Everyone needs a few minutes to relax and unwind during the work day. For some people visiting their favorite social network is the perfect solution, but if you love games then you will definitely want to have a look at the Avalanche!! extension for Google Chrome.

Ready to Play?

As soon as you have installed the extension you are all set for gaming goodness. To get started just click on the “Ninja Toolbar Button”.

As soon as you click on the “Toolbar Button” you will see a “blank” popup window like this. To get the game started just press either the “Left or Right Arrow Key”. The “Left & Right Arrows Keys” are all that is require to operate Avalanche!!.

Note: Each time you close and then reopen the popup window the scores will all be reset to zero.

This is what the game looks like once started. Your objective is to move your “ninja” side-to-side (right or left) to avoid falling icicles for as long as possible. This game moves quickly and it is easy to get killed by an icicle if you are not careful.


Another round of Avalanche!! in progress. Notice that your highest score is displayed as long as you have not closed the popup window.

If you get hit by an icicle the game ends and the startup screen is displayed along with your score. To start a new round of Avalanche!! just press either the “Left or Right Arrow Key” and you are on your way again.

Run ninja run!


If you need a quick break during the day then Avalanche!! is an excellent way to relax before going back to work.


Download the Avalanche!! extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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