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Ask the Readers: Do You Use a Laptop, Desktop, or Both?

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We have been giving you, the readers, a lot of advice over the past few years, and now it’s your turn! We are starting a new series where we’ll be posing a question each week and hoping you’ll share your experience, comments, and advice related to the topic.

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Laptop, Desktop or Both?

This week we’re starting things off by asking if you use a laptop, desktop, or both. With laptops today, enough power can be packed into the machine to get your work done, and there’s the benefit of convenience and portability. Others are happy with just a desktop which can be used as a media center, server, gaming rig…etc. Still others of us need the power of a desktop, along with a laptop or netbook for lighter tasks when on the go.

We want to hear what you think. Just leave a comment below and join the conversation.

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  • Published 02/24/10

Comments (213)

  1. Robert Sheinbrum

    1) Desktop ( its my gaming, movies, just kicking back in my chair system also my In Progress ststem built it many years ago and upgrade all the time.
    2) Dell Studio 1735 portable goodness ( say no more)
    3) Dell Netbook for ultra portable internet,email and Hulu on the go
    4 and 5) wife and daughters desktops (stay the hell off of mine) also built by me and upgraded when mine gets upgraded.

  2. derekr54

    I have 2 desktops one dual core with Windows 7 and Ubuntu,one aging pc with Windows XP and Simply Mepis,plus a laptop top with Windows 7 and Linux Mint.The big desktop is my Media Centre and main pc,the old XP one is my back up pc and the laptop is for when I am downstairs and too idle to use my office.

  3. Zach

    1 desktop running Vista Home Premium and has been at a perfect ten on the reliability meter for over 6 months.

  4. Daniel

    Just a laptop.

    I was planning on getting another desktop as I recently sold my older one, but I don’t really have a need for a desktop anymore….

  5. Mysticgeek


    Being a “professional geek” I need the best of both worlds, although I seem to lean a lot more to Desktops, but having the functionality of creating documents, checking email, and web access is great with a laptop on the go. Not to mention being able to watch videos on long trips!!

  6. geeksmith

    The only reason to use a desktop these days is for gaming, or if you want to have more than one monitor. Using a laptop as a primary PC means you can move anywhere in the house or even *gasp* leave the house and take everything with you. That said, I use both a laptop and a desktop, the latter being used mostly for gaming, but also for other things since I have more than one monitor hooked up.

  7. Hector

    1 Desktop
    2 laptops
    1 macbook
    1 HTPC
    and working on a windows Home server =)

  8. mark

    I use a laptop for work and a desktop at home.
    My son got a new laptop for Christmas.

  9. jj128

    Both. Though I’m increasingly using my laptop for the majority of my tasks.

    I recommend Dropbox for keeping everything in sync between your PCs, and you can use weave or xmarks to sync your Firefox profile and bookmarks. Of course, these days most everything else is in the cloud.

  10. Matthew

    Laptop at work, Desktop at home. After sitting in front of a computer all day at work I don’t want to be in front of a computer all evening as well. If I want to use a computer at home I will go the computer desk, not bring a laptop to the couch.

  11. NaeNae

    I only use a desktop when I’m at work. Otherwise, it’s my Macbook Pro all the time. It’s easy to bring anywhere in the house or outside of the house. Plus, I can use Windows if I absolutely have to.

  12. Josh

    I use both. I use the laptop for internet and school, and I use the desktop for everything else: programming, music, linux, whatever.

  13. Trevor Bekolay

    If you asked me a year ago, I would have said that I’ve been using just laptops for three or so years. I did move around a bit, so the convenience was nice, but there would be three or four month periods where my laptop would just sit on my desk, lid closed and attached to 4 or 5 devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc).

    Recently I switched to pretty much only desktops for a few reasons:
    1. I can check and respond to email on the go with my phone now, which was a big part of why I would lug the laptop around
    2. I needed an upgrade and a desktop was cheaper
    3. If a component in my desktop stops working, I can fix / replace it on my own without sending the whole thing in for repairs.

    I still keep a laptop around for when I give presentations or go out of town, but for everyday life I’m sticking with desktops!

  14. raj

    Desktop and Laptop. Laptop does everything I want done, but I still can’t convince myself that I don’t need a desktop.

  15. beny


  16. Ralph

    Laptop for daily use, but i need my desktop for work. I sync both and use desktop as printer and musicserver

  17. Christopher Masiello

    1 Windows Laptop. (Dual monitors)

    1 Macbook Pro Laptop (dual monitors)
    1 Windows Laptop (1 monitor)
    On the desk I control them both using Synergy
    When I go mobile I take my Mac. It’s newer and also has Windows 7 running in Parallels.

    I would love to have a super powerful desktop to do video production, but my wife has me on an IT diet.

  18. Insomnic

    I use both.
    Laptop is my main “information” machine and my desktop is used mostly for gaming and media viewing.

  19. The Geek

    I guess I should chime in too!

    I’ve more or less switched to using my laptop as my primary PC at this point – it’s just so much easier to deal with than using sync utilities to make sure my various PCs have the same stuff on them, and I’m generally not at my desk anymore.

    I’m planning on building a new super-powered PC though, and I’d really love to get back to using my desktop with the 3 monitors… definitely more productive that way.

  20. Kingofsiam


    The laptop i have from work and is the one i use the most. My work setup is a docking station with dual monitors. On the road I use the embedded SIM card when needed.

    The desktop gets used at our house for file server for pictures and multimedia.

  21. Sam Tate

    I technically use both. I use a laptop for when I am on the go, or downstairs on the sofa, but when I need to do important tasks, like build a website, I plug it into my external monitor and wireless mouse and keyboard, with external speakers too. So technically it then becomes a desktop.

    BTW, I use Google Chrome. No relevance, but I really think people should try it out.

  22. ikidd

    Currently I use both, but use the laptop more now that I’ve upgraded to one with more speed, memory and things like that….

  23. Callum Booth

    I mainly use a laptop as it’s more portable and less clumsy as a desktop. And they’re good for WLAN capability

  24. Nikhil

    Just laptop.
    Though, I love using desktops I don’t owe one, so when I’m at home I plug my monitor and keyboard to the laptop and use it as desktop.

  25. Anthony

    I might be the difference in the question. I have a laptop. BUT, I bought the laptop I have for specific reasons, it has a great graphics processor onboard, two 500GIG 7200 sata drives in it, and I have both the D/Dock and A/Dock at home.

    I’m running Windows 7 Ultimate so when I’m on the go, I’ve got what I need, all my movies, music, docs, pics, and so on in a portable package, but when I’m at home wanting to get some serious work done, I throw it on my d/dock where I have my three HD widescreens speakers and the works. when I’m wanting to sit back and enjoy myself i’ll put it on the port replicator that is connected to my home theater and enjoy media center.

    So I don’t really take one of the other, I’ve got an entire network built at home since that’s what I do at my job, and my laptop is the coolest thing I’ve ever played around with, the envy of all my fellow geeks I hang out with.

  26. Asian Angel

    Nothing but desktops here (so far). ~__^

  27. wbouvy

    Multiple laptops (touch screen) with data syncing.

  28. Pedro

    Laptop !! :D

  29. Misael


    Hard-core gaming demands desktops computers.

  30. Rhonda Tipton

    I use both. A desktop with Windows 7, a laptop with Vista for when I’m not home or sitting in front of the TV and another desktop (with XP) for school/testing. The XP desktop is setup for remote use and has an Ubuntu VirtualBox as well as my Eclipse dev environement for school.

  31. Tyler

    Both. My desktop sits at home, with 2 screens and enough power to keep me going. My laptop is used for about everything else, taking out when I need it, moving around the house. I also sometimes use it when I need an extra machine for anything (If I’m playing a game on my desktop, I can leave my emails and IM open on laptop). I have OneNote setup on both, so all my class notes are synced.

  32. anonimul

    Both. laptop for work, desktop @ home.

  33. NaeNae

    No netbook users yet?

  34. JCVC

    My laptop is used all the time by me. The first computer I ever bought was a desktop, and I’m proud to say that 6 years later it’s getting good use as the media center PC in my living room.

  35. Bobbylight


    But on my desk I have wireless keyboard, mouse and my monitor when I feel like hooking up.

  36. Kevin

    Desktop and Laptop. Hopefully soon a HP slate!

  37. Brandon

    3 Desktops
    1 Laptop
    1 Netbook
    1 HTPC
    and a Windows Home Server

  38. Gary Katsevman

    I use a desktop at home and on the go i use a netbook. My old laptop has been turned into my HomeTheater PC.

  39. Craig

    I use laptop for work. When home use a desktop w/dual monitors.

  40. Jack


  41. Katherine

    I use a laptop, because I take it with me to school every day. There are approximately 70 laptops in my house (geek house, what can I say…) and 2 desktops. One of the desktops is defunct, and the other is a house server. My laptop is sufficiently powered (dual-core CPU and 4GB RAM) to take the beating I give it as a Computer Science student. I’ve split the HD with VMWare and put on a couple of extra operating systems to separate various pieces of software that would otherwise interfere with each other, to keep everything running smoothly.

  42. Adam

    1x Gaming Desktop (win7)
    1x Media Server (win7)

    1x Laptop Work, Uni, Personal (win7)

    2x Desktop PCs with the XP the bane of my existance (i hate XP!!!!!)
    I gotta have these 2 stupid desktops because of programs and network acess to 2 companies networks. So annoying, i’m trying to get my laptop to take over these (although without IT permission, losers)

  43. Amr ElGarhy

    Laptop at home and daily use, PC in company

  44. Stu

    2 desktops
    2 laptops

    Tosh laptop is now used as my main work and entertainment machine after using a desktop for 10 years. Glad I made the switch as is most convenient now. The desktop has been upgraded to a gaming machine. The other desktop is used for homework, writing and researching and the 2nd laptop is my wife’s Solitaire machine :)

  45. JonMCC33

    A desktop with a Intel Q9450 @ 3.2GHz, 4GB DDR2, Radeon HD 5850, and 3.5TB total of internal HDD storage. Laptops just cannot compete with the power, upgrade options and expandability of a desktop so I avoid them.

  46. Todd Michael Greene

    One laptop running Windows Vista. Plan to upgrade to Windows 7 soon hopefully.

  47. gadzooks64

    We currently have:
    1 Desktop
    3 Laptops
    1 Netbook
    1 Windows Home Server

    We officially have more computers than people in our house by a ratio of 3:2

  48. Dave

    I use both a desktop and a laptop as well as a blackberry “smart phone” when I am away from home.

  49. Bob

    Just got rid of 5 older desktops, leaving 2 newer desktops and 2 older laptops. Use iTouch for mobile needs. Prefer expandability of desktops.

  50. Iain

    Desktop is my work horse – XP is reliable, consistent and efficient but its upstairs in the spare room with its bramble bush mess of wires The laptop allows me to keep the wife company whilst she watches the soaps. Speakers are no good for music but its great for checking the mail, bank statements, surfing the web and getting office work up to date. How did we ever manage without them……?

  51. Bernardino Lima

    One laptop for professional use at my company.

    Other laptop for personal use at home (for me).
    Another laptop for personal use at home for my wife.

    One desktop (my old one) as a home server and media center.

  52. robhic

    As just a simple, old dude, I only have and/or use a desktop. It serves my needs and I don’t have to carry it!

  53. Don Bailes

    I use both. I teach at a university and have a variety of computers in the labs, my office, and at home.

  54. brie987

    Paper/Pen (just for good measure)

  55. DiAnne

    Like most others, I’ve got a conglomeration of computers in the house. But I only really use my laptop. It’s almost always tethered at the desk, but it enjoys its occasional wild and crazy nights on the town (i.e. going to the living room to multitask while I catch up on my TiVo queue).

    Since I’m not an ultra-gamer, I’d never sacrifice the portability for power. Laptops provide enough for all that I need.

  56. Tregonsee

    Both, but the laptop is rarely used for anything except connectivity when I make a rare trip. The desktop, in addition to the usual stuff, gets used for taskes which require connections via various port, including serial ports. Also, I really need a large monitor to conveniently disply multiple real time operations. It could be done with a laptop, but it is just easier to do it with a desktop with lots of PCI ports.

  57. Steve K


    laptop (win-7-64) travels with me. Desktop at home (Vista 64, 8GB ram, fast graphics, used for Photoshop), with laptop plugged in and sharing drives out to the desktop.

  58. KBui


    I use a desktop at work with two monitors and a laptop at home. I noticed that having two monitors for my desktop definitely allow me to work faster and more productive. I like using my laptop at home because I can sit in front of the tv. Believe it or not, a little background noise actually helps me focus more on my work.

  59. James

    3 desktops.

    Windows XP, Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

    A laptop with XP and a Netbook running XP.

  60. Ryan Dozier

    I use both with VMs and a Mac. Got stay current right?

  61. sam

    Desktop at home and desktop at work. I just don’t feel laptops have enough power to satisfy my computing needs.

  62. xeon927

    I have an old iBook that manages to wipe its hard drive all the time, another laptop and 2 desktops. I also use VMs on my laptop.

  63. JimDoss

    Two desktops (XP Pro & Win7 64 bit), a laptop (XP Pro), and a netbook (XP Home).

  64. Hob

    Desktop at work. Laptop at home.

  65. BSR

    As a mobile geek-for-hire I need a laptop for work, but I use a desktop for gaming after hours.

  66. Mike

    As a student, a (gaming) laptop is invaluable

  67. DigitalGeekery

    Both. I love mobility, but since investing in a pair of 22″ monitors last year, I find it increasingly difficult to pry myself away from the PC.

  68. Korey

    I use 3 computers in total. An older laptop connected to an external drive and the TV for Movie and TV shows, my desktop for downloads and games and my netbook for portability. I have the best of all 3 worlds, its really convient having different machines dedicated to different tasks.

  69. Somil

    Laptop at home (widows vista) and at work as well (XP)

  70. Warhoop

    Both. Laptop for fun and away trips. Desktop for important stuff.
    Nobody’s going to pack off my info to easily on a desktop PC

  71. TravisH

    I have a laptop, desktop, and a HTPC. All of which I can connect to via RDP from any of them. Desktop upstairs – Laptop Downstairs, and the HTPC in the Living Room. No matter where I am at I can always get to my stuff.

    FYI – Desktop is Family, lapto is wifes, and the HTPC is mine

  72. Kerensky97


    Desktop at home, netbook on the go (both Windows 7 on main boot).

    If you want to get technical I also have a PDAphone at all times, plus a server and media center PC at home.

  73. DrNo65

    Hello to all,

    I have :
    1 – a desktop with dual display (Windows 7)
    2 – a laptop for work presentations (Windows 7)
    3 – a desktop at work (Windows xp)
    4 – Netbook (I don’t use for the moment, but still have projects for it) (Windows xp)

    Have a good day,

  74. John Mack

    Desktop when not traveling because of the bigger screen. To have a notebook with the same screen size would be cumbersome. Also, if you’re going to have more than one computer, you can get a desktop with more power and features for the same price as a notebook.

  75. Andy

    Laptop only for the past 4 months. To much of a PITA to keep things in synch.

    If I needed more processor power or more than just mostly web browsing and document use I would have kept the desktop.


  76. beachgeek

    NAS for server but home server coming soon

  77. Wevenhuis

    Desktop. Sometimes the tablet pc. HTC HD2 when I’m on the go.

  78. ScottW

    Two desktops: One with Win7 for movies, gaming and dev work. The other is a home server using Linux.
    One laptop with Linux Mint 8 that I use most of the time for research and surfing duties.

  79. mickeyblue

    1 gaming rig desktop
    1 laptop for business

  80. james eugenio

    at home
    2 laptops (thinkpad & macbook)
    2 desktops (core2quad & mac mini)

    at work
    1 laptop (thinkpad)
    1 desktop (thinkserver)

    plus a PDA phone :-D

  81. Sparky Sparks

    Dell Studio 15 with a backlit keyboard is terrific.
    I bought an extra power cord to leave at work which saves time & space.
    Desktop Sony Vaio (8 years old) still going strong at home after doubling our RAM recently.
    New Dell desktops at work with double monitors (we do survey mapping).
    Try Speccy to easliy see what you have

  82. dtrick

    Hmm… does it count as both if I use it as a laptop while I’m out and then use it as a desktop when I’m home?

  83. Matthew Guay

    I use both a desktop and a netbook. I primarily use my desktop, but recently purchased a netbook to make it easier to work and stay connected on the road. And, I’ve found it nice to use at home too … netbooks make nice little couch-computing devices! When you really need to be seriously productive, though, I still find my desktop to be more useful.

  84. tmercswims

    desktop only.

  85. SquareWheel

    Just a desktop. I don’t need anything more than an iPod for mobile browsing, which happens quite rarely.


    desk top only at this time

  87. Iszi

    Used to be a firm believer in desktops only, but now I’m starting to enjoy a laptop. The house has 4 laptops and 3 desktops, two of the desktops are practically decommissioned though.

    A couple things I don’t currently see myself ever personally owning (who knows, may change) are a netbook or a pure tablet. I just can’t imagine what I would do on one of those, that I wouldn’t rather have a full-size laptop or desktop do.

  88. Psyche

    I use a laptop with dual screen. So that it feels like working on a desktop computer, but when i need to move, i just unplug my laptop and “freedom”, i can work in any places i want.
    But, since few months i’m having difficulties to find a new laptop due to their new idea of “full HD” screens, all 15 or 16′ are in 1900×1600, the best way to get your eyes burned.
    So i’m still on a Dell XPS M1530 but looking for a serious new laptop with great components, but great autonomy.

  89. rmmfl

    3 Laptops 1 Netebook. My main comp is a very powerful laptop 17″ screen, 250GB HD, 4GB RAM that I use as a desktop replacement (W7 Home Premium), The second laptop is a little less powerful and is used in the bedroom so I don’t have to go out to the living room to do what I need to do (W7 Home Premium), The third is basically used as a Jukebox in the living room with about 10K MP3s and is hooked up to a 5 piece Bose speaker system (Vista Ultimate). The Netbook runs W7 Home Premium and is in the room I’m using as a catch all room (desk, book cases, cat’s room (LOL, toys, litter box etc.). I can do anything that I need to do, business or pleasure, on the 3 W7 machines using them as I need. Portability, flexibility and performance are the be all and catch all in today’s world.

  90. DemoGeek

    2 Windows Desktops
    2 Windows XPS Laptops
    1 MacBook Pro
    2 Dell Monitors

    That’s all I can handle for now!

  91. bubs353

    I’m using a desktop only at the moment.. But really need a laptop and pretty soon going to have one. :)
    My desktop can do most the work i need to do efficiently. But when on go and when need to do something in a relaxing position a laptop is better of. :)

  92. pookie


  93. Ricci

    1.Dell Inspiron 1525 I want a newer one, my DVD-RW player just kicked the bucket the other day.
    2.Really Old Dell computer The really tall skinny one.

  94. phl

    I use 1 notebook and 2 desktops. One of the desktops is an ancient P4/1.8 used as a lab rat :) for various Linux related stuff. The other desktop is a quad-core Q9400 hooked up to both a 19″ LCD monitor and a full HD LCD TV and an AV receiver for obvious reasons ;) and the Core2Duo notebook is for serious work (well, not always ;)

  95. Ross Royal

    Dell Desktop for home
    HP laptop for work
    Netbooks for wife and mother-in-law almost exclusively for video chat and email (2000 miles apart)
    Ipod touch for fun

  96. Kalyan

    I use laptop and desktop. Desktop is at my office desk. Laptop i use both at office and home. Needless to say i love working on my laptop more but the desktop has its own advantages with regard to office work.

  97. Earle

    just my Dell Inspiron destop

  98. tom

    Laptop on the couch running Linux with remote logins to desktop

    7″ MID for eBook and light web browsing (Linux on an ARM cpu)

    Desktop downstairs w/ Solaris + 4 TB
    DNS, NTP, Web server, File server

    Desktop downstairs w/ Linux + VirtualBox
    Amarok, pyTivo, X10, Calibre
    SSH gateway in VirtualBox
    Windows XP in VirtualBox

  99. Midway

    Acer Aspire 5620 Desktop
    Acer Aspire 5570z Laptop
    A home built WHS machine (just finished it today!)
    An old Dell Dim. 8300 (old WHS machine, deciding now what to do with it)

  100. Mark Virtue

    My set up:

    1. Vista laptop for all my day-to-day work and play
    2. Win7 desktop – server for my business, Apache, MySQL, FTP, etc
    3. Win7 desktop – Media Center driving my 47″ plasma
    4. (just purchased, not yet delivered) Netbook, for writing

    Must …. buy …… more ….. computers …… !!!!

  101. ron

    15″ performance laptop- Windows 7 + an Ubuntu VM in Virtualbox. Got enough power to game, program, whatever. Probably gonna build a gaming rig once I’m out of college and have the time/money/room for it. It’s pretty funny to see people gawking at my comp running stuff like Dragon Age when I’m traveling home for breaks.

  102. JackC

    I use both, but I’m really happier with the desktop’s superior power and large dual monitors’ real estate, not to mention using a real mouse. But the laptop’s portability turns it into a necessity, especially with presentations, tech updates and emergency repairs.

  103. tarmyg

    Both, PC is the do-it-all workhorse and laptop is basically good for surfing around the house and occasionally out-and-about.
    Am looking to get an iPad which will probably make my laptop quite a bit more redundant.

  104. mark

    I use a Core i7 desktop I built last year as my primary. I also have a laptop I use for my podcast and music. In addition I have 4 more laptops I play with. A Panasonic Toughbook CF-28 running Windows 2K, a Thinkpad running XP, A Dell Latitude XT convertible running 7, and a Netbook I keep in the car when I’m out and about, ( I live in the sticks). I love the Toughbook to use it at work, I just throw it in the truck and its always there when I need it for reports and such. (I work outdoors). The Latitude XT is great for meetings using One Note, and I use it on vacations with a media base for watching movies and checking email. The screen on the XT is amazing.
    I might try another Mac, I’ve 3 over the years and enjoyed them, until they died usually shortly after the warranty expires, but I love their design and OS.

  105. Jeffrey Paul Zacher

    I am currently using a laptop. I thought desktop computing was obsolete. Next move, hand-held computing with Internet and cell phone.

  106. TeLinux

    I have two laptops, a netbook and two desktops (both built by me). One of the desktops is at my job, which is at a computer repair shop. It is running on an Atom dual core with 2GB of memory with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit edition and Ultimate Edition 2.5 64bit

  107. Chandra

    At work I have a desktop with dual monitors, but at home I have the best of most worlds. I have a old beater desktop still running (although barely), my trusty laptop I live on, and my ps3 for when the kids have homework…

  108. Tracy

    I use a Desktop with Win7 Home Premium, A laptop duel boot Win7 and XP Pro, and a netbook with XP Pro

  109. GKI610

    Desktop with Win7 Home Premium for most everything, and an old desktop (XP Home) I call “Laptop”.

  110. GhostLyrics

    I have a MSI Wind U120 on the go and a Toshiba Qosmio X300 for home use (it’s just to heavy to bring it around for university and so on) both featuring Ubuntu Karmic.

  111. Ken

    Desktop in storage, went green.
    2 laptops both running Arch with LXDE-openbox
    1 old IBM thinkpad using PCLinuxOS-LXDE-openbox

    Enjoy the portabliblity, energy savings, and no bulky desktop, can sit in my lazyboy recliner
    and surf the night away.

  112. bobby.tables

    I use 1 desktop, 1 netbook and 1 HTPC. The netbook is a EeePC 901 (with a custom nlite XP) and perfect for mobile computing. I also tend to write papers on it because I can take it to the library and write there. But for coding and gaming the desktop (Win 7) is perfect. I’ve got a dual monitor setup which is great for productivity. The HTPC (Win 7) is in the living room and is pretty much exclusively for XBMC. It kind of just provides LOTS of storage for TV series :-D. As my gf also owns a desktop and a notebook we have five computer for two people … but no car.

  113. shivaram

    I use laptop for all my software related jobs and for personal jobs and desktop at office.

  114. Bob

    Laptop with XP, Desktop with W7 Ultimate

  115. Ken

    Laptop with W7 and an old Sony Vaio desktop for watching dvd and video.

  116. beastfellow

    Want to do experiments? Desktop is best as you can do the switches between media easily even inside the box.
    I agree to the saying “old is gold”. Desktop means bigger screen to some people and less stress on eyes and muscle. And desktop is almost losing its existence in our homes and offices. But laptop is new technology and make you roamer.

    I use to get tired on laptop rather than on desktop. So for me Desktop is best options for music unless you want to shine in public like a pro or celebrity (laptop is the choice).

  117. Zomg

    Laptop with Ubuntu & desktop with W7.

  118. Adnan

    Desktop with W7 Ultimate. Laptop with XP, and a MacBook with Snow Leopard.

  119. Daryl

    Desktop at work.

    Desktop at home, although not much used even though it’s a decent HP running XP Pro w/office 2003 etc. It’s running all the time as it does have shared folders for photos, documents and videos. I mostly use it directly if I have to do a long VPN session into the office.

    My wife mostly uses our Acer laptop, also running XP Pro and Office 2003 Pro. I also use it if I have any lengthy documents to write/edit and it’s setup for quick/short VPN sessions into work if needed.

    I mostly use a Samsung NC10 netbook at home for business stuff, currently running Jolicloud (&XP Home if I need Windows), as most of what I do at home is web-stuff.

    All home PC’s are setup to VPN into the office if needs

  120. Em

    Laptop with XP Pro (previously Ubuntu) stays round the boyfriends house, main PC at home is a desktop running Windows 7 Pro that I built myself a few years back.

    Windows 7 machine is my main all singing, all dancing media centre & gaming machine, the laptop is fairly old so is really just used as a netbook primarily, but I can’t warrant getting rid of a perfectly good, albeit old, laptop and spending £200 on an actual netbook!

    The laptop actually ran a lot better with Ubuntu, but the familiarity with Windows XP prevailed!

  121. Daryl

    Oh, and I also use a WinMo smartphone (HTC-s710) with an unlimited data plan and wifi.

    And the wifi connection on my iPod Touch.

  122. Manuel

    45 Mac Pros, a MacBook and an iphone :-)

  123. JHubbard92

    – A Desktop PC with Windows 7 Home Premium and 22″ Monitor
    – Another Desktop PC with Ubuntu and 17″ Monitor
    – Yet another Desktop PC with Windows XP and 17″ Monitor
    – 1 Laptop with Windows 7 Professional

    The Ubuntu PC and XP PC I hardly use :P

  124. imran

    Custom built Desktop running Windows Vista Ultimate. (for development and Gaming)
    Dell Studio 17 Laptop rinning Windows 7 home premium. (for on the go fun ;)

  125. JFitch55

    Windows 7 laptop & iPhone. I doubt that I’ll own a desktop ever again. Laptop capacities (speed, memory, storage) & increasingly ubiquitous wireless connections obviate need for desktop. I own a manufacturing business, serve on a corporate board, and travel regularly (2-3x/month). I use the laptop to read the “paper” in the morning with breakfast, bring it to work, hook it into the shop’s wired network, run all applications (except 1 that I still need to set up XP mode using VMware) there, bring it home, work in the evening where it’s hooked into our wireless router at home. My wife owns a MacBook, which she uses for all of her computing needs (e-mail, social networking, photos, college courses, travel planning, etc.) and for much of our entertainment (we connect it to our HDTV to live-stream Netflix, Hulu, etc.).

  126. J

    I use both a 12″ multitouch laptop and a stationary HTPC at home. At school I use my laptop and one of the schools stationary computers, although I almost always use the stationary computer to remote desktop back to my HTPC.

    When I’m not in front of a computer I use my iPhone. It can do most things I usually do on a computer. Mail, instant messaging, browsing, Tweetie, Spotify, Evernote, AirVideo, uMonitor and Jaadu RDP are some of the apps that makes life away from a real computer worth living.

  127. atwells527

    1 Ubuntu Desktop for main daily computer tasks (work, web dev)
    1 Dual-Boot Netbook for working/web surfing/email checking on the go

  128. KBPrez

    Started out with a DELL desktop (Windows XP) many years ago. I now have an HP laptop (Win 7 Home Premium x64) and I’m loving it!

  129. A.J.

    I have a custom built desktop running W7 64-bit (i7920, ATI Radeon HD4850), and I have a HP NW8440 laptop for college (from the actual school).

  130. Wes

    My personal computer is a laptop running Ubuntu x64.

    The family computer is an aging desktop with XP that I’ll be converting to linux eventually because I’m tired of listening to my wife complain about how slowly it runs. My daughter has an older laptop with XP, but since she’s a SIMS fan, she won’t let me switch OSs on it.

    Household-wise, then, 2 laptops and 1 desktop.

  131. LECHIP

    Im a Gamer so i use to only own a PC. Now that I work and study y found myself in the need of a lappie, so i got a (very) good one and game/work on it while outside.
    So in my case is both.

  132. Hsn

    Laptop (ASUS – Win7) at home, desktop (DELL – Win XP) at work

  133. Techie

    1 PC Desktop – Windows Vista
    1 old PC Desktop – Windows XP
    1 Mac Desktop – 10.4
    1 MBP laptop – 10.5 and Windows 7

    I have to support both Windows and Mac computers at work. So I have to know how to use and be able to test both. I think otherwise I would just go with a home PC running Windows 7.

  134. Wayne

    I just got a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop. I also remote a VM session which could be argued is a desktop since it’s on a stationary server and I get 1 CPU when I’m on.

  135. SAdler1610

    I use just one Desktop and will keep it that way.
    As a retired senior I don’t do much traveling and I enjoy a bigger screen and using a mouse and keyboard.

  136. ITrick

    Both for sure / wow, there are alot more geeks out there than i remember ……I work for an IT company
    so things are more complicated for me….

    work – quad core win7 3monitors,kvm switch (each person at work has the same setup)
    work – we all carry laptops with us for various network issues & trouble shooting
    home – game rig only (quad win 7 64 bit)
    work from home rig – dual core xp pro
    home server – just a file server or glorified NAS / dual core win xp pro – switching to new windows home server OS soon.

  137. Richard Purcaro


  138. James

    Both Win7 -64.
    Not happy with wide screen on laptop, it is just not as productive as a real shaped screen. Pathetic battery life and running hot if you have any speed of processor means laptop will not take over yet.

    PC- Twin Screen, Dual COre, 6GB RAM, 80Gb C drive, 1TB RAID for documents and photos. Get that on a laptop! Dual boot with Ubuntu and XP.
    Laptop – 80GB single drive. .
    Old PC (XP) has 16Gb main disk and 300GB secondary. Used for digitising old music.
    Older yet PC (XP) is sitting waiting to be converted to file server.

  139. farang_jai_dee

    Two laptops
    Dell XPS M1330 – Vista
    ASUS 1000 – XP

  140. David Levine

    I currently have a desktop and a netbook. I am looking to sell the netbook and eventually buy a laptop. I will keep the desktop because my wife prefers a desktop.

  141. Cambot

    I resisted using the laptop at home for a long time but finally caved in when my primary XP desktop started coughing up blood. I still need a desktop running XP for my old SCSI devices but I visit it only rarely. An even older desktop now runs Ubuntu (which I also rarely use). As long as I have an external mouse and a USB hub for each of the laptop’s USB ports I can operate very comfortably on a laptop running Vista Home Premium. My next computer will be a Windows 7 laptop. I may never need another desktop.

  142. vince43

    Desktop. I need a big screen for editing photos and power for games and simulations. Also, the desktop offers more bang for the buck.

  143. Jerry

    Powerful laptop with 22 inch monitor on my desk. Laptop goes where I go; no need to copy files. Only computer.

  144. shle896

    I use a powerful laptop with 6 gigs of RAM and a 17″ screen, but any time I use it at home it’s connected to a docking station with a wireless mouse and keyboard and Bose stereo speakers, printer, external hard drive, etc. Also, I use Windows 7 and the Google Chrome browser and really love them both.

    This is the primary way I use my laptop, so really it may as well be a desktop, but it’s nice to have the option of using it outside of my home if need be.

  145. Jim Davis

    3 Desktops (2 are raid servers) for media
    2 Laptops
    1 Smartphone (to use as a modem when traveling)

  146. Lisa and Gary

    We use 2 desktops and 1 laptop. One desktop is out in the garage for my husband and one in the office for me. The laptop is mainly used by me for mobility. When traveling we both use the laptop to keep in touch with everyone and every thing.


    Just a pc x64 windows7 IE8

  148. hbhager

    I have 2 desktops

  149. Andrew

    1–i5 desktop

  150. Gayle

    I have 2 Desktops but am considering a Laptop or an IPAD so I can use it while relaxing on the sofa.

  151. Justin

    I am a college student so I need the portability of a Laptop. It is very powerful:
    Dell XPS M1530
    Intel Core 2 Duel T9500 @ 2.60 GHz
    Ram: 4 GB, HDD: 320 GB @ 7200 RMP
    Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit

    When I have it home i have a duel monitor setup and external wireless keyboard/mouse and a 1.5 TB external HDD. So when it is home it acts like a desktop.

    I also leave it home sometimes and just use LogMeIn for free!

  152. Chris Broussard

    Two desktops, old one with Win2000, and a new one w/XP SP3
    Laptop w/XP3
    Netbook w/XP3

  153. Paul

    I only use a desktop and I am running Windows 7.

  154. Oreb

    Desktop for sure. I like to control the height of my monitor and vastly prefer my non-OEM keyboard. I also have external drives and an external DVD writer (secondary to my inboard one but sometimes helpful).

    I have a nice laptop and had it set up in another room for browsing/researching whilst watching TV. But I never used it and have now dismantled it and sent it to my storage area. I found all I did was make (paper) notes to myself as to what I wanted to look up. On my desktop of course. :>

    My primary system:
    Dell Inspiron 530s (wish I didn’t have the ‘s’) running XP-Pro
    ViewSonic 19″ LCD
    LaCie d2 Quadra (500GB)
    USB floppy drive
    Plextor PX 504UF
    3 SimpleTech USB drives (old but they have archives – I don’t keep them mounted)
    1 Western firewire drive (archives from a 10-year consulting gig)
    Canon MP610 (a real honey of an all-purpose multi-purpose machine

    You can see why the laptop wasn’t really useful. LOL

  155. Nivekian


  156. Ed

    Only use Desktop.
    Primarily for files creation, management & storage of historical records.
    Searching/downloading of historical records from internet for files creation.
    Scanning hardcopy for files creation.

    Not used as entertainment center, altho some photos & music are stored.

    Recent, unplanned migration from XP to Windows 7 64-bit has been disruptive. Still searching for suitable backup device before settling into primary routine.

  157. cdbob

    Only a 6-year-old Dell desktop. And for as long as it lives, that’s it. Living on fixed income and have no choice. Laptops are very expensive, but if money were no object, I’d use both.

  158. Aage

    Acer Desktop with Vista Ultimate and Acer Laptop with Vista Home Premium

  159. Ramon E. Ritter

    one macbook e a dell desktop at home. A hp desktop on company.

  160. Roberto1

    I have only one four year old desktop (Dell Dimension running xp).
    Am retired, and as my wife refuses to go near a computer in case it bites her, I am the only user in the household.
    I do nothing fancy: surfing, email, the odd bit of shopping and a fair amount of photography.
    The old computer does all I want and does it well – so why should I waste hard earned cash on buying new fancy gadgets that would be of little use to me?

  161. TheCoffeMaker

    I have
    1) BlackBox – Desktop with Linux ( only linux :) ), that’s being used as projects server, HTPC, p2p sever and print server.
    2) BlackBook – Laptop, Dell E6500 with Linux, I use it as my main computer, here I work in my projects, play games, and do all my stuff.
    3) Franky – Laptop, HP Compaq 6910p, I use is to do my duty at HP … I’m not using it to another thing … so … it only works from 9 am to 6 pm :P
    4) Pinky, my wife laptop … it’s a Sony Vaio … she use it as her main computer
    5) DeepBlue, a Palm TX for my movile life … need to replace it with a smart phone … but not yet
    6) Hackenda, a HP Jornada 820e, that is being used as “Remember the Milk” device and to store contacts … it’s sitting right to the phone line :P

  162. Mike

    dell laptop. had a desktop,sold it to get the laptop.just like the laptop better,takes up less space.

  163. CJ

    I think should have both laptop and Desktop if u have more than one user and needs access to computer at the same time as other users.

  164. Alec S.

    Just the one, exceedingly old desktop because upgrades and laptops ain’t free.

  165. Maria

    I mostly use the desktop that my husband built for me. I have a laptop that I use when I want mobility, or for entertainment while I update/cleanup the desktop. I also have an old laptop that is my “kitchen computer”….recipes and web access.

  166. Mark

    Lenovo T61 w/ Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
    Hooked up to a Dell SX2210 21.5” Full HD Widescreen Monitor

    Lenovo T61 w/ Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
    Hooked up to a Dell 2009W Flat Panel Monitor

  167. Vic J

    2 x Desktop, 1 for she who must be obeyed and a (newer ) 1 for me – if SHE finds out I’m toast!

    2x Laptops SHE has Acer notebook for Solitaire(?) and Skype, I have steam driven F/S Amilo 1505.

    Love the dailies, keep up the good work.

  168. Stephen

    I use a laptop and a desktop. I use the desktop for media and gaming, and my laptop for work, and lighter applications. Being a fan of Gateway, both computers are gateways. My desktop is an older FX model, the FX4710-EB801A, and my laptop is a simple M-7309h. They both run windows 7, and from time to time XP, and Ubuntu (or other distros). I love my setup.

  169. may2

    hi i use a desktop. i am new to computers thats why i have how-to geek on google reader &subscribe to email updates keep up the good work

  170. Grant

    Loving my ASUS G71GX-RX05. I have absolutely no need for a desktop with this. Runs Crysis and all sorts of things at 30+ FPS.

  171. Patrick

    (1) Lenovo ThinkPad (Windows 7 Ultimate)
    (1) Dell Laptop dedicated for uTorrent
    (1) Dell Laptop multifunction (ssl web portal, media server)
    (1) Dell Laptop (VMware Server, Windows 2K3)
    (1) Dell Desktop (Astaro Security Gateway)

  172. Alok


    Desktop assembled one and i think it is the most rugged for usage that i m using it for…………

    Completely gaming Computer…

  173. SAEIKI

    2 – Desktops Windows 7
    2 – Laptops Windows 7

  174. HardMick

    Nothing but laptops for the past 18+ years since retiring. Currently I have a 17″ Toshiba and a 13.3″ LG, both about a year old and running Vista Business brilliantly. The LG is used mainly for downloading and/or watching movies occasionally in the evening as an alternative to indifferent TV offerings. On average, I would probably use the two laptops, for mainly online activities, for about 9 hours a day.

  175. Pradeep

    1 Desktop running Windows XP @ work
    1 Desktop running Ubuntu 9.04 @ home

  176. Peg


    Mac mini w/23″ monitor for serious work. I need the screen real estate, and I like having a full keyboard.

    Laptops: 2 Dells running Windows XP pro, also for work. One shares my desk with the Mac mini, the other is a backup machine that doubles as a portable theater workhorse (we run sound for a few local gigs). Then there’s an older Mac Powerbook downstairs that’s my email/surfing/goofing around machine, a 13″ Macbook that wanders with me around the house, and an aging but trusty Thinkpad tank that gets booted to various Linux flavors as needed.

    The spousemouse currently operates solely off a laptop, but that’s mainly because he hasn’t yet built himself a new desktop for the OfficeSpace (that would also require he clean off his DESK…), and he likes doodling around in the living room where there is a VERY large amount of screen real estate – in the form of a widescreen TV. ;-P

  177. Grim1ock77

    Work: an old Dell Optiplex 270 Desktop w/ a Pentium 4 and 1 gig of RAM running windows 2000 (yea, it’s bad)
    Home: Custom build 2010 desktop with an AMD Phenom II x4 955BE, Windows 7, & an HD4770 for gaming and general computer
    Home 2: Kids computer a refurb desktop ACER running windows XP and a low power AMD
    Home 3: a tablet/laptop Compaq running Windows XP Tablet Edition for browsing the web and my wife’s work.
    Home 4: a desktop Dell running windows Vista with an Intel Quad Q6600 and 3 gig of RAM acting as a media machine

    Desktops 4 – Laptops 1

  178. eezdva

    17 inch windows 7 64 bit laptop :-) Loving it,.

  179. Dan neely

    Primarily my (very high end) desktop at home, but i have a netbook for when I’m away and my work computer has been a laptop for the last 5.

  180. MS Mims

    Home use a high end desktop (self-built) P4 Work a similar machine pro shop built.
    Home and on the road use a 16′ Win7 laptop and love it.

  181. Gurmeet Athwal

    I use Laptop but prefer desktop as u can upgrade almost anything in desktop.

  182. John


  183. Thomas

    I have a 11-pound “desktop replacement notebook,” so I have basically both in one computer– the p7811 FX. It doesn’t move much, only a few times a month, but it has that portability when I REALLY need it, and all the power of a nice desktop. (Windows 7 system rating: 6.3)

  184. Paul Walsh

    Laptop for all my daily tasks

    Desktop as a media center and to connect my guitar to it

  185. Oaken

    I have two home desktops, one for business and one for fun. A lounge laptop for convenience, and a tablet for outside/site/venue work.

  186. JWoolley


  187. rupeshkp728

    I use Dell Inspiron Laptop.

  188. abdul

    1 x desktop :- used only for converting and other cpu intensive tasks, watching movies in big screen with proper sound etc :P

    1 x laptop :- Using it 90% of the time for almost all kind of works

    1 x netbook :- Web browsing, Outdoors, Personal Backups, overnight downloads etc

  189. Big Dan

    I use two desktops and a laptop. My main desktop is a two year old off the shelf Windows box which I upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit a few months back, I’m still looking to get some more RAM down the road.

    My second desktop is a Mac Mini, which has it’s own monitor and desk. I was using the Mini for a majority of my daily surfing but got tired of moving between the Windows box and Mac to do different tasks. Now the Mini sits there mostly doing nothing most of the time. I’m contimplating hooking it up for my TV for Boxee and Netflix streaming

    My laptop is a two year old machine still running Vista. It’s on it’s way out the battery only holds a charge for 20 minutes and the machine generally feels sluggish but I use it mostly when I travel and at home on the weekends to catch up on my RSS feeds from bed.

    This past week I got myself an iPod Touch and find myself using it more than the laptop for casual surfing and check email in the morning quickly; If there isn’t anything that needs my immediate attention I can put off hopping on my desktop to check my sites out.

  190. cigraphics

    2 desktops and 1 laptop all running Win7 Ultimate :D

  191. truck87bp


    Wife has tower with Windows XP Home and WUBI Ubuntu 9.10 installed. 2 Terabytes, 4 gigs ram

    I have a Asus 1000HE Netbook, 2 gigs ram, with XP Home and EEEbuntu 9.04 and LOVE it!
    2 Towers (KVM switch) Ubuntu 8.04 Backup and Main Tower with XP PRO 32 bit and Ubuntu 9.10 64bit. with 4 gigs ram, 1.7 terabytes

    Thinking of getting a ASUS 1201N ION Netbook to use with 22″ w.s. monitor as my main setup. I can unhook the 22 and take my Netbook with me. The netbook will set on the keyboard tray just fine for daily work.

    Linux is now my main OS. So much faster than Windows and the software is all free. Use the Netbook to hook up to the large overhead projector for volunteer teaching Windows once a week. Did I say I love my netbook? :)

  192. Linearmode

    I have a laptop I used for college, at home I can’t do without my desktop for gaming, watching videos, etc.

  193. Chronnotrigg

    1) hand built server running Windows XP MCE with VMware server running a Windows 2008 domain controller
    2) HP Pavilion Dv7 gaming and media laptop With Windows 7 Home Premium.
    3) Samsung Q1u tablet running the now expired Windows 7 RC1.
    4) My roommate is using my other HP laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate since his Dell burned out.

    My old BDC died and I never bothered to fix it. My old gaming rig is still good but nothing compared to my new laptop. The only other windows thing I have is my Dell Axim with Windows Mobile 5. Then I have things like the Nexus 1, the iPod touch, and two Xbox 1’s with XBMC. I’m also hoping to build a small desktop with windows XP and XBMC as the shell.

  194. RuddyRdx

    – Toshiba Satellite L310; mostly use it at office and also around home (online & office)
    – eMachines D525; always use it at home (always online)
    – A hand-assembled desktop computer with no casing. Actually, the components are arranged in an exploded fashion and the Mobo itself resides quietly upon an egg-crate. Use this for video-editing.
    – Another hand-assembled desktop computer that looks saner than the previous one. I use this one for testing new OS and similar experimental tasks with software. This one is also used for keeping records of my books, DVD’s, music files, picture files, movie files, project plans, ongoing projects and client’s records.
    – There are two usable CPU’s (Intel 80486 and Intel P2) stowed safely somewhere in the store room.

  195. Morgenroete

    Netbook & PC. Bringing netbook to college makes my life easier, not so heavy and powerfull enough to handle every tasks I need to finish fastly. And PC gives me more computation to solve heavy tasks.

  196. Cody

    PC & Macbook Pro. I can’t imagine only having a desktop and not being able to take your stuff with you out of the office. Although, it might be nice to finally be able to leave work at work! That being said I am still going to use both.

  197. Jr.

    6 Computers on my home, 3 desktops, 1 laptop, 2 netbooks.
    Mine is a High end desktop.(i7 6g)

  198. JIM C

    I have 2 computers, both laptops.

    Computer number 1 is an older Acer with a Core 2 Duo T5250 twin 1.5 GHz processors and 2 GB of RAM running 32 bit Windows7.

    Computer number 2 is a new HP with Core 2 Duo T6600 twin 2.2 GHz processors and 4 GB of RAM running the 64 bit version of Windows7.

  199. creepydarkdeath

    I have a desktop PC with a dual core processor. with windows 7 and windows XP.

    Have a wide screen LCD n love to watch movies.

  200. GoNzO

    I use just my laptop since my dad bought it for me 2 years ago. To watch movies or series, I plug it on my TV, and for HD movies, i use my dad’s Full HD Professional Monitor.

  201. shaun

    I have two desk type. 1:- Dell with XP
    2:- Compaq with XP
    I also have a laptop 3:- Acer Extensa. with XP worked perfectly until last week when lines appeared on the monitor. Believe it needs new graphics card. but none available anywhere.

  202. Jennisis

    Just recently upgraded from out of date self-built desktop to a Compaq with Windows 7 Home 64-bit laptop. Very impressed with ease of access but am still trying to work out the “new toy” kinks.

  203. Dog1Cat

    I have 5 laptops and 6 desktops that I use everyday. One in each room of the house. I have many more that take up closet space that are still good but the technology is older and it makes to harder to run today’s stuff. Each has a specific use or purpose. And boxes and boxes and boxes of spare parts which could make up quite a few more. So the answer to the original questions. You need to have both a laptop and a desktop these days. Nobody can have just one. :-)

  204. Ashma

    I have 2 computers in my room and 2 laptops.
    For my 2 computers I use vista in 1 and XP in the other 1.
    For my 2 laptops I have a Mac Laptop and the other 1 is a Acer laptop who came with Vista but I remove the Vista OS then I run it XP service pack 3 on it.Am a programming Software Student.

  205. heidi

    1 Desktop – day to day computing and media center
    2 Laptop – for out and about. Not much on it, general portability
    3 Desktop – including several vm os for testing
    4, 5, 6 Desktops – Hubby and kids – stay off my machines!
    7 Netbook – hubby’s portability – likes how it fits in a rucsac and keeps hands free

  206. Mickie

    I have a Dell desktop with XP that if the “family” computer, but also has all the important info on it, along with photos to be put on cd; backup is to an external hard drive. I have an older Dell laptop (ebay, where else!) that I use for work, since my boss still hasn’t hooked up to the internet, and use a lot as my TV when working elsewhere in the house. Both desktop and laptop have the Windows Office programs, so I can use a flash drive to transfer info for printing, and bouncing back & forth between the two. But…I also have an Acer netbook! This is great for traveling, and being able to download my SD camera card during vacation directly into it was a huge plus. Open Office is in my netbook & laptop, so I can work in the netbook but transfer to the laptop when the old eyes need a bigger screen. Almost getting to the point of liking the netbook best.

  207. Cher

    Desktop at work, laptop at home

  208. you dont need to know

    i use a laptop a desktop and an tablet all apple and i have and iPhone and iPod nano apple forever

  209. bill

    I have $1500 into my old slow XP desktop in crouded bedroom but can not give up some of software and featchers. Use new powerful fast bargan laptop in living room via wireless router in my recliner. Would like a mouse better than touch pad, but need to get a place next to recliner for a mouse pad. I live in old peoples home and over 88.

  210. brett

    I have both, I use my desktop more though, my desktop is my gaming and multimedia machine, i watch tv through it also have 3 monitors 2 27″ and one 20 inch above them a laptop can’t compete with that. my laptop I just use to browse,blog, send email and for messenger conversations.

  211. Caleb

    5 windows desktops (for Netflix, Hulu, etc.)
    1 Dell XPS 1640
    1 Dell Mini 10v
    1 Network storage raid enclosure w/2 1 TB drives
    2 Android phones to remote control the desktops
    One of the desktops is connected to my 42″ plasma and is just used for HTPC

  212. coukas

    I got desktop and laptop, both are worth to have them.
    desktop PC works with more powerfull tools, for graphics and gaming, laptom, for daily use at university, presentations, free time gaming, MS office tasks…
    poratbility good on the go, and desktop is irreplacable at hard work, and as multimedia station.

  213. jdizzle

    laptop only 17″ Macbook Pro, does everything I need to do. I don’t like sitting at a desk. It also got rid of the part of the house which had said desk… Was able to sell off extra monitor, keyboard and other stuff. With everything on the cloud and stuff and more mobile these days… I would go nuts sitting in one spot all day. I like to lay on the couch or go to a coffee shop to get work done.

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