Disable YouTube Comments while using Chrome

Are you tired of the comments at YouTube being full of profanity or irritating to look at? Now you can watch videos minus the comments with the No YouTube Comments extension for Google Chrome.


Sometimes reading through the comments at YouTube can be interesting or even fun but at other times they can be a bother to you. It all depends on the contents of the comments (i.e. lots of profanity) and what you would like to have visible while watching videos.



Once you have installed the extension all that you will need to do is refresh the page (if you were already watching a video). As you can see any and all signs of the comments section is gone. All nice and clean now…



If you love to check out your favorite videos on YouTube but are annoyed by the multitude of meaningless and profane comments, this extension for Chrome gets the job done.


Download the No YouTube Comments extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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