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Create an XP Mode for Windows 7 Home Versions & Vista

One of the cool features in Windows 7 is XP Mode. However, it’s only available for Windows 7 Professional and above, leaving Home Edition and Vista users out of luck. Today we’ll show you how to create your own XP Mode to run on Vista or Windows 7 Home Premium.

How does this work?

Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows Vista are not licensed to run the free XP Mode download from Microsoft.  In fact, if you select Home Premium on the XP Mode download site, you will see the following message:


Last week we showed you how VMware Player could help you run XP Mode without hardware virtualization. Even VMware Player doesn’t have a link to import XP Mode if you’re computer is running 7 Home Premium or Vista.


However, if you have a legal copy of Windows XP, then you can easily recreate XP Mode with the free VMware Player.  This article will show you how quick and easy it is to get a virtual copy of XP running on any computer, even if it’s running 7 Home Premium or Windows Vista.

Getting Started

First, download and install VMware Player (link below).  It is a free download, but requires registration.


You may see some prompts about installing drivers; simply approve them.  We didn’t see them on our latest test, but have in the past.  When you are finished installing VMware Player, you will have to restart your computer.


Create your own XP Mode

Once your computer is rebooted, start up VMware Player and insert your Windows XP CD in your CD drive.  In this example we used a copy of Windows XP Professional, but it would work the same with any edition of XP.

In VMware Player, click the link at the top that says “Create a New Virtual Machine.”


VMware automatically detects your Windows XP CD, and says it will install it with Easy install.  This will let you install XP with only 5 clicks!  Click Next to continue.


Now enter your XP product key, and name and password of your choice.  We named it XP Mode to make it obvious what this virtual machine is for!


Here VMware will automatically enter your operating system’s name and the default location to save the files.  Simply press next to accept the defaults, or change them if you wish.


You can choose how large you want your virtual hard drive to be; the default is 40Gb, but you can choose a different size if you wish.  Please note that the entire 40Gb will not be taken up on your hard drive.  Our clean install only took up 1.4Gb on the computer.


That’s all the settings.  You can review and make changes here, or simply press Finish to start installing XP.


From here on, VMware will take over.  You do not need to click anything else until XP is fully installed!  It will automatically run the installer, format the virtual hard drive,


Copies XP files to the hard drive,


And finishes the install.


Everything will work automatically, so you can literally leave it unattended while it’s installing.  In our tests it took about 20 minutes to install.  When it’s done, you’ll be presented with the Windows XP desktop ready for use!


VMware Player will automatically launch the VMware Tools installer to integrate your virtual XP with your computer.  It may have to download or update the tools, so if you see the yellow banner at the bottom of your window simply click Update Tools or Install Tools depending on you situation.


The tools will automatically download and install, though you may have to approve an UAC prompt.


Once the tools are downloaded or updated, they should automatically run in XP. If not, click Start, then My Computer, and finally double-click on the CD drive which should say VMware Tools.


Now, simply run the Tools installer with the Typical setup type, and reboot XP when it’s finished.


Now your XP is fully installed and setup, so you can proceed to integrate with your computer just like XP Mode!

Integrate XP Mode in VMware Player with Windows 7 or Vista

The real advantage of the default XP Mode in Windows 7 is that the XP programs are fully integrated with their Windows 7 counterparts.  You can run them seamlessly with other programs, copy between them, and even open and save files to the same folders.

Let’s set this up in VMware.  Copy and paste from Windows 7 or Vista to XP in VMware is activated by default.  To use your XP programs seamlessly with Windows 7, click VM on the top of the VMware window, and click “Enter Unity.”


You can easily access any program or file in XP mode through a dedicated XP Mode Start Menu.  When you hover over your Windows 7 Start button, a new button called “Windows XP Mode” will above it.  Click there to access a full start menu from XP Mode right in Windows 7.


And it works the exact same in Windows Vista.


Here is an IE 6 window from XP running side-by-side with IE 8 in Windows 7, thanks to VMware Player!


And notice, this is guaranteed to work on any edition of Windows 7 or Vista, including Home versions.


By default, the virtualized windows will have a border and the VMware logo on their edge.


To remove this logo, click VM in the VMware player window, then settings.  Click on the Options tab, and choose Unity on the left.  Now uncheck the boxes that say “Show borders” and “Show badges.”


Without having the VMWare borders and badges give everything a more authentic XP Mode look and feel.


You can even use removable devices, such as flash drives, in XP in VMware Player.  Whenever you connect a new device to your computer, VMware will remind you that you can add it to XP.


Simply click VM, then Removable Devices.  Select your device name, and click Connect.


Save Files in XP Mode to My Documents in Windows 7 or Vista

By default, files created in XP in VMware Player will be saved inside the virtual machine.  It’s more convenient if they’re saved directly to the My Documents folder in Windows 7 (or the Documents folder in Vista), so let’s change this.  Click VM, then Settings.  Click the Options tab, and then choose Shared Folders on the left.  Now click the bullet for “Always enabled” and check the box for “Map as a network drive in Windows guests.”


Now click Add at the bottom of that window.  This will let us add a shared folder.


Let’s add the My Documents folder from Windows 7 (or the Documents folder in Vista).  Click Browse, and then select your My Documents folder.  Click Ok, and then click Next.


Make sure the box is checked that says “Enable this share” and then click Finish.  You can now close the settings window as well.


Back in XP, click Start, then right click on My Documents, and select Properties.


Click Move to find the new My Documents folder.


Find the folder we just shared from Windows 7 or Vista by clicking My Computer, then the drive that says “Shared Folders on ‘vmware-host’” or something similar.  Now select the folder we shared, Documents, and click Ok.


Click Ok in the main properties window.  It may offer to copy the files from your old My Documents folder to the new one; choose Yes to make sure you have all of your documents in Windows 7.


Now, whenever you go to save a file in XP, it will automatically save in your My Documents folder on Windows 7 or Vista, depending on your circumstance.  You can repeat the same process for any folder you wish, such as your My Pictures and My Music folders.


And that’s all there is to it!  You now have a fully functioning copy of XP running right inside your 7 or Vista computer.  Almost everything works the same as XP Mode in 7 Professional or Ultimate.  The only difference is that you used your own copy of XP, but if you have an old copy already then it doesn’t cost you any more than XP Mode would.  And, even if your computer is running Windows 7 Professional, you may find it easier to use a copy of XP you already own instead of importing XP Mode.  VMware Player does a great job at integrating XP with your computer, and in our tests it worked as good or better than the actual XP Mode.

You can actually run Windows Virtual PC on any Windows 7 computer, even ones running Home Premium that aren’t eligible for XP Mode.  You could install XP in it, then install Virtual PC’s integration components, and it will work exactly like the default XP Mode.  However, we’ve found VMware’s solution easier to use and much faster to setup.  If you would like to try this out, download Virtual PC at the link below (be sure to select Professional as your edition of Windows … even though Home Premium is licensed to run Virtual PC and can run it fine, the download isn’t offered by default).


Download VMware Player 3

Download Windows Virtual PC if you wish to run XP in it

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 02/23/10

Comments (187)

  1. Matt Mavi

    Great detailed article like always. I’ve been looking for this especially after last week’s article using the Pro version. I’d love to see something like Wine get ported to Windows 7 to help easily overcome these compatibility issues rather than installing a whole “XP Mode”, but for now, I’ll try the above. Thanks!

  2. Jon Galloway

    Why VM Ware instead of VirtualBox?

  3. John

    I seem to be missing the point of all this. My previous computer was XP and my latest is Vista. OK. Why would I want, or what would be the reason, to install an XP Mode? Think I’ll pass on this one.

  4. Gunit7677

    There are some things that will not run in Vista or 7 even in compatibility mode.

  5. Silver

    @ Jon Galloway

    Perhaps because VMWare has “Unity” which pretty much acts like XP Mode for Windows 7? Besides, seamlessrdp seems rather annoying to set up so I’m thinking that they chose VMWare for it’s ease of setting up.

    @ John
    It would not seem you need it anyway. XP Mode is mainly for old software that people no longer will update to work well with Windows 7. Although it is rare, there are certain programs that won’t run nicely with Vista or 7 and thus XP Mode helps in that case. Applications that run in XP Mode in a way, look as if they are a native app on Vista or 7 but in fact, are virtualized. It’s nice because you won’t need a whole separate XP Desktop inside of Vista or 7 to run it.

  6. zax

    will i be able to run games in it? I know some virtual machines have trouble utilizing the graphics

  7. Johnnie

    I have VMware installed, and I have used it to install XP Pro, but it is asking me for administrator login and password. Where/when did I set this password? Can I get around it or find out what that password is? It won’t let me into XP. So close, and yet, so far….

  8. Paginas web Guatemala

    Virtualbox is another software that can also help in these cases. greetings!

  9. Jaxsen

    Do we need to re-activate it?

  10. Matthew Guay

    @Jaxsen Yes, you should always need to activate XP after doing a clean install in VMware Player. If you have a legal full copy of XP, this should not be a problem.

  11. Bob Campbell

    Three years ago I used VMWare Converter to ‘import’ my old XP PC into my new one instead of installing a fresh version of XP.

    Why? Because the new one is 64bit Vista and back then there were a lot programs that did not run on 64bit sysems. (I’m looking @ you, Palm).

    Fire up the VM, plug in the Palm, and sync away.

  12. Rob

    @Jon Galloway
    @Paginas web Guatemala

    I’m not sure about the latest versions but there where some issues with USB support in Virtual Box. Or better the lack of support for USB.

    I use VirualBox on myLinux PC and I am very sattisfied. Use it if it works!

  13. Georgia

    My work requires that we continue to use XP and IE 7. We work completely online. I would like to buy a Windows 7 computer but am stuck on XP/IE 7. Is this my solution? When you say full copy of XP, does that also mean the XP disk that came with the computer I am presently using?

  14. sellnout

    I could not get Adobe CS2 to install on my Windows 7 home premium 64 bit machine. I would get an annoying message that the main.ini file and it would not even start the install. Looked at the Adobe web site and they will not support CS2 on Vista or Window 7. I installed an XP Pro VM as detailed above and CS2 installed without a hitch. I was about to pay Adobe to upgrade to CS4, but not anymore. Thanks!

  15. jay

    I’ve got win 7 Home Premium:

    Does this mean that I can run my 3 yr old HP printer NOW? Because HP doesn’t make any drivers for Vista or win 7 Home premium.

  16. Da5id

    When it says ‘legal’ copy of XP, does that mean I can install the legal copy I have for my desktop onto my laptop as well? They will allow that? What I mean is, I’m not going to get some popup telling me – sorry, a copy of Windows with this serial number is already installed?

  17. ajay

    didn’t know that windows 7 home premium can’t run xp mode…. anyways good information..

  18. Bugler

    Exactly Sellnout. When I was recently making my buying decisions for a computer rebuild and Win 7, I immediately thought about photoshop CS. I paid about $35 extra for Win 7 pro OEM than for premium, just to make sure my other expensive software would still be operable on my new build.

  19. Kb

    From the comments I get that this will work for 64-bit Windows 7 Home edition. But can I install 32-bit Windows XP using VMware on a 64-bit Win7 OS?
    My problem is that I want to run an application which is not (and will not be) available for 64-bit.

  20. Matthew Guay

    @Kb – Yes, you can run the 32 bit version of XP in VMware on Win7 x64 just fine. No problems at all!

  21. Jeff

    i just buy new laptop operate with win 7 home premium and i dont have any legal copy of win xp. Any alternative way in order to make a virtual win xp? Thank You.

  22. George

    In installing XP, I have a legal copy of XP Professional SP1. After installing it along side W7 64 bit Home Premium will I be able to easily bring it up to SP3?

  23. Matthew Guay

    @George – Yes, you can easily bring it up to SP3. Simply download the service pack, and run it inside the XP mode. For more information, check out our recent post about upgrading Windows to the latest service pack –

  24. Chad

    hell i bought a windows vista Dell laptop with windows xp3 downgrade already installed. Currently i have a duel boot system on start up with xp3 and windows 7 home premium. When in the past i did a complete reistall of my xp3 OS windows never asked me for product key, but still verified to be official genuine for updates. Could this still work for the VM ware since it is the same computer that was licensed for the use of xp without the legal copy of xp? i have a copy just no product key! thanks

  25. Chad

    ok just adding on to the question above i have reinstallation disk of xp, and a reistallation disk of vista could i use the same product key that is on the computer? Vista has asked for it before. THANKS AGAIN

  26. Matthew Guay

    @Chad – if you are licensed to run XP on that computer already, then you should be fine to remove your dual-boot XP and then install that XP in VMware. Just note, you should only have the copy installed in one place, so be sure to only have it either installed normally OR installed in the virtual machine.

    Another option: Since you already have XP installed, you can simply turn that XP into a virtual machine and then copy it over to your vista. Check out a tutorial on doing this at

  27. Vicky

    Is it possible to run big softwares in XP mode? say like visual studio 2005?

  28. Matthew Guay

    @Vicky – Sure, it should work with no problem. I’ve heard of lots of people running older versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite in XP Mode, and Visual Studio should work fine too. The only limitation is that software may run slower in a virtual machine than it would if it was installed directly on your computer.

  29. sandu c

    can I install windows xp in virtualization mode from a stick? ( netbooks do not usualy had a cd-player)

  30. Matthew Guay

    @sandu c – There would be a couple options here. You could copy an ISO of your XP cd to your netbook, and then install a virtual copy from there. Or, you could create a virtualized XP install on your main computer, and then copy it over to your netbook. However, most netbooks will not handle virtualization very good. Virtualization is very intensive, and while most laptops and desktops today can handle it fine, I think the average Atom @1.6Ghz and 1Gb of ram would run a virtual copy of XP farily slow. Another option, if you have enought disk space, would be to install XP in a separate partition. This is more complicated, but then you could dual-boot in 7 and XP.

  31. Aniruddha Ghosh

    Vwmare Player many differernet

  32. Ellie

    Well you guys are GREAT! This worked quickly and painlessly for me. I have a NEW HP with WIN7 HOME. I had already purchased a clean copy of xp Home on ebay with every intention of getting rid of WIN7. Thanks to you now I installed VMPlayer. Then XP Home. Wallah. A couple tweeks on the VM Player setting to get UNITY and be able to manipulate my files and recognize my CD. Loaded my programs into it last night and they all work. So from here on out, it’s manipulate folders and search on xp mode, and visit the internet on WIN7. Maybe use libraries – maybe NOT.

    I do use Photoshop. And one problem with WIN7 is that the icons for their files no longer display the ‘photo’ only a stupid icon. So, Photoshop is now running in xpmode also.

    I Can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am 1st that my blood pressure is lowering and 2nd that my husband can stand to be in the same room with me when I’m on the computer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and God Bless you for thinking of others and for GREAT Documentation.

  33. sandu c

    Thank you very much Matthew…I will check virtualization method . It seems to be quicker to swap from win7 to win xp !

  34. jj

    well, my install didn’t go well. i know it was probably me as i am not very computer savey. can i uninstall and start again? how? i am unable to install the VM tools

  35. Don Clayton

    Can I use Outlook Express with this virtual installation please?
    Your readme notes on how to install look excellent, thank you. I belong to a worldwide gaming club who still play Panzer General 2, which is about as old as I am:)
    I have managed to get Panzer General 2 working in Windows 7 but it has certain limitations, I know that it works ok using XP and to be able to use Outlook Express as my mail service again would be the icing on the cake. Thank you.

  36. chris

    Will Microsoft automatic updates automatically update both operating systems XP & win 7?

  37. Matthew Guay

    @Chris – If you chose the default security option, then yes, Windows XP Mode along with your main Windows will automatically update. However, note that these updates will be separate and done by each OS themselves. If you haven’t run your XP mode in a while, it will not be updated but will automatically update the next time you have it open and are online.

  38. Mandar

    Hi,,, i have a dell studio 1558 laptop with Windows 7 home Premium 64bit, in which windows XP can’t be installed at all…so i have installed this vmware player and installed windows xp in it.. everything is fine, only the thing being that my net is slow.. the “Vmware tools for windows 2000 or later’ r taking a hell out of time to download directly through vmware, is there anyways i can download it directly through a download link.. like can i download it in my Download manager???
    Please Help

  39. Matthew Guay

    @Mandar – Unfortunately, I don’t believe you can download the VMware Tools individually for VMware Player. One option would be to start it it downloading the tools at night when you don’t need to use the internet … should easily be done by morning :)

    Sorry about the troubles!

  40. Gilles Plante


    you talk about installing XP from a CD we already have and then activating it. What if one do this on a different computer than the one already running the activated copy of XP ? I guess that will be not be accepted since that copy of XP is already activated. Then, yoy may have to buy a new key, if at all possible now, or upgrade the Windows 7 to at least Pro.

  41. Matthew Guay

    @Gilles – Ok, here’s a couple things about licensing. If you have bought a boxed copy of XP, installed it on your computer, but now want to remove it from the computer and install it in a virtual machine, you can legally do this. If it doesn’t activate, call Microsoft support, explain what you’re doing, and they should be able to help you. But, if you want to keep the XP on the other computer, then no, you can’t legally put it on your virtual machine. Also, if your computer came with XP when you bought it, then it is an OEM edition and is licensed only for that one computer, so you can’t move the license for XP either.

    Hope that helps!

  42. pratik

    great work

  43. John

    I will try this as MSFT still can’t correct the loss of intranet connectivity to XP machines when returning from hibernation. My new laptop has Win7 – not my choice.

  44. DAvid

    Amazingly useful article. I have been struggling with Win7 HomePro version since I got the new computer and couldnt believe Microsoftinthehead immediately expect us to pay for an upgrade just to get back access to old programmes, printers, the lot. I used Windows Virtual Machine before VMware but ended up with a blank screen after loading XP, so removed it , loaded VMware and followed the instructions in your article – perfect result.
    Now, if only I could resolve the multiple reboots at Win7(64) power-up then I maybe would have a good word to say about Win7.

  45. CK

    I have installed everything smoothly, then i was unable to connect my USB broadband (always found not connected) and unable to shutdown properly (took extremely long time). when I start the computer, blue screen popped up. FYI, my laptop is running i3 processor with 2mb RAM. Other than that, the windows XP runs prefectly in windows 7. Did i missed out any steps? Appreciated if someone could help. Many thanks

  46. Karen

    This is fabulous so thank you. In my home network I am the only one running windows 7 and it really doesn’t like giving access to computers running other OS; this has caused all kinds of problems with sharing files and printing documents from around the house. Now problem solved.

    Can I install a copy of windows ME in the same manner to enable me to play some of my older games that wont run on xp or 7?

  47. Matthew Guay

    @Karen – You absolutely could! If you have an installer CD and key, it should be fairly easy. Let us know how it goes!

  48. Elaine

    Thanks for this great solution.

    1) Will this work if I have an upgrade version of XP that I have to unlock with my Win 98 cd? (Yes, I still have the cd. I originally loaded XP onto a new second hard drive with no os.)

    2) I want to use XP Mode with an HP scanner that has an XP driver. There are no driver updates available. Will my Win 7 64bit notebook recognize the scanner, assuming I get all the above steps right?

  49. Ray

    what if you want to “export” your current xp installation to be used in this manner….ie: not actually having to reinstall

  50. Joe

    So I’ve put W7 Pro on my 3 yr old Alienware ALX. It loaded up COD4 and COD MW2. But it won’t load up some of my oldere XP games..Gears of War and Medal of Honor/Pacific assult. If I do the XP thing will these games load up?
    I do have a good XP os, but did I read to get the download since I have w7 pro? What would run the games best.
    This pc is just used for games.
    Thanks! and you all rock with the help!

  51. Matthew Guay

    @Joe – Sounds like your best solution would be to dual boot with XP and Windows 7, as that would give you the best performance in your games. Then, you’d normally use Windows 7, but could reboot and go to XP when you want to play the older XP games. Here’s a couple tutorials that may be helpful with this:

    Let us know how it goes!

  52. Joe

    Thanks Matt! More Q?s
    Can I do this on my ‘E’ drive instead of my C drive?
    C is two 1TBs drives ‘striped raid 0’ what ever that means-geek friend set it up. Drive E is another TB that I could partition a good 250gigs.

    Can you ‘switch on the fly’ between 7 & XP? or have to re- boot

    When I load XP, do I have to do all the drivers again? There’s dual
    NV8800 SLI and a sound card, 4g ram, the 2 1tb C drive and 2 other 1 tb drives in this thing.

    Do you answer these typse of q?s
    I’ve got a Logitech G15 kb and updated the drivers, I think. If I go looking, it say MSoft driver is running it.(or isn’t it)
    Think it says there’s more that one keyboard & mouse.
    Same things with my lacesis mouse.
    They both are working but can’t seem to get into the cool setup menus, more so on the mouse.
    And stupid me doesn’t know enough to figure this out.
    By the way, I just moved to Europe and my geek friend is back in the US.
    All the local geeks here are afraid of my English Alien and have never seen anything like this before.

    You all have some great read here. And happy to read more.
    Thanks again!

  53. Matthew Guay

    @Joe – Installing on your E drive should work fine, just make sure to select it when you’re installing XP. If it’s that much smaller, should be easy to notice. Sounds like you’ve got a pretty tweaked out setup there :)

    You’ll have to reboot to access XP, and the second link I gave in my last comment should help you get the dual-booting all setup. It’s not too hard, really.

    And yes, you’ll need to reinstall everything, including drivers and all, inside XP. It’ll basically be like a 2nd computer, except it’s in the same box. Make sure you’ve got all your stuff backed up before you start, and it should go great. Hope this helps!

  54. strofi

    I get this message when i try to install the app:The MSI C\users\loga\appdata\temp\vmware\_1281538690\vmvareplayer.msi´failed… Does anybody know what this means. I can nor install the app Thanks

  55. Gopu

    I have some DW software which need either server (Win2003 or WInXP) to run.But when i bought a new laptop it came with Windows 7 and when i tried installing XP on that its didn’t work and didn’t detect many drivers.So my question here is since i have winxp legal version whether installing VM ware and XP in my laptop will do the trick .And also whether VM ware will work like a remote desktop concept and how do i install my SW’ which will be running only in XP.

  56. Matthew Guay

    @Gopu – Yes, that should work fine. Just install VMware Player, then install XP in it as shown above. It shouldn’t need any extra drivers; VMware will take care of that for you. Then, just install your software inside XP like you normally would. Hope it works out!

  57. Shibi

    I am downloading VM player just bcuz i want to able some of my old pc games like Far Cry on it as i m having some compatibility problems on my win 7 64bit Acer laptop.So i just want to ask if i can actually play graphics intensive games using VM player?

  58. Sandra Mead

    Thank you so much. You just saved me a small fortune. My very expensive scanner would only run on windows XP and there was no driver available for Windows 7. Now I can run both. :-) xxxxx !!!!!!!

  59. Tony

    Absolutely fantastic.

    I can now test software that doesn’t run with 64 bit win 7.

  60. GKL

    Nice, I want to install XP mode, but microsoft didn’t allow me because of my home premium… the question is, it is said that it will format the virtual drive. assume like this..I have 3 partition, and I want to install it in D:/, will it format the whole drive D:/? I want to install this, but I have many programs there, So it is not good if I have to reinstall them all..


  61. A reader

    Thank you so much for this. It works perfectly :D

    Finally I can run software that is not compatible with 64bit W7 Home Premium. :)

  62. Hamza Hassan

    Hi can i install winxp 32 bit with win7 home 64 bit through this software? can anybody guide me?waiting for your replies.

  63. Will

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for all the great responses. I have done everything to get XP virtual machine running but have run into a problem in the last step. I want my files to be accessed from both XP and Windows 7 but after adding My Documents to the shared folder, always enabled and map as network, then clicking ok, I can’t find it in My Documents, Properties to Move it. The drop down box in My Computer doesn’t show “Shared Folders on ‘vmware-host” or anything similar. Can you please advise? Thanks a lot!


  64. Will

    Sorry…I rebooted and there it was! Thanks!

  65. Dirgi007

    Hi there,

    does installing the VM player on WIn7 work only with specific processors? I ask because I understand that the Microsoft Virtual Machine apparently only works with some, but not with others, and I wondered whether this was the case also for the VM Player.



  66. Kozy83

    I have the same question as Hamza Hassan: can I use a 32-bit xp if I’m running a 64-bit windows 7? Are there any extra/different steps? Thanks! :)

  67. Matthew Guay

    @Kozy83 and Hamza – Yes, you can use standard 32 bit XP even if you’re running 64-bit Windows 7. Works great … that’s how I run it myself.

    @Dirgi007 – VMware Player should work with any modern processor. Microsoft Virtual PC initially required Hardware Virtualization support, but now it works with any relatively recent processor as well.

  68. jan

    I want to use mspicture it. Do I install in 7 or xp?

  69. MAX


  70. kozy83

    It works great!!! Thanks!!! But how do I delete a virtual machine in VMware Player?

  71. Matthew Guay

    @kozy83 – Just right-click on the virtual machine’s name on the left sidebar in VMware Player, and select “Delete VM from Disk.” Voilà ;)

  72. kozy83

    @Matthew Guay – Thank you!!! Btw, what’s the difference between “Delete VM from Disk” & “Delete VM from Library”?

  73. Matthew Guay

    @kozy83 – “Delete VM from Library” removes the virtual machine from your VMware Player listing, but leaves the virtual machine files on your hard drive. “Delete VM from Disk” deletes the virtual machine the whole way, so it doesn’t take up space on your hard drive.

  74. kozy83

    Thanks for all the help. I have another question – how/where do I change setting so that my xp vm can boot off an iso image which is on my windows 7 pc? Thanks!!!

  75. Matthew Guay

    @kozy83 – Open the settings window for your virtual machine, then select “CD/DVD” on the left in the Hardware tab. Now, click the “Use ISO image file:” bullet, and browse and find the ISO image you want to use. Next time you start this virtual machine, it’ll be using this ISO file as the CD/DVD in the virtual machine. Hope that helps.

  76. kozy83

    Thanks Matthew Guay, but for anybody needing this info, you have to press Esc at the black VMPlayer screen to get to the boot screen, then choose a number.

  77. panos

    Is there anyway to install XP mode in Windows 7 64bit without having a legal copy of winXP?
    Please reply!!!!!

  78. DINESH


  79. Jim

    Will this allow me to utilize my old HP Designjet Plotter that only has XP drivers, on my new Windows 7 CAD workstation?


  80. Matthew Guay

    @Jim – It definitely should. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

  81. Bryan

    Thanks for this help! Do I need to install an internet security system for my XP mode Windows?

  82. Wayne

    I downloaded this and then installed win xp, everything seams to work except for it will not reconise the usb controller that I am trying to make work. I had this home automation software and modules working fine under win xp and then I decided to goto win 7 and that is why I am trying to make this work. Any one have an idea why it will not pickup that I am hooking up a new usb device

  83. Jim

    Thanks Matthew! I set it up on my Windows 7 workstation, and can now print to my old XP based HP plotter!

  84. Matt

    I’m getting the following error message when VMWare tries to load my XP disc.


    PXE MOF: Exiting Intel PXE ROM
    Operating System Not Found

    Any suggestions on what to do next?

  85. Curtain Panels ·

    acer laptops have much brighter lcd screens compared to other brands ‘-*

  86. Adam

    Thank you very much for such an awesome software that allows us to run older apps.
    However, there are some issues I’d like to ask about:
    As GTA: San Andreas doesn’t run on Win 7, I’ve tried tu run it on a Win XP Professional SP3 using VMware player. It din’t work because of some graphic controller issues. Is there a way to use the full power of my GPU in VMware Player? Although I’m using a 512 MB graphics adapter, the VMware Player can’t use more than 128 MB.

    Thank you

  87. abdu

    thank you so much .some program was not working with win 7 it’s working great now .
    thank you so much

  88. Ann Stewart

    1. I have XP Pro for Dell (“for Dell machines only” but I’ve never had a Dell machine). I have a Toshiba laptop that came with XP Pro. I now have a machine made locally, 64-bit, 2 Intel processors. What do you think are the chances that I could successfully install XP Pro onto it, even though it’s not a Dell?

    2. I read instructions on how to activate Virtual Machine on Win 7 by making sure the BIOS said it was “unlocked”. The BIOS said it was turned off. I turned it on. When I booted up, I got a message from Dragon Nat. Speaking saying that it woudn’t run on a 32-bit machine. Does this mean the BIOS change I made turned off my 64-bit mode?

  89. Vaughnage

    thank you so much! it worked perfect for me. i had no problems at all. is it ok that i used my windows xp installation cd and key from my old desktop that i still have? i already authorized it on this computer in the xp mode and it was successful. so i’d say it will be ok, but i just dont want a team of microsoft ninja’s bustin down my door in the middle of the night.

  90. Rene

    Great Job. People from neatreceipts are wrong trying to charge you for new drivers for the scanner an new software. Whith your help I am running my old neatreceipts and scanner in xp mode without any problem and without any expenses thanks spread the word.

  91. K.-H. Schaefer

    Thanks Matthew Guay !

  92. Karl-Heinz Schaefer

    Thanks Matthew Guay !
    Dioe Anleitung ist ausgezeichnet !

  93. mischa

    works fine but….
    just like Adam asked: is there a way to use the full CPU power in VMware player??
    now the limit is 512 mb ram.. and it’s not changeable

    gr, mischa

  94. mischa

    ok found it, it’s only changeable when VMplayer not running
    but i cant run any programs, everything stops on startups..

  95. Mike

    I have windows 7 ultimate and tried installing Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business but it won’t install on win 7 because it does not have IIS. My XP Home machines also don’t have IIS. I do have a copy of XP Pro which will have IIS. So if I do the virtualization with my XP Pro then I should be able to install the console manager for EPSB correct ?

  96. Radical

    Firstly, Thank you for the tutorial.

    I installed virtual XP using your tutorial because I want to play an old game that is not compatible with Windows 7, and everything worked fine. When I installed the game again in virtual XP, the game still managed to detect that it’s not XP and refused to start up! I am not very confused, and is there a solution other than dual booting?

    Point to note: that game is protected by StarForce, and it’s actually StarForce that’s detected my OS and refuses to run the game

  97. asf

    massive ub

  98. Farley

    After installing VMware and confirming that it was available to all user on my Win7 PC, I installed XP as a virtual machine while logged on as (Win7) Administrator. I expected to find the virtual XP machine available to all users in their VMWare windows. That does not appear to be so. Am I missing something or do I have to install XP again after logging in as a different (Win7) user in order to have XP access from that login?

  99. bobri28

    this will work with xp pro 64bit won’t it?

  100. JDuran

    Terrific ! my wxp is simply working fine. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  101. Radical

    I realised the biggest advantage of virtual xp is not to run vista/7 incompatible softwares, but to run softwares that contain trojans or viruses!

    Thank you very much, I never knew it’s so simple to install virtual xp on 7 home premium

  102. mcastner

    I have a new acer aspire laptop with windows 7. my old laptop is dead. I am having trouble with downloading the xpmode. i loaded windows xp home edition which is a legal copy paid for in a store,but i believe it was an upgrade version. A messsage apears & tells me that i need to put in another disk to verify i am elligable for the product upgrade, but i dont have any other cds. what do i do?

  103. Dana Ciardi

    I bought an HP Pavilion Elite computer with an i7 processor and Windows 7 Home Premium, which I then upgraded to Windows Professional and installed virtual machine/XP Mode. The problem is that THIS HP computer’s motherboard (unbeknownst to me!!) does not recognize ANY USB devices installed in XP. Therefore – my printer won’t work!! HP won’t fix it unless I pay them $59.00 (even though the computer is 2 weeks old) because they say I upgraded so the computer is no longer “as it was bought.” NOWHERE was there anything on/with this computer telling me I could not upgrade the software if I still wanted Tech Support for it. (Those of you buying new computers from HP – beware of the above!!). Could I delete the Virtual machine/XP Mode and install the VMWare as per the above tutorial – and will USB devices then be recognized when connected?

  104. Tato

    Cuando intento instalar VMWare player en mi pC con W7 Home premiun la hoja del setup me sele en blanco, como puedo solucionar este probema

  105. tato

    When trying to install VMWare Player on my PC with Home Premium W7 appears blank setup sheet, how I can fix this probem

  106. Faraz

    this is amazing thing i realy need to try it ……but i have some questions to ask ….
    i got a new vaio preinstalled with win 7 home basic x64……so do i need to create a new partition for this thing or directly install it in C drive ?? some snapshots above shows that it formats the drive which is selected ??? n i dont want my c drive to be formated…plz help

  107. Sammie

    will i have any problems with running games on my computer after this ???? plz do reply

  108. Sammie

    and wat if i have any probs with it later on will i be able to remove it off my pc ??? help plz…if there is no probs like that i m down for trying this out it will help me out big time…Reply plz

  109. nachiket

    I have a win 7 home premium 64 bit wid 4 GB RAM. What is the maximum RAM I can utilise in VMWARE windows xp during hardware allocation ….. because I have a software compatible only wid win xp. And it needs atleast 4 gb ram :(

  110. Mit

    I’ve got win 7 Home Premium:

    I have installed VMware player and windows XP home seems to be working good.

    Can I run my 6 yr old HP printer in win. 7. Because HP doesn’t make any drivers for win 7.
    If so how do I go about making that happen.

  111. Joe

    Need help with adding an XP printer that will print through Win7 Home Premium.

    I followed the above procedures and installed my own copy of WinXP Home Edition and completed the shared files procedure as well. I then installed my printer through XP with it’s XP driver. (There is no Win7 driver for this printer). The printer shows that it is installed but it will not print a test page. I have no other printer installed.

  112. sesha

    Thanks Mathew for the detailed explanation,
    but I am not sure about one thing as many people above as I am new to this concept of Virtual Machine.
    It is displayed in one of the pictures that the disk is getting formatted. In my system I have only 1 drive which is for the entire hard disk. Can I install Virtual PC in this drive itself. Will the drive be formatted, bcoz all my files and the OS are in this drive only…
    Please reply. Eagerly awaiting your answer

  113. Ken

    Im looking to run pro tools 7.1 on my toshiba laptop which I bought it currently running windows 7 home premium. I can run this program with to a rack mounted unit via firewire or a usb thumb drive(micro mini). Is this a good way to go with this program or should I do a dual boot. and if so do you have a link or maybe instuction on how to do a dual boot. I have tried several different way and have not been successful…..


  114. rey

    i have bought an old toshiba laptop model SA40-221 (pentium4)….the original OS is windows XP…but it’s replaced with windows7…is there any problem if i reinstall XP back?and remove W7?..or will be okay if i just use also virtual pc/VMware player?my computer still have the original sticker with PRODUCT KEY of XP.
    …right now, i’m experiencing some slow action on my computer.will it because it was replace by W7?or it is because of other operating system running on it such as anti-virus?


  115. Bert Rapp

    When my laptop died I was forced to replace it with a win7 unit. The programs I relied on most didnt work with 7. I was desparate. VMware is a god-send. It is one sweet program!

  116. sachin

    what a relief.
    I installed XP mode on win7 home. it installled. but when tried 2 run, it gives a message that XP mode will not work on home version. What a pity.
    At one point the Microsoft sells me OS with new laptop. Especially in India new models of laptops come with preloaded OS. So we r stuck with it.
    On the other hand MS (f**kers) silently tell us to upgrade.
    Although I have old XP, why should I buy newer one.
    U have made the difference.

    Got result perfectly. I have some softwares (already purchased) which can now use instead of upgrading them also.

    Essence : Why MS company is eager to sell OS with laptops. It should be treated as illegal only…

  117. Viv Claassens

    Thanks a million. Had to buy a new computer with Windows 7 installed but could not run old XP software on it. Your page has helped us avoid having to upgrade Quickbooks at a cost of almost $500.

  118. Theo

    Hi thanks for doing this ,
    XP will not let me install driver for my video card {nvidia 570 GTX} so I can play my game in perfect mode and full screen I see black bars on both sides of screen any advice will help

  119. Pickngrin

    This is great! Thank you.

  120. chossy

    how to download games point blank?
    very hard .. I’ve menciba many times but could not .. beg his guidance .. Please.

  121. chossy

    how to download games point blank?
    very hard .. I’ve tried many times but still can not .. beg his guidance .. Please.

  122. bubba

    Installed the VMware Player and everthing worked except “Enter Unity” and yes it is enabled. The words enter unity are surpressed i.e. they are not as bright as the other words in the VM window and nothing happens when I do click on it. I’ve installed and reinstalled the VM tools. Any suggestions?

  123. SC

    Can’t enter unity. The item is not highlighted. Why?

  124. Lisa

    Ditto problem from SC – can’t select unity – not highlighted. What do I do?

  125. WA3RA

    Keep in mind that WinXP isn’t the only OS that will run in the VM…Many flavors of *nix can be installed and run in their own little sandbox this way, too…and since they’ll talk to W7, you can use printers and toys that don’t have native linux drivers!

  126. Dror

    It works!
    Thank you very much from Israel!

  127. Mugsy

    I was a Beta tester for Win7 Ultimate, and downloaded and installed “XP Mode” from MS when it became available.

    Since I already/still have the MS “XP Mode” file downloaded, can I simply install it under Home7, or will I still need to use this “VM Ware” solution?

  128. Karen

    This is incredible! Thanks so much! One problem though; I have a Canon LiDE 20 scanner that’s been a real workhorse for me. There’s no compatible driver for Windows 7 so I found your site. I have installed the scanner on XP and it makes its warmup sounds yet I can’t seem to access it. I click it on but the tools don’t appear? Any help greatly appreciated! I’m in the midst of making a slide show for my daughter’s wedding which will be in three weeks!

  129. GildaQ

    Is there any way to instal Quickbooks Version 5 (rather old version I’m afraid) onto Windows 7 64-bit, have tried running in various modes for compatibility, still not working. Quickbooks have advised that I will need to upgrade to the latest, Quickbooks Pro 2010. Is this my only option? Thank you.

  130. Bob

    I have been hung up on buying a new laptop with W7, since I did not want to obsolete my software. I thought of reformatting the hard drive to Windows XP/Home Edition , but that seemed a little extreme. With a little Google action, I found you guys. I’m no tech guy, but I think I can do this. If not, I’ll get my daughter’s fiancée to bail me out.

  131. Jason

    When I enter my XP Pro key, I get an error message saying my product key is invalid. Why is this? I have used this key for a different computer, one I plan to decomission (as far as XP goes) as soon as I get XP running on the VM on my w7 machine.

    Otherwise, thanks for the most excellent write up!

  132. Jason

    @Jason (myself)…I figured out the problem, maybe of help to others. I had several .ISO’s on my drive for various versions of XP Pro. My problem was using an ISO of XPP w/SP3 and I think it was a retail version…my key code is meant for an OEM version. I was not previously aware of the differences. So once I used the ISO of the OEM version, the key worked (as it should).

  133. Daniel Kaminski

    That was such a good example. I am so glad I was able to do this so easily…. made my day!

  134. Alex E

    Don’t know but il ask anyway. I did skip a lot of the text because theres lots.
    Basically i am having trouble with installing, running and uninstalling games on win7 home. To the point that startup files r going missing, and some things refuse to uninstall.

    To clear my head… Is this something like running a computer inside a computer? As in splitting my harddrive into say half xp and half windows 7.
    Meaning can i install old games and applications into xp and run them from there, while new games to run on the win7 side?
    Also is it actually like splitting the harddrive, as in if i were to go into control panel, then all programs for each ‘os’ they would only show their own segments of the hard drive respectively?

    Also can you re-partitian the size you allow for each version? for example if i split 50/50 then realise i only have 50/25, which i could change to 75/25?

  135. Andrew

    Get someone help, I have followed the instructions however when XP tries to install nothing happens. I am getting messages such as No boot filename recieved or Operating System not found.
    The XP disc is in and I have entered the product key and passed through the VM settings such as disc size & location, but thats as far as I can get??
    Can anyone please help?

  136. George Czar

    Hello –

    Nice tutorial!

    Have a Windows 7 Acer laptop because the other unit failed – older XP. A software which is used to repair heavy machinery is used and is not compatible with Windows 7. I installed the virtual machine from Microsoft and it works correctly to a point. Each time I start the virtual windows xp and then the software it asks for the product key.. the key is only good one time for one year and then you have to renew. The company has been nice enough to reissue time and time again until I can solve the matter. What happens is each time I run the software and enter the product key – all is good. Then when I exit the VM nothing is saved and another key has to be issued. Do you know if this program will save the ‘key’ when I exit the VMPlayer? or will it perform the same way as Microsoft’s version? It is frustrating that I have spent extra money for the Windows 7 Professional and then gotten the software for VM only to have this happen. Do not like having to contact the company each time I need a new product key when I need to inspect a heavy machine (ie catapillar tractor etc).


  137. WhiteWolf

    Thank you so much for this. Its working perfectly so far. Very interesting.
    One question though pls,
    How does it handle the registry? Is it like a seperate one?

  138. HP Sux

    Would this allow me to print to my HP Deskjet 1000 series printer? My Win7 64 bit OS won’t print to the HP printer and HP are asses and will not provide drivers for 64 bit system. The soultion they suggest on their support page? BUY ANOTHER PRINTER. Eff them I will NEVER buy another HP product. Period.

  139. James

    I am a former user of Microsoft’s XP mode. I found it hard to use and a resource hog–so much so that it caused my computer to overheat and shut down.
    VMplayer is superior in every way. I installed it as you described and am using Windows 2000 for legacy software flawlessly.
    VMplayer handles graphics better, takes fewer CPU cycles, integrates almost seamlessly with Win 7, finds peripherals automatically, and in general offers a far superior experience to the MS product. All this without activating hardware support for virtual machines.
    I’m grateful for this article, and even though I’m an old hand, I suspect you still have things to teach me. Thanks a lot.

  140. Rams

    Hi Matthew Guay,

    Thanks for the Very Beatuiful Article its helped me alot i’m using windows 7 Home Premium.
    Hav a Good Day…!

    Thanks alot.

  141. XRAY

    Hi guys Thanks So much…
    i was in need of win XP to run 1 program that is not compatible with win 7 (my version Is Ultimate SP1)
    then i found this article so nice then i get to it …! I downloaded the VMware Player 3.1.4 then installed my WinXPSp2 Copy Using EASYinstall and that thing works perfect (my current hardware is 2Gb of ram Intel Core2Quad Q8400 Ati HD4670 1GB Western 500Gb H.D.D ASUS P5QLpro Main board and a Samsung DVDRW… thats all :) and its Running just great or to say better than Windows Virtual PC… I Applied (1Gb of ram 1 core of my CPU and 5Gb of my H.D.D to win XP Mode and every thing Runs just great.. and 1 thing i liked a lot switching USB Flash Drives between my 7 and this Xp mode is a BUZZ only with 3 or 4 Click (if U don’t count going through menus its a 1 click job) Ok perfect THANX again…

  142. hemanshu

    great man…its working…now i am able to install programs…on windowsd xp which were not working on windows 7 earlier……….

  143. RacerMaster

    Sorry for the late responses, but here are the answers to most of your questions.

    @Alex: It’s like running a VIRTUAL computer in a PHYSICAL computer. VMware just creates a virtual hard disk. It’s not splitting the hard drive into two partitions. You can adjust the size of each virtual hard disk (for each virtual OS) On another note; I do NOT recommend running games in a VM. The VM will not be able to take full advantage of your hardware. I suggest shrinking the Windows 7 partition and creating a new Windows XP partition for gaming.

    @Gilda: If you have a legal copy of XP, you can follow the steps in the article to create a XP Mode-like virtual machine.

    @ Mugsy: You can’t use XP mode on Windows 7 Home. You will need VMware Player.

    @panos: Windows XP Mode doesn’t require a legal copy of XP, but you need Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. Home Premium will not work. If you do not have a copy of XP, the only way you can use XP Mode is if you have 7 Pro or Ultimate.

    @Faraz (and sesha and GTK): The XP installation will not format anything because it is running in a virtual machine.

  144. TomS

    I have an old HP laptop, with Windows XP Pro (preloaded) that has died. I have purchased a new Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium (preloaded). I have the XP Pro CD from my old system but how do I know what is the Key Code or Product Key? There is a Product Key on the back of my old laptop; and, there is a number on the envelope for the XP Pro Operating System CD – they are not the same number. I assume the Product Key is the one on the back of the old laptop? But, will I be able to use this number again to create a virtual mode for my Windows 7 Home Premium version?

  145. Luddyb

    Do I need to run a separate antivirus for XP when using VMware with Windows 7 home premium 64 bit? Or does the antivirus on Windows 7 protect my computer?

  146. rudy

    thanks for the wonderful post but I am fascing problem with Win-7 home basic verson.. its not detecting XP operating system when Vmware takes control

  147. subbu

    resume script failed thatswhy software does not installed.can u help how it work

  148. Big Bri

    Have a new Toshiba L655-S5155laptop. Tried to clean install of XP Media Center for my wife’s work software. Runs fine, but there is some hardware that does not have drivers that are not available like sound card, etc…

    Restored Windows 7 Home Premium, and thinking about using this method to create an “XP mode” Will sound work when using XP mode then, or still not work if there is no XP driver for this sound card?


  149. rudy

    I have dell laptop loaded with Win-7 Home Basic, I tried installing windows XP as per procedure posted above, but i am finding problem after installing VM player it is detecting Win XP installer from my CD rome, but once I am clicking finish button and VM ware takes control , a command prompt opens and it gives following error:
    can not find boot file
    can not load operating system.

    Could you please help on this.. is above mention method works on “Win-7 home Basic” as well

  150. Bob

    I have a Reinstalltion CD for Windows XP Home Edition including Service Pace 1a, that originaly came with my Dell Computer labele operating sytem, I am unable to find a product key, the only number I see on thd disk is: P/N R2490. Will this disk work with the VM installation?

  151. Louise

    well I am partially installed, but can not get any antivirus to load in XP (win 7 home is the main system I am using) since it will copy and paste from XP to win 7 it is blended.

    windows update win 7 service pack one does not want to install properly.

    perhaps I am not enough of a geek to make this work.

    how do I now uninstall it?


  152. Sandra

    Hi there, I am so excited after searching for 2 days in trying to discover a way in which to run OE6 since my system died and I just replaced it with Windows 7 64 bit …. everyone, everywhere says no can do.

    I have 6 g DDR3 Ram, 500 g hd, AMD Radeon HD 6650 M and Windows 7 64 bit Acer Aspire … everywhere, everyone says “no can do, get with the real world” Yet, so many people were searching for the same answers … thankfully I am persistent and determined and found this!

    Eureka … all installed … very easily and smoothly …. there were a few times that I had to try the same thing twice to nudge its progress, but it all appears to be there … WHEW!!!

    Also, VMware customer service – top Shelf …. very nice and helpful!! Highly recommen them too!


    must I install malware, security for the XP virtual machine?
    what about OE 6 mail settings – which will only run inside XP … do I select the file above to save it?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!


  153. Norm

    My “can’t afford” list includes New COREL, Win 7 upgrade from Home Premium or even VMWare upgrade from freebie. So, not being able to use my printers with VMWare because the usb only extends to former ps-2 [mouse, kb] (their helpdesk explained this to me), and unable to use COREL 6 on Win 7, I had first tried the SUN Virtual Box – it installed the usbs and recognized the printers, but no prints were forthcoming. VMWare is better, because I can move files between the two environments. So, needing to print from .cdr, I got the freebie FROGMORE .prn program. It just printed out 3 really stunning artworks, in seconds – just by moving the completed .prn files from VM to Win 7.

  154. bhimsu

    On Aug. 11, 2010, Strofi had the question which I have too: “I get this message when i try to install the app: The MSI ‘C\users\loga\appdata\temp\vmware\_1281538690\vmvareplayer.msi´failed… Does anybody know what this means. I can not install the app. Thanks”

    No one responded!

    Matt, no solution to this? It’s Win 7 x64, Intel H64 mboard w/onboard graphics, Samsung 2TB HD, I7-2600 3.4Ghz Intel processor, 16GB RAM.
    Hope some one has an answer.

  155. bhimsu

    Add to my message of today:

    After failing to install VMware, I tried installing VirtualBox. That failed too, and the error message was almost similar to that of VMware!

    VMware installation message:
    “Yhr zMSI ‘C:\Users\USER1~1\AppData\Local\Temp\umware_1309724330\vmware player.msi’ failed.”

    VirtualBox installation message:
    “Error 1305. Error reading from file C:\Users\USER1~1\AppData\Local\Temp\VirtualBox\VirtualBox-4.0.10-r72479-MultiArch_amd64.msi. System error 14007. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.”

    The vmsetup.—–.log shows following handle error:
    20110703141824:INFO CInstallMSIOperation::Execute: Finished installing msi [2]
    20110703141824:ERROR** CBootstrapCmd::RunOperation: Operation ‘InstallMSI’ failed!
    20110703141824:INFO wWinMain:Checking exceptions [26]
    20110703141824:INFO wWinMain:Handle error
    20110703141824:INFO HandleError: Handling error: [26] lang [1033]
    20110703141824:ERROR** HandleError: Encountered fatal error id: 26
    20110703141824:ERROR** HandleError: Message: [The MSI ‘C:\Users\USER1~1\AppData\Local\Temp\vmware_1309724219\vmware player.msi’ failed.]

    All help is appreciated in advance.

  156. Raul Jaime

    This was a very helpful page, thank you very much for showing me this! I recently bought a bit of an old but good mp3 player for my girlfriend, but did not know it was not Windows 7 compatible, so I ended up using the Unity method, and got her player running smooth :)

  157. Rob

    I think that if i had a legal copy of windows xp i would just put it back on my machine…windows 7 is nothing but problems for me, for instance, my screen resolution is stuck at 640×480, and i cant run any games, and its not even just with old games, games like portal 2 wont even run.

  158. Vigensh

    I would be doing the above said procedure. I usually keep updated installs of Xp with slipstreamed service packs, updates and drivers. Do I need to install drivers in the virtual XP machine or the Virtual Machine will use the installed Windows 7 drivers?

  159. Lion

    Hi i have a problem about unity mode, i selected unity mode and tried to open IE6 or My computer but it doesn’t appear on my win 7 desktop, when i exit unity mode, it shows me that the programs i have been trying to open appear in the VMware

    any help?

  160. jc

    hi, mathew, this is heavenly news for me. there is a program that i need to download but it only recognizes xp, vista 32 bit and win7 32 bit. so for my win7 64 machine, it appears i have two alternatives – add a virtual xp like you demonstrated or install a dual o.s. since this is way out of my comfort zone, i need some advice:

    1. which of the two alternatives is better? are they equally doable for a computer ‘idiot’ like me?
    2. your process appears not to require reformatting. so i don’t need to reinstall programs or data, right?
    3. if for some reason, i did something wrong while loading the VMWor XP, would i screw up my win7? how can i back out of the process if i decide to abort?

  161. MaryM

    Thanks so much for all this input. I too have programs that won’t work on Win7. What I don’t have is a disk for WinXP as it came installed on my old computer. Is there a way to download from the net into VM without a disk?

  162. Jason P

    Hello Matthew, My version of XP doesn’t require a product code, nor an activation step. It does it automatically. Will this present a problem when the VMware askes for a product key?

  163. sumant

    Thank you very much Mathew! I needed Windows XP on my Windows 7 machine to run a few tutorial CDs which wont run on Win 7 as it is 64 bit and the CDs required a 32 bit system.

    Thank you very much for this article. Keep up the good work.

  164. craig g smith

    I am trying to install xp pro from a cd/dvd disc on Win 7 home premium. When it tries to install, it shows up-“No operating found” using the easy install and pxe. What can I do? Thanks if anyone can help.

  165. Helper

    I had this problem before! The answer is simple: the installer is corrupted. Try re-downloading.

  166. Heidi

    @ Matthew, thanks for all the informative info. A problem to which I can’t seem to find an answer to….
    I am running a Windows XP Desktop PC and have a new basic Windows 7 Starter Notebook, but can’t seem to setup a Home Network – so that I can access my docs, etc. on the pc wirelessly via the notebook – with Windows 7 Starter! Will I be able to work around this problem when I install a Virtual Windows XP on the notebook? I am looking forward to your answer. Thanks and kind regards.

  167. Mark

    Awesome article. There are very few sites on the internet that has such detailed step by step instructions complete with pics in each and every article. This is why I love this site and will continue to visit. Once again a big thanks to you taking the pain to write it article.

  168. Sandra

    Hey there, you made my life so much easier with VMware Player and running OE6 on it!!!

    Problem …. had a defective laptop (after my old hard drive crashed!) backed up everything on an external drive … reinstalled VMware Player on the 2nd new laptop then dropped the VMware folder into it.

    EXCEPT the system TOLD Me I didn’t hav permission to access it! I moved it around a few times, but now it’s really screwed up.

    So I opened VMware Player on the c drive and then accessed my files from the E drive- external … voila everything iis there and functioning!

    But, I need to move the folders over to the C drive …. what is the correct procedure? I tried VMware community but for some strange reason c/n log in after I registered – it is a free d/l so there is no support.

    Thank you in advance fr your advice!

  169. Brian

    Help please – it’s failed for me.

    I installed VMware Player and XP successfully but then completely messed it up by trying to install a firewall. The firewall installation failed. Now VMware Player starts but XP won’t start. It locks up and remains on the startup screen for ever with the progress bar one third of the way across.

    I thought that the firewall under Win7 was probably not in operation in the virtual machine so I started to install a firewall. I can’t remember which one but it was one of the usual free ones. During the installation, it locked up. Eventually I tried to restart XP. Ever since then, XP has not been able to start.

    I need to either reinstall XP or maybe delete the virtual machine and reinstall that.

    Please can someone advise the best action and how I go about it. I’m well out of my depth here.

    Many thanks.


  170. Rawdon

    I installed VMWPlayer in Win7 Starter, which seemed to go OK, then WinXP SP2. The latter seemed to go in OK but eventually hung saying it couldn’t find a temp. file. I aborted and uninstalled VMWP, but it has left me with a reduction of about 12GB in free space on C:\. Win 7 partition mgt. does not see this virtual part’n but still shows the full size of C:\
    Can anyone advise me on how to recover this lost space?

  171. Rawdon

    I’m pleased to say I’ve solved this myself. In case it helps others:-
    When VMWP is uninstalled, it leaves behind its “data” – in this case the “guest OS” Win XP – just like uninstalling MSOffice would leave behind your DOCs, etc. However, with VMWP, you can no longer see the files left behind. So the fix is to re-install VMWP, which enables you to see the Win XP directory from the VMWP console. Win XP can then be deleted just like deleting any other directory. That done, uninstall VMWP again and you’re all sorted.
    Incidentally, the lost space on my PC was actually only about 6GB, not the 12GB I first thought, and this corresponded to the size of the Win XP installation.

  172. Joepc

    Thankyou very very very much, my webcam works excillent with this software

  173. Jeff

    During setup it says:
    Setup was unable to format the partition. The disk may be damaged.
    Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. If the disk is a SCSI disk, make sure your SCSI devices are properly terminated. Consult your computer manual or SCSI adapter cocumentation for more information.
    You must select a different partition for Windows XP.
    To continue, press ENTER.

    I press enter and it comes up:
    40958 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on vmscsi (MBR)
    C: Partition1 (NTFS) 40957 MB (40019 MB free)

    Options are Enter=install, D-delete partition F3-Quit

    All I really want to do is run an OLD version of Quickbooks on this new Windows 7 Home Premium edition computer.
    I will look for an email response soon……I HOPE!?!?!?!

  174. James

    I do have a couple of older OS systems like Windows 2000 and Windows ME (even though these are now obsolete). If I was to use VMPlayer could i install these old systems onto my computer that is running Windows 7 Home Premium x64bit?

  175. cycy liu

    cant install vmwaqre player 0n win7 x64

  176. karl

    installed on acer 5560g
    had to unistall amd usb controller through ati catalyst /isntall programs/ati catalyst control/custom/amd usb
    vmware was looking for an ide dvd, this system is sata cdrom. vmware only had options for ide/scsi.
    used a usb cddrive and retried from step 1 and it worked as shown.
    very happy

  177. Sissy

    Y’all might think this silly, but can I use similar instructions to the above to create a virtual version of Windows 95? I have some great academic programs which I’d like to pass on to my little brother — but they are so old that they don’t work even in XP.


  178. Christine

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    I recently got a new laptop running Windows 7 and was absolutely heartbroken when it refused to run Best of Windows Entertainment Pack. Now I can carry on playing Chip’s Challenge thanks to this very informative article and WMware Player!

  179. Moses

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful tutorial. I don’t know if you have tried to install Linux or Solaris X86 on top of windows 7 using VMware player. I followed the example you gave above and also read the documentation of how to install Linux or Solaris but was unable to complete the installation sucessfully. Windows 7 and windows XP worked perfectly. Do you have any link l can look into for help for Linux or Solaris?

    Thanks for your help.

  180. Molaker

    I have a valid copy of XP Pro. It was installed and operating on my computer. I then installed Win 7 Home Premium UPGRADE version over it. Will I be able to re-install that same copy of XP within VMware and not run into an activation problem or will Microsoft consider it as already installed?

    Another question – on a different computer. I have XP Pro installed. Can I install Win 2000 in VMware so I can run some old games that won’t run well in XP? For that matter, could I create a 2nd virtual drive in VMware on my Win 7 machine and install Win 2000?

  181. zehra

    i have ho i5 and window 7 home premium will vm player help me to install the softwares like wamp and visual c in xp mode and these software will work properly plz reply ?

  182. zehra

    i have hp i5 and window 7 home premium will vm player help me to install the softwares like wamp and visual c in xp mode and these software will work properly plz reply ?

  183. tyguy

    I have a weird problem. Win 7 home premium (64 bit) and a legal copy of XP. Does not accept product key??

  184. tiger

    Only a big T H A N K S !!!!

  185. aniket

    Is the above described process apllicable for a laptop? My laptop has 2nd gen core-i3 and windows 7 home premium. Am i able to install Ubuntu Linux virtually using Vmware player in my laptop? Plz reply

  186. theluvumake

    I still have my Application and Driver Recovery-DVD and Operating System- CD xp home edition sp2 that came with my hp ze2000 notebook. They don’t have a key-# on them. So do I use the key # from the bottom of this notebook as the key to install xp in VMplayer? Do I only need to use the operating system cd or the dvd as well? This notebook no longer works so I would like to have xp on my W7, 32,64 bit notbook that I use now.

    I don’t want to try this untill I have all my ducks lined up. I appreciate any help anyone would offer me. Thanks!

  187. Suns

    VMware does have a reduced performance effect on games, and some obscure and very rare driver conflicts may arise in the XP environment due to the VMware implementation, but other than that it should work great. Probably better than Microsof’t’s solution :-)

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