Being able to keep an eye on the weather while at work or browsing the Internet is definitely helpful. If you like detailed forecasts then join us as we take a look at the Forecastfox Weather extension for Google Chrome.

Getting Started

As soon as the Forecastfox Weather extension has finished installing you will automatically be presented with the “Customize Forecastfox Page”. The default setting is for New York with English measurement units.

Enter your location into the blank and hit “Enter” to display the listing for your city/area. If you are presented multiple options to choose from simply click on the appropriate listing.

Once you have your city/area displayed you will notice that it is possible to have access to weather forecasts for multiple locations. You can easily remove any unneeded listings with the “Remove Link”. For our example we removed the New York listing.

Note: Click on desired locations and measurement units to automatically set them as defaults (no save button required).

Forecastfox Weather in Action


You can hover your mouse over the “Toolbar Button” to see the current weather conditions.

Clicking on the “Toolbar Button” opens a popup window with the current conditions, 7 day forecast, and a static satellite image.

If desired you can access additional details for the current weather conditions.

Clicking on “details” opens a new tab with a nice bit of information such as UV Index, Moon Phases, Cloud Ceiling, etc.

Note: webpages will have some ads displayed.

Perhaps you need the Hourly Forecast…

Once again a new tab will be opened with the predicted hourly weather conditions for the current day.

Going back to the popup window you may also select a specific day from the 7 day forecast.


You will be presented with a “Day & Night” forecast for the chosen day with links to view “Additional Details & Hourly” information.

Interested in the satellite image instead? You can click on either of the available links for larger images.

Once the new tab is open you can choose from a variety of different satellite images.


If you have been wanting a solid weather forecast extension for your Chrome browser then Forecastfox Weather is definitely a recommended install.


Download the Forecastfox Weather extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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