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Add Images and Metadata to Windows 7 Media Center Movie Library

If you use the Movie Library in Windows 7 Media Center to access and view your movie collection, you know that the interface leaves a little to be desired. Today we are going to show you how you can add movie cover art and metadata in your Movie Library with a program called YAMMM.

For Windows Media Center Movie Library to be able to display metadata and cover art, each movie file must be stored in an individual folder of the same name with an xml file to display metadata, and a folder.jpg file to display cover art. YAMMM automates the process of downloading the folder.jpg and .xml files from the Internet into your movie folders.

Setting Up Your Folders

If you currently store your movies in one large folder and dread the thought of having to manually create individual folders for each file, rest easy. File2Folder Script 1.0 will automate this process for you (See download link below). If you already have your movie files stored in individual folders, or don’t mind creating them manually, you can skip down to the Installing and Configuring YAMMM section.

To automate the process of creating individual movie file folders, download File2Folder Script 1.0 and extract the filetofolder.bat file. You’ll then need to copy filetofolder.bat into the folder that stores all of your movie files. Note: For this script to run properly, this process should be performed on your local computer. Running it in a network folder is not recommended.


Double-click filefolder.bat to run the process. This will open a Command window and move your files. When the process is finished, press any key to close the command window.


You should now have each movie contained in it’s own individual folder.



Installing and Configuring YAMMM

Now it’s time to download and install YAMMM (Download link below). To begin the installation, simply double-click the downloaded .msi file and follow the installation wizard.


During the install, the YammmConfig tool will open. The first step you’ll want to take is to define your Movie Library locations. On the Library Tab, click the “Include a folder…” button.


Browse to select your movie folder and click “OK.” If you have more than one folder in your Movie Library, repeat this process to add each additional folder. Click “Save” when you are finished.


Since YAMMM runs as a service, if you wish to add folders from a network location, you’ll need to provide a username and password for the networked computer under the Network credentials section. If the networked computer doesn’t have a password, you’ll need to set one. Click “Save” when you’re finished.


On the Settings tab, check the “Rename movie folders…” box and “Rename movie files…” box. This will automatically rename your movie files to include the date. Click “Save” when finished.


Next, click on the Metadata tab. Under “Create the following meta information files,” check Windows 7 Media Center. Also place a check in the box next to all user accounts under Users. Click “Save.”


Click on the Artwork tab.  Selecting one of the resize options and reducing the Quality to something less than 100 can reduce lag time when opening the Movie Library. Click “Save.” When you are finished with all of your configurations, click “Exit.”


Click “Close” to complete the installation.


YAMMM will now proceed to pull the metadata and images for your movie files. If you take a look at the individual movie file folders, you will notice the movie file has been renamed to include the date, and a dvdid.xml file and a folder.jpg file have been downloaded by YAMMM to provide the metadata and image for the Movie Library. If you chose to resize the images, you will also see a folder.original.jpg file in addition to the folder.jpg.


Now when you browse your Movie Library in Media Center, your movie files will appear with nice movie cover art.


With the added metadata in Movie Library, you can now sort your movie collection by title, genre, year, parental rating, type, and date added.


If you click on any of your movie selections, you will get a detailed synopsis of the movie.


All that’s left now is to click “Play” and enjoy a movie.


As you add more movies to your movie folders, YAMMM will automatically pull metadata and cover art for each folder. For more help configuring your Movie Library, check out our previous article on setting up and adding folders to the Windows Media Center Movie Library.


Download File2Folder Script

Download YAMMM

Andrew is a media center geek with some serious Windows skills. He's never far from a WiFi connection or a great cup of coffee.

  • Published 02/24/10

Comments (38)

  1. bubs353

    It’s like you were reading my mind.( Actually a thought that was forgotten).. Thank you i really was looking forward for way to do this.. and all these articles about Media Center is awesome.. and willing to see more .. :)

  2. Gilbert Sanchez

    Thanks Andrew! All your media center how to’s are coming at a perfect time. I’m on the fence on which Media Center to use, but I’m starting to see that I may just stick with my stock win 7 media center.

  3. Ray

    Great Forum Guys – So I have downloaded episodes of 24 about 12 of them is it possible to access them from a folder inside the Windows media center instead of having 12 separate files all with the same picture thx

  4. DigitalGeekery

    Thanks Ray. This particular setup is really just for movies and isn’t recommended for episodes of TV shows. If you want to have TV shows appear in WMC with images and metadata, you may want to look into a third party plug-in, like Media Browser, which we will be covering in the future.

  5. JCA

    Say folks, I don’t know a lot about PC’s or software for that matter, so please forgive my not-very-tech method of stating my problem. I’ve a new laptop (Toshiba P505) with W7 and WMP 12. My problem is with the latter. Let’s say I watch a DVD half way through one evening with every intent of watching the second half the next evening. But the next evening when I click on the movie title, it starts again from the beginning. What needs to be done? Respectfully, JCA

  6. Adam

    Just a quick tip, I was not getting any movie info or genre so i changed the metadata to include MyMovies & XBMC NFO. Can’t be bothered checking which one it needs but just WM7 did not give any extra data or info on the movie.

  7. awraynor

    Another great article How To Geek. Just left a post over at for everyone to read your WHS and WMC articles as they just keep getting more helpful.

  8. Jay

    Anyone know why YAMMM downloads the xml file but not the cover art (folder.jpg)?

  9. Deck

    Very well done — thanks dude — can I use your section on how metadata provides filtering (4 screen shots featuring Rocky) ?

    – Deck

  10. hansphaal68

    can anyone tell me how to fix a wrong cover art and description. I have a horror movie called Black Sheep and Yamm filled it in with the Chris Farley comedy. Thanks

  11. Patricia

    I tried to get the artwork for the movie “killers”, but instead I got the cover for some movie from earlier movie. When I manually put the cover in the older cover wouldn’t go away. When I deleted the older cover, I lost the entire movie from the dvd that I copied. I also am getting alot of duplicates. I need your help. Thanks.


  12. JM

    the .bat file isn’t downloadable any more, can it be fixed?

  13. Fozieb

    I have searched forever for something like this and LOVE IT thanks a million.

  14. cyborg1024

    Would prefer the ability to manually map movies to the ISO or DVD folders with recomendations or suggestions for each. The meta data this app pulls isnt acurate atleast in my test with only about 2 dozen films. If all you need is the image of your disks you can just save the cover.jpg from images on any popular site such as amazon for your favorite titles. Could be tedious for anyone with large collections and certainly many will want the movie details. That can be done by downloading the XML file to the movie folder. I have all mine as ISO’s that auto mount using slysofts virtual clone drive with Mikinho’s mount image. Combo works great and is easy to use with the existing interface in media center. I havent been too impressed with any of the available meta data programs out their currently. I love Media center though and have mine plugged out with Remote Access to schedule recordings using remote potatoe, customized menus, and have all our music and family home videos mapped. You can also share your recorded TV with other computers in the house using win7 homegroups. If you have gigabit you can even fast forward at full speed from any computer with zero lag. All media is accessed centrally by using the libraries with homegroups. Also use Tapirex for inbound caller ID so we can see family and friends photos when the call in addition to std info. If your looking for video, music and photo sharing over the web I’ve read good things about Orb. Personally I dont need that as I already have remote access but its another way to get your content anywhere. I believe that works with Iphones too. Suggestions are to have it scan DVD images or folders and recommend but not apply the changes until they are approved. Automated utilities like these are prone to error and need a human eye to weed out incorrectly assigned metadata.

  15. Kevin

    This is working great with my standard movie files, but won’t do anything with my Blu-Ray files. Is there something special that I will need to do?

  16. Greg

    This is awesome and works great! One question, though.

    I’m not getting any of the movie rating info loaded in the WMC xml file. I want that. I want to have my kids be able to watch from this system. Can I set this manually by adding a line to the XML file? Is there a separate file somewhere maintained by WMC that has this? Been searching around and haven’t found much about adding ratings (only taking them away).

  17. Dan

    Nice tutorial! Very easy to follow. One question though. I have The Stepfather (2009) and it put the cover art and information for the 1987 version. Is there any way to correct this and update it?

  18. Keith

    Seems easy. But I’m facing a few issues common to the rest. Anyone has solutions?

    1) Wrong Art Cover, with correct meta data. How to correct this?

    2) Yammm detected and auto d/l the meta data for my .avi files, but MC7 unable to show artwork & meta data, although the movie icon is shown and able to play. Need any settings from MC7 other than adding folder to monitor?

  19. dominic Abrams

    gday… just wondering this is amazing but i have windows XP running… will this still work? i also have a My book western digital 4Tb network hard drive attached to my network and want to know how i can sort my movies on there…because i use my xbox 360 to browse my movies though hard drive… any ideas?? and can you please reply to my email thanks to anyone that can help me on this matter..

    kind regards

    dominic Abrams

  20. Stephen

    I’m with Kevin….any word on BD movies? My DVD movies are updated perfectly but I’m wondering why the blueray movies will not? Help is greatly appreciated.


  21. maicol

    I have a netbook whicn dosen’t have Windows Media Center, is any alternative available out there to rename avi files and add the cover art???

    Thanks in advance

  22. Esco

    I have had same issues when I’ve added movies and get wrong cover example I added Underworld(2003) and got a cover from underworld made in 1927 how can this be fixed?

  23. Esco

    I have read some of the comments about YAMMM getting wrong art covers for some movies but no one has yet posted a solution. It will be great if someone has found a solution to this to share it will make alot of people happy.

  24. Diana Perdomo

    @ Esco

    Dear Esco. I did it myself about an hour ago. I don;t belong to this forum moderators ( I’m just an user) It happened to me with the movie ” The Italian Job” I have the 1969 version but the art cover is from the re-make. This happens because If you get your movies like me (from a torrent) the file possess info (tags) that you can only see when you right click on it. To avoid wrong covers you should check the name of the movie matches (IMDB). An go to the properties of the file and remove information that is wrong too. Regards.

  25. Justin LaMantia

    Hi there,

    is there a way to edit the resize option? I use the WDTV live and i believe the folder.jpg need to me 120X180 or vice a versa

  26. Gription

    I installed it, adjusted the settings as described above, and only managed to get a few images to load. My files are mainly mkv and avi. Any thoughts?

  27. Clog

    Excellent bit of kit, some pictures did not come up straight away but after changing the titles it picked it up no trouble.

  28. Chad

    Read about using yammm in a few places, however I’ve just run File2Folder after lots of arduous work splitting them into individual files, and Yammm has only identified 4 out of my 179 saved movies. Any suggestions? Does it only work for certain formats?


  29. Jed

    Hi all, just set this up and am stoked with how it works! Just wondering though where it is referencing too to retrieve information, so I can get the file names right? Also is there a website you can obtain .xml’s of the synopsis and put it in yourself for movies it doesn’t recognize?

  30. gayan3000

    i have 120 movies in my hd i did exactly whts said here and it only gets the movie cover art for like 10 movies and thats all it does … rest of the movie collection is still the same as they used to be nothing have been changed ? whats wrong ?

  31. Marek

    Jed … it gets teh info from

    All … anyone know what format to select if I am trying to get the metadata to link up with a WD TV Live+ device?

  32. leo

    to say YAMMM is good is an under statement its great for people who can not get all the art work or wrong art work for the movies 1st make sure your names for your folder and movie is exactly as the movie title(ie) Teds Big Adventure (1900) and not “teds big adventure” also it will not update the synopsis as well unless its exactly the correct name and year but i have found out to make changes you have to either uninstall YAMMM or clear all fields with in the YAMMM app and save then you can change the names of folder and movies also if it has the script of Teds Big Adventure xvid DVD-rip XXX you will have to rename it as stated “Teds Big Adventure (1900)” but i still have not found a work around with split movies like movies to big for one part i know its because of the naming part A and part B so if anyone has a work around for this that i have not thought of

  33. mark

    how did you get it to recognise iso files?

  34. MrHaugen


    Is there a reason why I can’t configure Library settings? It’s grayed out. I think that is the reason why the service will not trigger and check for newly added files? I’ve not had one movie updated since installation. Anyone have a suggestion?

  35. MrHaugen

    Never mind. It was a trouble with mapped network drives. The author saved my day. UNC paths works much better :)


  36. moesby

    Great explanation and this Yamm is quite something :)

    One single question.. no, two actually.
    1) Who isn’t the movie data (synopsis, year, genre) visible, when I connect to MC with an Extender like XBox?
    2) Yamm doesn’t recognize dvd’s that are PC optimized (i.e. added a PC app and an Autorun on the disc)

  37. Nitro-Hype

    MrHaugen: I’ve used UNC and drives, I still cannot enable library scanning can you share how you fixed this problem?

  38. sebmadgwick

    Having file2folder.bat as a hidden file to prevent it from putting itself into a folder is just a messy workaround. Use this script instead, it is identical except that it will not move the .bat file.

    @echo off
    for %%a in (*.*) do (
    if “%%a” neq “%~n0.bat” (
    md “%%~na” 2>nul
    move “%%a” “%%~na”

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