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Fix Windows Update Errors by Letting ActiveX Traffic Through

When Windows Updates fail, the error codes returned are designed to make it easier to fix connectivity problems, but are often times useless. Here we’ll show how to fix connectivity problems by allowing ActiveX traffic through your router.

Fixing Windows Update Errors

The help files for errors like code 8024402F are of little help even when you click the link to “Get help with this error”. The real problem may be because you’re filtering ActiveX traffic.


Even if you’ve disabled Internet Explorer 8, Windows Update needs some of the Internet Explorer 8 components to work – specifically ActiveX. Fortunately, even if you’ve disabled IE8, you can use Windows Update, as long as ActiveX traffic can reach your computer.

ActiveX can be filtered in a number of firewall solutions, both software and hardware. One of the more common solutions that can filter ActiveX easily is the open source router firmware DD-WRT. We’ll show you how to disable ActiveX filtering in DD-WRT – if you’re using some other firewall solution, refer to its documentation to disable ActiveX filtering, or leave a comment on this post and we’ll try to pinpoint how to disable it.

To disable ActiveX filtering on a router using DD-WRT, navigate to your router’s IP address in a web browser.

If you’re not sure what your router’s IP address is, open a command prompt by pressing Win+R and typing in “cmd”.


In the command prompt, type in “ipconfig” and hit enter.


The IP address listed under “Default Gateway” should be your router’s. Enter it in the URL bar of your preferred web browser.


Click on the “Security” tab, and look for a checkbox labelled “Filter ActiveX.” Uncheck the box.


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Apply Settings” button.


You can close your web browser now, and try Windows Update again.


Success! Again each router is different and the process of allowing traffic through varies. Leave a comment and let us know how you allow ActiveX traffic through on your router.

Trevor is our resident Linux geek, but always keeps his eyes open for neat Windows tricks too.

  • Published 02/18/10

Comments (18)

  1. Alec S.

    Sadly the older D-Link’s are not supported, so I can’t use DD-WRT, therefore I would have to find out what port/protocol is being used by the WU AX component and make a firewall rule for it.

  2. Arw

    How to set up Active X for Updates with Firefox and no router?
    Thank you for you great site!

  3. akash

    I’d warn readers against doing this if you are connected to your router through a wireless connection because most routers, when you change settings, will perform a mini reboot and so your connection will be cut but the router will still think there is a user accessing the admin panel through a browser and so you won’t be able to change any other settings in the future, unless you hard-reset the router.

    Solution: Only change router settings when connected via an ethernet cable.

  4. Trevor Bekolay


    Interesting; I’ve done all my router fiddling connected via an ethernet cable so I wasn’t aware that this problem existed. Good to know!

  5. John

    This isn’t an ActiveiX problem, it’s to do with Windows Firewall. Turning it off just for updates then turning it back on when finished is how it’s done.

  6. John Vieira-McEldowney

    How is ActiveX network traffic any different than any other kind of network traffic? That makes no sense to me. Some years ago I wrote an ActiveX control that establishes a network connection to a third party. As far as I know there was nothing to identify the connection as being to/from an ActiveX control. Can someone explain?

  7. Trevor Bekolay


    The first screenshot, I got Windows Update error 8024402F with Windows Firewall off; the only difference between my network setup in the first and final screenshots is the ActiveX filtering checkbox in DD-WRT. There are situations where disabling Windows firewall will help, but you would still have to turn off ActiveX filtering.

    @John Vieira-McEldowney

    I don’t know enough about ActiveX to fully answer your question, I’m afraid. A page about DD-WRT notes that it does ActiveX filtering by “rewriting HTML content to filter ActiveX cookies.” I’m not sure if that illuminates the situation or makes it even more confusing, but there you go.

  8. Abhishek

    The problem you are talking about isn’t really an issue. I always change my router settings while being wirelessly connected. My router always reboots after I change settings and it takes the router settings page starts working again as before. You may try it. I have tried it with many other routers.

  9. akash


    I have had the above mentioned problem with two routers (both netgear). However, it may be my configuration… I have implemented a mac address filter on the routers and I’ve also implemented dynamic IP assignment.

    It could be that static IP assignment could fix the problem as well as just using an ethernet cable.

  10. chintu

    hey my router is passswrd protctd, pls any one help me…………..

  11. Trevor Bekolay


    It really depends on your particular router. Check the documentation that came with it for the default username / password — if that doesn’t work, then some routers have the ability to reset to factory defaults so that you can use the password, though if you do that you’ll lose any modifications you made.

  12. srini

    hello buddy my default is like this what is this pls help me

  13. Trevor Bekolay


    A bit of googling reveals that the problem of a gateway is due to the Bonjour service included in some Adobe products. Here are some links that might help you solve your problem:
    MS Support
    Forum thread
    Blog post

    Hope one of those links proves helpful!

  14. Marlene

    I dont have the routers it is listed i have different router it is netgear how can i find my ip number so i can fix the problem windows update.

  15. donna

    I was doing the steps but, once i got to the third step the website was not found

  16. Barry

    Trying to get ActiveX working through a Zyxel USG100 firewall. I have a few IP cameras behind the firewall, in the DMZ. I opened up for 8001 TCP\UDP and the firewall seems to allow the ports and forward them. However, When I connect through a browser to view the video steams, the screen stays blank and I get the message at the bottom of the screen “Applet CaptureScreen Start”. Any suggestions? THX in advance.

  17. updatemeMS!!

    just found out MS important updates dont include an important update…wonderful huh!

    those of you using win 7 64bit home premium might want to check KB947821 is installed,, i had to manually track the fekker down!,, shows as important update in update history but in MS infinite wisdom doesnt install if you chose to only install important updates….

  18. mahmoud

    Mr. trevor I have different kind of router [ tp-link 8816 ] . Requesting help

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