Most people rely on a task list to help them remember what they need to do but not everyone wants one that is tied to a Google account. If you have been wanting an independent tasks list then join us as we look at the Tasks extension for Google Chrome.

Tasks in Action

As soon as you have finished installing the extension you are ready to start adding new tasks to your list. Enter your task into the “Text Area” and press “Enter” to add the task to the list.

Note: Your tasks list will be retained (in the order you set) when you close and then reopen your browser.

In just moments you can have your task list ready to go. Notice that there is also a “numerical indicator” attached to the “Toolbar Button” so that you will always know how many tasks you have left to complete.

You can use the “drag and drop” function to rearrange your list into a more proper order if needed.


When you are finished with a task all that you will need to do is click on the “Checkmark” to remove it from the list.

If you need to make a new entry similar to an existing one simply right click and the text is automatically pasted into the “Text Area”. Make any desired changes and press “Enter” to add your new task to the list.

Prefer to skip using the drop-down window? Click on “Tasks” at the top to open your list in a new tab instead.

The tasks list looked very nice in our new tab. Being able to use the style that best suits your needs makes this a very convenient extension.


The Tasks extension is a perfect fit for anyone who needs a tasks list available but does not want to be tied down with an online account. Quick, simple and best of all hassle free.


Download the Tasks extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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