice.
    Question: I customized few folders on the desktop. When navigation pane is activated in one of the folder it appears in all the rest folders.
    Is it possible to control the appearance of navigation pane per a folder ?
    (I.E -have some folder with navigation pane other without it)
    Any ideas?

  12. Vicki

    So, this only works on folders? I want to have IE and Word open in a specific formation. I tried to ‘save workspace,’ but it says I don’t have any folders open.

    My Problem: Every time I maximize a window, then restore it, the window reverts to some kind of “template” size, shape, and location. I want to it stay the same!

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