Do you need a nice simple way to manage your Windows Live account without maintaining a “permanent tab” throughout the day? Then join us as we take a look at the Pop HotMail extension for Google Chrome.

Pop HotMail in Action

If you are not already signed into your Windows Live account in your browser then you will need to do so when opening the popup window.

As soon as you have signed you will be presented with the default “home page” for Pop HotMail. From here you can navigate to other areas of your account such as your inbox, compose new messages, etc.

Note: At this time Pop HotMail does not display the number of unread e-mails on the “Toolbar Icon”.

The only drawback for the extension may be in viewing some e-mails (depending on how they are formatted). Here you can see one of our e-mails and the “Compose New Message” window.

Enjoy easy access to your “Folders & Contact List”…


You can visit the Mobile version of “Windows Live Home” and view any “Junk Mail” that you may have unfortunately received.

Clicking on the “Go to” link at the bottom of the popup window will open a new tab if you need “full window” access to your account.


The Pop HotMail extension provides a nice simple way to manage your Windows Live account without needing to constantly maintain an open tab for it.


Download the Pop HotMail extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

Download the Pop HotMail extension (Extension Homepage)

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