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Run XP Mode on Windows 7 Machines Without Hardware Virtualization

One of the neatest new features in Windows 7 Professional and above is XP Mode, but not all machines are capable of running it. Today we show you how to use VMware to run XP Mode on machines without Hardware Virtualization.

How does this work?

Even if your computer doesn’t have hardware virtualization, you can still install XP Mode but just cannot run it as you can’t run Virtual PC.  Enter VMware Player.  This free program lets you create and run virtual machines, whether or not you have hardware virtualization.  And, it can directly import XP Mode so you can use that copy of XP for free.  A couple features are different, but it’s still a great replacement since you otherwise couldn’t use it at all.

Note: XP Mode does not work on Home Versions of Windows 7 and you’ll need VMware Player 3.0

Getting Started

First, download and install XP Mode (link below).  There is no need to download Virtual PC if your computer cannot run it, so just download the XP Mode from the link on the left.


Install XP mode; just follow the default prompts as usual.


Now, download and install VMware player.  The download is free, but requires registration.


You may see some prompts about installing drivers; simply approve them.  We didn’t see them on our latest test, but have in the past.  When you are finished installing VMware Player, you will have to restart your computer.


Add XP Mode to VMware Player

Now that your computer is rebooted, run VMware Player.  We can import XP Mode by clicking File, then click “Import Windows XP Mode VM.”


VMware Player will simply start importing your XP Mode.  Converting XP mode to VMware format may take a couple minutes depending on your hardware, so just be patient.


When this is done, you should see a new virtual machine in VMware Player called XP Mode!  Click “Play Virtual Machine” to run XP Mode.


XP will run through it’s first-run setup process.


While it is loading, you may be prompted to install or update VMware Tools.  This is required to integrate XP Mode into your computer, so click Update Tools or Install Tools depending on you situation.


The tools will automatically download and install, though you may have to approve an UAC prompt.


Now you can proceed with your XP setup.  Accept the license agreement,


Choose your locale and keyboard settings


Enter a name for the virtual machine and an administrative password


And enter the correct date, time, and timezone.  It usually gets the correct time and date from your computer itself, but the time zone is often incorrect.


XP will now finalize your changes, and then reboot.


When XP Mode restarts, choose your settings for updates.


Windows may ask to search for drivers.  Simply press cancel, as VMware Tools will contain everything we need.


After a short delay, you should see your XP desktop in VMware Player!


There’s one last thing that needs to be installed – VMware Tools.  This should automatically open in XP Mode; if not, click Start, then My Computer, and finally double-click on the CD drive which should say VMware Tools.


Now, simply run the Tools installer with the Typical setup type, and reboot the XP Mode when it’s finished.


Now VMWare is setup and we’re ready to start integrating it with Windows 7.


Integrate XP Mode in VMware Player with Windows 7 

The real advantage of the default XP Mode in Windows 7 is that the XP programs are fully integrated with their Windows 7 counterparts.  You can run them seamlessly with other programs, copy between them, and even open and save files to the same folders.

Let’s set this up in VMware.  Copy and paste from Windows 7 to XP Mode in VMware is activated by default.  To use your XP programs seamlessly with Windows 7, click VM on the top of the VMware window, and click “Enter Unity.”


You can easily access any program or file in XP mode through a dedicated XP Mode Start Menu.  When you hover over your Windows 7 Start button, a new button called “Windows XP Mode” will above it.  Click there to access a full start menu from XP Mode right in Windows 7.


Here is an IE 6 window from XP running side-by-side with IE 8 in Windows 7, thanks to VMware Player!


By default, the virtualized windows will have a border and the VMware logo on their edge.


To remove this logo, click VM in the VMware player window, then settings.  Click on the Options tab, and choose Unity on the left.  Now uncheck the boxes that say “Show borders” and “Show badges.”


Without having the VMWare borders and badges give everything a more authentic XP Mode look and feel.


You can even use removable devices, such as flash drives, in XP Mode in VMware Player.  Whenever you connect a new device to your computer, VMware will remind you that you can add it to XP Mode.


Simply click VM, then Removable Devices.  Select your device name, and click Connect.


Save Files in XP Mode to My Documents in Windows 7

By default, files created in XP Mode in VMware Player will be saved inside the virtual machine.  It’s more convenient if they’re saved directly to the My Documents folder in Windows 7, so let’s change this.  Click VM, then Settings.  Click the Options tab, and then choose Shared Folders on the left.  Now click the bullet for “Always enabled” and check the box for “Map as a network drive in Windows guests.”


Now click Add at the bottom of that window.  This will let us add a shared folder.


Let’s add the My Documents folder from Windows 7.  Click Browse, and then select your My Documents folder.  Click Ok, and then click Next.


Make sure the box is checked that says “Enable this share” and then click Finish.  You can now close the settings window as well.


Back in XP Mode, click Start, then right click on My Documents, and select Properties.


Click Move to find the new My Documents folder.


Find the folder we just shared from Windows 7 by clicking My Computer, then the drive that says “Shared Folders on ‘vmware-host’” or something similar.  Now select the folder we shared, Documents, and click Ok.


Click Ok in the main properties window.  It may offer to copy the files from your old My Documents folder to the new one; choose Yes to make sure you have all of your documents in Windows 7.


Now, whenever you go to save a file in XP Mode, it will automatically save in your My Documents folder on Windows 7.  You can repeat the same process for any folder you wish, such as your My Pictures and My Music folders.


That’s all … now you have your full XP Mode running on your computer without hardware virtualization.  Almost all the same features are there; the only thing you’re missing is the Start Menu integration, but VMware’s menu is the next best thing. In our tests using VMware worked as good or better as actual XP Mode on a machine that supports hardware virtualization. If you’re frustrated that the Windows 7 machine(s) you have don’t support XP Mode, using our VMware method works, and allows you to use it on whatever machine you want.

You might also want to check out our look at XP Mode in Windows 7 if your machine is capable of running it. To find out if your machine can run XP Mode the best tool we have used is Securable which is linked below.


Download Windows XP Mode

Download VMware Player 3

Download Securable to Test if your Machine Can Run XP Mode.

Matthew digs up tasty bytes about Windows, Virtualization, and the cloud, and serves them up for all to enjoy!

  • Published 02/17/10

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  1. jake

    Once again dude, you have outdone yourself. Thank you!!

  2. Matthew Guay

    Well, thanks jake! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. David Levine

    Awesome article! These are the types of things I really enjoy reading about. Keep up the great work!

  4. Jeff

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for this article. I wanted to run XP mode when I first got Windows 7 but I couldn’t because my machine wasn’t capable of running it. Your article really helped me out. I have a slight problem though. When I’m trying to set-up my files to save to My Documents in Windows 7, the drive Shared Folders on ‘vmware-host’ does not show up when I try to pick a destination. I followed the steps that was outline in your process. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for the great article.

  5. Steve

    I really want this to work, but my vmware doesn’t have the import xp mode option.

  6. Toma

    This should work for Vista as well!!

  7. bubs353

    Thank you so much..

  8. Rock

    “Note: XP Mode does not work on Home Versions of Windows 7 and you’ll need VMware Player 3.0”

    So… Does this mean Windows 7 Home Version will work with VMware Player or does it mean Windows 7 Home Version is sore out of luck?

  9. calebstein

    Now I’m mad, I just got my new laptop replaced so that I could get hardware assisted virtualization to run xp mode.

  10. oneshot719

    lots of detail, very nice.

  11. harryman22

    Very nice article.

    Is it possible with this setup to make copies of the virtual machine and alternate running each at separate times (or perhaps run them at the same time)? Would it just be following the VMWare docs for copying a virtual machine?

  12. Rex

    I just went through this at work as we have a legacy application using .Net framework. A very unfriendly app however it requires my logn to be active with Active Directory services. This restricts some policies and I found when switching over to AD it locked up my XP session. Dis/Enabling the integration features seemed to help with this, and allowed me to again login using the local account (which I was even locked out of for a while) but I ended up installing a clean XP (not the downloaded one) to actually make it work properly and as I needed under my work environment.
    After all that it runs great, it works, and this clunky old and bloated app runs well in the XP window.

  13. zip

    I am amazed by you efforts but, after mapping the documents folder there is no option to map the pictures, music etc folders. There is no target page available within properties.

  14. Matthew Guay

    @Rex A quick search on VMware forums turns up several results for people having trouble with Active Directory and Unity mode. So it works fine if XP is in the VMware window, right? Sorry for the trouble, and maybe VMware will get this fixed in an update!

  15. Matthew Guay

    @Rock @Steve VMware Player will work fine on Windows 7 Home Premium, but not XP Mode. You’re free to use VMware player with your own OS disk, though. This is likely why you’re not seeing the Import XP Mode option, @Steve.

  16. Matthew Guay

    @zip In XP, the My Pictures and My Music folders are contained in the My Documents folder by default. What I would do is:

    1) Share your My Pictures and My Music folders from Windows 7 with VMware
    2) Either put a link to these folders in your My Documents folder, or instal Tweak UI and change the location of the Pictures and Music folders

    Hope this helps!

  17. Chronno

    After a few hours of trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that this trick will only work as a workaround to the Hardware Virtualization problem. I can only get this to work with my Windows 7 Ultimate install. Even after a conversion on that PC, a copy to my Windows 7 Home Premium will not run. Microsoft must have put a lot of checks into that to make damn sure it won’t get installed on anything they don’t want it installed on.

    This is a good workaround for processors without Hardware Virtualization (and I know I’m going to need it latter), but this will only work for Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise.

  18. Deepak

    this is amazing info+tutorial..thanks a lot for the wonderful efforts..

  19. GigiTek

    Is there a way of using VirtualBox instead of VMware ?

  20. Andy


    It’ll work with Windows 7 Professional

    XP Mode is considered a business feature (in the same way as being able to join a domain) so you don’t get it for Home Premium

  21. jonrichco

    Article looks fine, but what is the point? Why would anyone running 7 or Vista have any interest in working in XP mode? I am sure there is a reason, I just don’t get it.

  22. Matthew Guay

    @jonrichco There are a couple reasons someone would want to run XP Mode:
    – to run an older program that’s incompatible with Windows 7
    – to use an older device (ie. a scanner) that doesn’t have 7 drivers
    – to test websites in older browsers such as IE6
    – to test programs you’re unsure about – run them virtualized, and then install them fully in 7 if you like it

    That’s the reasons I can think of; for me, #3 and #4 are what I use it for. And then, there’s the geeky factor, too – some of us find it neat to run multiple operating systems at the same time!

  23. Joe Suchy


    This article was very well written and very helpful. I was REALLY disappointed when I found that a newly purchased quad core machine didn’t support hardware virtualization! Your article has tempered my frustration a little bit. I was really surprised how well the “unity mode” works. Great job!

  24. Das

    What music player do you use under Win7?

  25. Matthew Guay

    @Das I use the Zune Sotfware for PC, which works great as a standalone music player even if you don’t have a Zune device. I really like it – check it out at

  26. Dan Hughes


    Can you tell me what version of Windows and what build number of VMware Player you’re using?

    “Import Windows XP Mode VM” does not appear in my File menu, or anywhere else =(

    I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and WMware Player 3.0.0 build-203739

    Thanks for your help man.

  27. Mike

    Awesome tutorial! works great!

  28. Matthew Guay

    @Dan I’m using Windows 7 Professional x64 and VMware Player 3.0.0 build-203739, so we’re essentially the same. Have you installed XP Mode? I would assume that may be the problem.

  29. motang

    Very good tip, I do something similar to this on my Ubuntu machines with VirtualBox.

  30. JanR

    Excellent! Thank you for this HOWTO. It works flawlessly.

  31. Jim

    I had a laptop’s motherboard die, so instead of fixing it, I just got a new Win7 laptop. Can I use this to run my old laptop’s XP Pro drive as a virtual machine inside VMware Player? If so, how would I connect the drive?

    Thx, Jim

  32. Flake

    How to activate it? The serial number from KEY.txt doesn’t work.

  33. noneyo

    Is this the same as installing software such as drivers in xp mode by selecting troubleshoot compatibility from drop down menu after right clicking? Cause this works on any old machine that doesn’t have hardware virtualization, so that’s not the same thing as running the full blown “XP MODE” you are referring to right?

  34. james tsuma

    unable to use unity mode:
    authorization service is not running
    error 1067 when i try to run it manually

  35. james tsuma

    windows 7 ultimate

  36. Energokinetic

    @Matthew Guay :

    Since i installed VMware, whenever my laptop finish loading, instead of bringing me straight into windows it shows my user account and i must click the icon in order to use windows. Is there a way to fix this? (Please excuse my English)

  37. SDreamer

    Gotta say, this is one helpful article. A VirtualBox tutorial would be very great as well, but this really hits the spot, now my old scanner works once again.

  38. noneofit

    thats totally awesome and it works great!
    – to test websites in older browsers such as IE6
    – to test programs you’re unsure about – run them virtualized, and then install them fully in 7 if you like it thats exaclty the point !!! Thank you!

    one question: is it possible to put the vm into autostart, so win7 starts up with xp mode enabled ??!

    i´d love to have that running !

    Greetings. none.

  39. damian

    Great JOB!
    How can I set a automatic re-run XPMODE after reboot Windows 7.
    After reboot Windows 7 I must start virtual machine and enter unity for each rebooting activity.



  40. Alex

    This is a very nice article. I wonder if there is a way to create a shortcut to an application on the Windows 7 Desktop, to run the application in XP MODE directly. Is there a way to get this to work? Thanks

  41. Matthew Guay

    I don’t believe there is a way to automatically run Windows XP in VMware Player. You could have VMware Player autostart when you start Windows, but I don’t think you can have a specific application in a specific virtual machine start automatically. This is one disadvantage of using VMware Player versus using XP Mode in Virtual PC.

  42. Tom

    This is a superb tutorial! Many thanks for walking us through this w/ such care and detail.

    One question: if someone has a computer that *is* capable of hardware virtualization, would it in your view be better to use the VMware Player route that you describe anyway, instead of the Microsoft option? Are there additional features and benefits from the method you describe that we’d not get from MS?

    Tthanks again,

  43. Marfa

    I have an error while importing XP mode… How can I fix it?

    Windows 7 x64 Enterprise

    Or can someone upload converted xp mode, pls

  44. Hutch

    I got this to work, thanks!

    Cool trick: put a shortcut on the desktop to the “XP Mode.vmx” file, and you can start up VMWare straight into your XP VM. I suppose you could put this in your startup folder, too.

    Also, to answer the question about configuring your VM to go straight into being logged in, you have to…
    1) set XP to NOT require ctrl-alt-del to log in
    2) create only one user account, with no password
    3) leave that one account as an administrator

    Personally, I don’t want to run as an admin all the time (even in my little VM), so I created one admin account with a password, and one non-admin account without one. I just click on the non-admin, and it continues to the XP desktop. I wait a minute or so, and then I can enter “unity” mode.

  45. Paul S

    I have Win7 Home Premium 64 bit installed on a new HP unit I just got. I was under the impression that by using VMWare Player 3.0 it would allow you to use XP Mode even if your Win 7 OS was only the Home Premium version. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

    Your note at the top and other wording seems to indicate, at least in my wishful thinking, that VMWare Player is the “missing link” that makes XP Mode work where it normally does not.

    “Note: XP Mode does not work on Home Versions of Windows 7 and you’ll need VMware Player 3.0”

    I installed XP Mode and VMWare player 3.0, but never had the import link and “enter unity” always fails with a statement that the display could not be changed on the guest OS. Also, the VMWare Tools service shows as not running in the WinXP task bar.

    Looks like a good workaround, but unfortunately I can’t seem to get it lined out.

  46. Paul S

    Well, I went ahead and upgraded to Ultimate Win7 64 bit and everything works that did not before. The VMWare menu now allows the import of XP Mode and the “enter unity” function works nicely.

    I’m just wondering now that I’ve upgraded if it will be better to use Virtual PC? What are the pros/cons of using VMWare Player or Virtual PC if you can run it?

    Thanks for the article and information!


  47. Derek

    VMware Player 3.01 installed on windows7 Enterprise, when trying to update the tools I get the message “update server could not be found, check your internet settings”. I am behind a proxy, but I have set the appropriate settings in he host and am able to surf the internet from it. Any idea’s, until I get the tools updated I am not able to use unity.

  48. Donald Beaton

    I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

    I installed VMware, following the excellent instructions in your article “Run XP Mode on Windows 7 Machines Without Hardware Virtualization”. My XP-compatible software installs and runs perfectly. (I haven’t tested old scanners yet).

    I use Norton Internet Security 2010 (NIS) on my Win7 PC (the PC where I’ve installed VMware). Will it provide sufficient antivirus/firewall protection for my virtual PC? Or should I also install NIS on my VMware virtual PC? Or should I install a different brand of AV and firewall software on the virtual PC?

  49. Matthew Guay

    @Donald Beaton – You still need an antivirus solution in your XP Mode, especially if you will be using the internet from XP Mode (e.g. on IE6 in XP Mode or thorough another program you install in it). You could check your Norton documentation to see if it allows you to install it on two computers, but my suggestion would be to run a free, lightweight antivirus solution in XP Mode. My favorite is Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free and very lightweight, but still provides excellent security. Download it at

  50. Shawn

    Currently, I have a Windows Vista install since my Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector’s drivers don’t support x64 versions of Windows.

    Would using this approach work so I could remove the Vista install and just boot up the virtual machine whenever I need to use it? I would have to install it from the XP end since Windows 7 x64 can’t install it.

  51. Matthew Guay

    @Shawn – I believe this should work, but can’t gurantee it as I’ve never used one before. However, you can definately use USB devices in XP Mode even if they don’t have drivers for Windows 7. This would sound like it would work to me, but you’d have to try it out. If you have a copy of XP right now, you could try installing it yourself in a virtual machine in Vista to see if it works. If it works there, then it’ll work great in Win7 too!

  52. Edwin Jesus Vargas Gonzales

    Hi, i’m sorry but my english is bad, in my VMWare Player is not “Import Windows XP Mode VM”. Help me please.

  53. Marfa
  54. Bob

    Thanks, I followed your instructions but when I attempt to download windows xp mode file,microsoft says my laptop is not compatible and that I need windows 7 pro or enterprise? I thought at the top of the article it said install xp mode even if your computer doesnot contain virtualization hardware? Does this mean you must be running pro or enterprise premium regardless of hardware?

  55. saper1972

    How to get access to a printer installed in xp mode in the host system, Windows 7 ?

  56. Matthew Guay

    @PaulS @Bob – No, this trick only lets you use XP Mode in VMware Player so it can run without hardware virtualization. You still have to have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate to run XP Mode, however.

  57. ash

    hey there. cud u pls tell me which version of xp mode in link should i download if i run “vista home basic”? i can’t get either of them…. and there’s only versions for windows 7… nothing about vista :(((

  58. Matthew Guay

    @ash – Sorry, this download is only for those running Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate. If you have a copy of XP, though, you can make your own XP Mode by following the directions at

  59. ash

    this is awesome!!!))) a lil bit unbelieveble it is possible)))) thx matthew!)

    p.s. is it possible to remove the OS from VMware?

  60. Michel

    If you are running Windows Vista or Windows XP on your physical machine, you can still use Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to run multiple operating systems at the same time on the same physical computer. Switch between virtual machines with the click of a button. Use virtual machines to run legacy applications, provide support, train users, and enhance quality assurance.

    Virtual PC 2007 requires a 400 MHz Pentium-compatible processor (1.0 GHz or faster recommended), and requires approximately 35 MB of disk space. It runs on Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) (Enterprise, Business, Ultimate), and Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3).

    Also you have now a equivalent to VMPlayer Compare some of the many features of Virtual PC 2007 to Windows Virtual PC

    The link for Windows Virtual PC is that one:

    Hope this will help altough VMPlayer is very nice but you still need Pro or above in Win 7 or business and above in Vista or even will work with XP if you have Pro and above as the Guest OS that will support your Virtual OS.

  61. Joshua

    just wanted to let everyone know that they took the hardware virtualization requirement out of WinXP mode so you can just follow the instuctions on the Microsoft site

  62. Matthew Guay

    @Joshua – Thanks for mentioning this, and we actually covered this new update too at

  63. TacoTech

    This is a great concept and helps to not have to buy a new machine to get virtualization, however this says you need to load the VM-XP Mode file first, then the Windows Virtual PC file. First the links do not work to get the files, the other problem is I noticed is that the article does not say when to incorporate the Windows Virtual PC file. The other thing is it never says you have to use your own licensed copy of XP. Does the XP Mode file come with XP? When do you install the Windows Virtual PC file? And can you tell me if you need your own licensed copy of XP and at which point you use it? Thanks

  64. bryan

    I am confused. With VM Player installed on windows 7 home premium can I download and run the windows xp mode. (without a window xp install disk) The article implies that this is the case, but statements by others seems to indicate, it cannot be done. Give a clear statement on this please.
    By the way, I have 7 home premium installed and somehow managed to get xp mode working. I dont know how I actually did it. The problem is that it will not authenticate the xp mode, and I have to remove it. All confusing to me, and I would appreciate a clear statement on this.

  65. Matthew Guay

    @Bryan – Ok, so the thing is, XP Mode is only licensed for Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. It is possible to install XP mode on other editions of Windows 7, but it may not activate as it is not licensed to run on other editions. If you do want to run XP Mode in 7 Home Premium, and you own a clean copy of XP, then you can follow these directions to create your own XP Mode for any edition of Windows Vista or 7 –

  66. phil

    I tried to download the run XP on windows 7, But the links do not open.
    what am I doing wrong

  67. Colin

    I have a few oder programs that require 3D and I’ve read that 3D will not work in XP mode, will 3D work with this method or can it be made to work?

  68. Ellie

    Well you guys are GREAT! This worked quickly and painlessly for me. I have a NEW HP with WIN7 HOME. I had already purchased a clean copy of xp Home on ebay for 15.50, with every intention of getting rid of WIN7. Thanks to you now I installed VMPlayer. Then XP Home. Wallah. A couple tweeks on the VM Player setting to get UNITY and be able to manipulate my files and recognize my CD. Loaded my programs into it last night and I can see my photoshop icons AGAIN (thru the xp mode of course) So from here on out, it’s manipulate folders on xp mode, and visit the internet on WIN7.

    I Can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am 1st that my blood pressure is lowering and 2nd that my husband can stand to be in the same room with me when I’m on the computer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and God Bless you for thinking of others and for GREAT Documentation.

  69. Edin K

    so i have 2 computers… one is Win7 Ultimate, and one is win7 premium..

    I downloaded XP mode on the first one and installed it fine and everything.. then i redownloaded it a second time (it passed validation on website, and it made a keyfile in the folder. i then copied the windows xp mode to premium pc. installed it. looked at the key file, and used that key to install XP MODE on home premium pc.. and whala.. 2 xp modes and only 1 valid license.

  70. Miguel

    i don’t have the import mode option and i have Windows 7 Ultimate and XP mode installed

  71. Rex

    Well you purchased the latest thing then desire to downgrade it to make it more friendly….Why couldn’t we have just stayed with the friendly one instead?

  72. Mostafa

    Download and install Microsoft Virtual PC. VMware asks for personal information and if you do not provide them with detail personal information you cannot download VMware. This is an advertising scheme to get your personal information.

  73. Asghar Ali

    Is anyone kind enough to tell me?

    I am windows 7 Home Premium User (64 Bit Operating System)

    I downloaded Vmware Player & Installed Windows XP.
    It worked fine for a couple or more hours however after the re-start it never worked fine.
    My Desktop would load but freeze, same applied with other a/c as well.
    I finally had to do a fresh installation.

    Why did this happen? I want to re-install the Vmware Player with XP.

    Please advise.

  74. eezi

    Great turn around. Great Article. Very kind of you to share the knowledge. HAving done all that, can I now uninstall the XP Mode from Win 7? If yes, that could save my c: space. Thanks.

  75. eezi

    Hi Matt! I have another query. I have installed some applications in my XP mode in Win 7 do I have to reinstall them in XP in VM Player? Thanks.

  76. Matthew Guay

    @eezi – Technically, once you’ve imported XP Mode into XMware Player, you could uninstall it to free up space. However, if you still want to use the normal XP mode alongside VMware Player, then you’ll want to keep both installed. Also, if you keep the original XP Mode installed, you can always delete your VMware version and re-import it if you want a clean OS.

    As for applications, yes, you will have to reinstall them in XP Mode under VMware Player. Basically you have a base, clean-install of XP, and both Virtual PC and VMware Player run from this. So programs you install in XP Mode will not be moved over to VMware Player during the import; it’s importing XP Mode from the base, clean-install of XP.

    Hope this helps!

  77. eezi

    To keep both would mean I’m doubling the space usage right?

  78. Matthew Guay

    @eezi – Yes, unfortunately, you’re right about that. Isn’t it a law of computing that we’ll always find a way to use up all of our hard drives ;)

  79. eezi

    Great. Thanks bro. I think I know what to do. Keep up with the excellent work.

  80. Matthew Guay

    Good … glad to be of assistance :)

  81. eezi

    Hi Matt,

    I think you were wrong about this

    “@eezi – Technically, once you’ve imported XP Mode into XMware Player, you could uninstall it to free up space…..”

    because I got this error after uninstalling XP Mode from Win 7 and started VMware Player.

    “File Not Found: Windows XP Mode base.vhd”

    Did I do it wrongly and you have other way of doing it?

  82. Matthew Guay

    You know what … I was wrong. Sorry! I just tried it out myself, and received the same error message. I was just assuming before, as the VMware virtual hard disk’s file size made me think it’d imported all of the XP Mode into it. I should have checked first … sorry. But, If you reinstall XP Mode, it should be fine again … you shouldn’t have to reimport it to VMware Player. Just exit VMware, reinstall it, and then open VMware again and it should work fine. At least it seemed to in my test just now :)

  83. eezi

    That’s ok bro. No harmful damage done. Take it as my contribution to the learning process.

  84. Matthew Guay

    Good :) … and thanks for the help!

  85. singb

    I brought a laptop last week (Win 7 home Premium, 4 GB RAM) and upgraded to Win 7 Professional so I could load and run Pro-Engineer using XP Mode. The Pro-E loaded fine but am unable to use it as it is extremely slow (12 seconds between clicks) (works fine on my 2001 desktop). I spoke to Microsoft Tech Support and they said that XP Mode is limited and can’t do everything as good as full XP (wish they divulged that before I purchased the upgrade but looks like I need the Win 7 Professional before I can use VMware with XP Mode and then switch to full XP?). In XP Mode, virtual memory is maxed out at 766MB as opposed to 3000Mb in the full XP (I tried to increase virtual mem higher but it didn’t help) and I also found out on my own that XP Mode only has 512MB Ram available.

    I’m wondering if I can load full XP using VMware. It seems that can be done reading some of these threads, and than be able to run in full XP and overcome both the virtual memory and low RAM problems. If can run in Full XP, I would think that all the RAM would be available.

    Thanks for any info.

  86. eezi

    Hi Singb,

    In your case, I can’t tell for sure it’s gonna work or not but my experience has been that XP Mode in Win 7 does not behave like a true virtual machine. But it is in VMware Player. I have an application which needs to communicate with 2 machines (either physical or virtual). When I used XP Mode in Win 7 the application did not connect to the virtual machine i.e the XP Mode but when I loaded the XP Mode in VMware Player, it connects and the application works as intended. I suggest you give it a try.


  87. singb

    Hi eezi,

    Thanks for your reply. I believe that for my situation, the bottom line is that I need more RAM and more virtual memory than what XP Mode provides in the Microsoft setup to be able to run Pro-E. Does someone know if XP Mode in the VMware setup provides more than the 512MB of RAM and 766MB of virtual memory that is provided in the Microsoft setup? For finding available RAM, that would be; XP Mode/Control Panel/System/General Tab.
    For virtual memory, that would be, XP Mode/Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance Settings/Advanced/Change-in the Virtual Memory box/Look at the Recommended Paging File Size.

    Also, I have to read through all the threads again but I thought I saw something about being able to install full XP with VMware. If that is the case, than Pro-E should work as full XP should have more RAM and virtual mem than XP Mode.

    I’ll install VMware and see what happens when I get a chance. Was hoping someone would already know.


  88. singb

    I looked at the threads again and see that in the thread where Matt replied to Bryan, it references a link explaining how to load full XP using VMware. So that answers that part of my question. The other part is, is it possible to get more than 512MB of RAM allocated in XP Mode using VMware?

    I also see in the example on the link in that thread that it shows 512MB of RAM on one of the Virtual Machine Wizard snapshots. Is that is the maximum that is available using VMware?

    If that is the case I suppose I could load XP on a separate partition to be able to run Pro-E.

    Thanks for any insight

  89. Matthew Guay

    @singb – Sorry I haven’t been able to get back with you sooner. As far as Ram goes, you can add as much ram to the virtual machine as you like. I’ve got 3Gb of Ram in my computer, and I just upped the ram in VMware Player to 1.5 Gb for my XP Mode install … worked great. And, FYI, the XP Mode version of XP is the exact same as normal XP Pro, except it has some of the little extras (e.g. sample music and pictures) taken out to save disk space. So, 512Mb of ram is the default, but once you’ve imported XP Mode into VMware, select your XP virtual machine, click “Virtual Machine” in the top menu bar, and then select “Virtual Machine Settings”. The first entry on the left-hand list is “Memory”; here you can choose exactly how much ram the virtual machine uses.

    One thing to note though: Any operating system running in a virtualization program will be slower than it is when installed directly on your computer. With an intensive cad program, you may be better off running it directly on XP installed fully on a computer. That said, VMware is certified to run AutoCAD, just I would imagine it will run slower. But I’ve run a Photoshop CS5 trial in a virtual machine, and actually it ran pretty good (and my system stats aren’t too high … 2.0Ghz Athlon X2, 3Gb Ram)

  90. singb

    Hello Matt,

    I am new to this form and appreciate it very much and the care you take in answering peoples questions.

    What you say is good news and will probably solve my problem. I’ve got lots of things going on and will load VMware as soon as I can to see how Pro-E works with it. Since I’ll be able to increase the RAM it ought to work. I’ll also need to increase virtual memory to maybe as much as 3 GB as that is what I had to do on my old desktop to get AutoCAD 2010 to run good. You didn’t address virtual memory but by implication, it seems that I’ll be able to increase it as if it were full XP.

    When you talk about possibly needing to run Pro-E with XP installed fully, I take it that would require me to partition the hard drive and boot up in either WIN 7 or XP if I want to keep WIN 7.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  91. Matthew Guay

    @singb – As far as virtual memory goes, a virtualized copy of XP works the same as a normal copy of XP, so you can have as much virtual memory as you want. Once again, this is going to be slower because it’s virtual memory on a virtual harddrive on top of your main OS.

    And, yes, if this doesn’t work, you may need to partition your hard drive (or use a second one if that’s an option) and install XP fully on it. But I wouldn’t suggest giving up Win7 fully ;)

    Oh, one more thing … have you contacted Pro-E’s tech support? They should be working on Win7 comparability if they want to stay ahead :)

  92. Gilles Plante

    After reading a lot, I came to the conclusion that to get XP mode on Windows 7, VMware player is better alternative to Microsoft’s Virtual PC. So I installed Windows XP Mode and VMware Reader (3.1.0 build-261024).

    The thing is I can’t import XP Mode machine. The process bugs right at step one. It is vmware-ufad.exe that fails (this is the VMware agent service). I went to the services and discovered that the service is not started (manual start). I tried to start it, no way, I am told that the program ended unexpectedly.

    A search on the Web showed others experienced the same problem, but no cure was given. Does someone knows how to solve that ? I run Windows 7 Professional fully patched.


  93. singb

    Just to let you know. I loaded VMware and than loaded my XP version of Pro-E and the Pro-E works great now. Thank you very much for your help and the website, it was a life saver.

    It looks like I have to load programs into the virtual machine’s XP Mode even if they are already on Win 7. An example is: I need to be able to assign the mouse’s scroll button as a middle button for use in Pro-E. I don’t see anyway to do that without separately loading the mouse software into VMware XP even though it is already loaded in Win 7. I suppose that is an inherent characteristic of a virtual machine (same as a partition) or am I missing something?

    Thanks for all the help

  94. Matthew Guay

    @singb – Great, glad it worked good for you! And, yes, you’re correct … all of your settings and applications in XP Mode will have to be setup separately from Windows 7. It is basically the same as running XP on a totally different computer, only in this case the “different computer” is a file on your Windows 7 system. But hey, virtualization can be a lifesaver for stuff like this, so it’s worth the little extra trouble.

    Thanks for reading, and hope you continue to enjoy our content!

  95. singb

    Everything is going great with the VMware and XP Mode. I have the XP virtual machine set up real nice and it compliments Win 7 very well.

    I spoke with MS and they will let me return the Win 7 Pro Upgrade, since I explained that its XP Mode isn’t sufficient to allow my CAD programs to run. Before I send it back, I’m wondering if the XP Home Upgrade that I have, which was never installed on a computer, would work with VMware? Again, this is an upgrade version of XP, not a stand alone version. Also, I suppose I would have to reload all the applications that I have loaded on the VMware Machine?

    Any help is appreciated,

  96. Matthew Guay

    @Singb – So do you currently have Windows 7 Home installed on your computer? Just wondering since you said you were returning the Win7Pro upgrade.

    On the XP, no, sorry, but XP Home Upgrade would not be sufficient. You’ll need a full version to be licensed correctly, but, if you have an older version of Windows around (e.g. an old copy of Win98), you could always install it in the VMWare, then upgrade that virtual machine to XP with the XP Home Upgrade. Then you’d be licensed correctly. Hope this helps … let me know if you need more explanation!

  97. singb

    Hi Matt,

    My laptop came with Win 7 Home Premium and I purchased a Win 7 Pro Upgrade to be able to use my XP CAD Programs. The upgrade is just a key code. When I send the upgrade back, I would need to remove the program from my laptop to be licensed correctly. Even if it was left on the laptop, MS might deactivate it when they do a MS Genuine Validation (if they do such things). Also, should the system crash, I would want to be able to restore XP in the VMware. Those are the reasons I was wondering if my unused XP Home Upgrade would have worked.

    I only have a Dell XP Reinstallation Disc for my desktop and an XP Pro Upgrade that’s loaded on the Dell. I see EBay has some OEM Win 98 SE Full versions but I don’t know if they would load in VWware as an OEM version.

    Looking at some of the threads again, I see that if I load a new operating system I’ll have to reload all the programs I currently have loaded in VMware. I’m now thinking that I’ll stay with the Win 7 Pro Upgrade and save time and eat the cost of the Upgrade as I would have to purchase something else anyway.

    Again, thanks for the information, I appreciate the time you spend helping us.

  98. jay


    if i install this,will i also install my old os win XP to run the xp mode in windows 7?

  99. the shadow

    If you want to run vista or windows 7 i hope you don`t plan on any online purchases, your an open book because your being fed a banquet of B.S and a false line of securty!
    i recently purchased a new laptop there was a certificate for a free copy of windows 7 (OK!) In the first place my daddy always told me that you don`t get something for nothing! In the second place, why the big push for windows 7?? I started doing computer repair 1981 ive been battling hackers sence ricashae internet came out. learned bacic,C,C+,C++ some one tryed to smurf attack last night i just laughed
    my home made anti hack program took over and killed there computer dead L.O.L My progran is cool it not only kills the hackers computer, but it isolates the virus,malware or trojan and improves my program by what to look for in the p.u.p. viruses. i have been hack by langley, the russians and china it was all a nojoy situation. This computer has been running sence 2001 and still as fast as the day i loaded it up: so in short
    vista suck and windows 7 sucks

  100. Pedro

    Hi singb,

    I’m using xp mode in win 7 and could raise the RAM alocated to xp mode. I’m using 3 GB. Much more then the 512MB “factory setting”.
    Which version of ProE are you using? I installed wildfire 5 in Win 7 and I’m trying to install 2001 version in XP mode. Since the license is installed in win7 (hostname: Proe), during the installation os 2001 it doesn’t recognizes the hostname Proe. The license has to be installed in win 7 since the mac address matches the one in win 7 but not the one assigned in xp mode.

    Thank you in advance for your comments

  101. brian

    When I run the xp mode in win 7 I am unable to use any usb ports, they are not recognized by xp at all. Is there some setting I can use? Disk drives are recognized and the DVD drive is recognized, but not the usb ports or devices. Any help would be appreciated.

  102. Jeff M

    Anyone run into this?

    I successfully imported XP Mode into VMware Player 3.1.0. When I go to Add/Remove programs/Add/Remove Windows components to enable IIS (need the web server), I’m prompted with “Please insert the Compact Disc labeled ‘Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 CD’…

    Under MS Virtual PC/XP mode, I didn’t need to enter the CD. Everything was available in the image. Under VMware I tried using both an XP install CD and an XP SP3 file set. Neither worked. Any ideas?


  103. Aaron

    Thanks for the post. Very helpful and well written. It worked perfectly

  104. singb

    Hello Pedro,

    I just happened to look in this form again as I’m cleaning up some old links on my desk top and see that you asked me a question. I suppose that you figured out something by now. I won’t be much help anyway as I didn’t have to get into that level of what your asking. By the way, I’m running Wildfire 4. I doubt that I’ll be back to this form for some time unless I run into problems.

    Best of luck

  105. Michael

    hi, i cant find the “Import Windows XP Mode VM” button in the VM player. can you help me?

  106. Jeff M


    It’s not a button. Look at the top of the VMware Player window. You’ll see a File menu with an Import Windows XP Mode VM menu item.

  107. Attila Toth


    You are a BEST !!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic ……..

    From Slovak republik

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    Thanks a lot… :)

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    Thank you Matthew Guay! :)

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  111. rigo

    Question. Great guide thanks. Would it be possible to then after following your instructions to move the virtual machine to another computer? I usually replace my computer once a year and its a hassle moving all files, docs, to a new computer. So my plan is to work within a virtual machine and save all docs and files there and just take the virtual machine to the new machine and work from there. So I guess my question is how can you do this?

  112. Mike

    Hi, I am using Win 7 Pro 32-bit and XP mode from MS was very easy to install. I have fully updated it and installed IE8, WMP11, etc..

    My question has to do with the graphics. There is a generic driver stuck at 16-bit. Is there a way to install the correct drivers for the VM? I have a GeForce card not an S3. Visually it is annoying :(

    The rest of the hardware seems to have been installed itself. The network card is not the same but it works so I am not complaining. By the way Kick Ass article my friend! I love this site and glad I joined up. I will probably try that VMware from the other article in the future.


  113. Suraj Yadav

    Very very thanks for this valusble tip.I have windows 7 which I don’t want to lose & I need XP to run turbo c++,etc..I heard & tried to download XP mode but I just can’t.But You gave me the complete procedure which I should follow.So, thanks very much.

  114. Sajjad

    I am using Window 7 and installed XP mode virtual pc through microsoft site. I installed it in my office where internet is provided through IP Adress. I was alloted specific IP Adress for net connection. In Window 7, my internet is working fine. But in Window xp (XP mode) Internet is not working. Please help me in this regard.

  115. Moze

    Thanks for the tutorial just the job. It took me ages to figure out why after downloading vmplayer .exe file & trying to run it why it wouldn’t work, ie nothing would happen vmware player would not load or start, turns out there was an app running in back ground called fixed camera.exe I have no idea what it does or how it got there, but once shut down vm player performed as it should. Hope this helps others with same problem seems likely given my experience trying to find the answer, I used a program called windows 7 manager to shut down back ground progs, presumably msconfig would allow one to do the same, keep up the good work! win7 ult 64bit

  116. Bob Dobolina

    Great guide–thanks for the info. I’ve tried Virtual PC and just hated it. Slow and kludgy. So I was really excited to see this article. Unfortunately, after installing VMWare on a new Sony VAIO running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Pro, I get a BSOD every time I boot. Uninstalled VMWare and the computer boots normally.

  117. steve777

    Thanks…much appreciated.. was wondering how to run old softwares which are not compatible with WIN 7 and u gave me the solutiion…

  118. hitesh

    does it work in Vista

  119. hitesh

    does it work in Vista???

  120. Miss. Andrea Borman.

    Whatever you do DO NOT USE VM WARE PLAYER. I downloaded XP mode on my Netbook and this is not the problem as I downloaded it before but it just did bot work as I only have a Netbook. And on the Microsoft website it says the minimen requirment is £GB space on the hard drive and a Netbook only has 1GB as mine does. But I thought I would try installing it anyway with VM ware player and it nearly destroyed my laptop. The download of VM ware player froze halfway through,and so I cancelled it. But then I found my keyboard did not work anymore nor did the touchpad. Fortunenly I had a plug in mouse which I always use anyway so it was lucky I was able to use this. As I cold not use the keyboard to type in anything as it did not work anymore,the VM ware player had damaged it. But with my plug in mouse mouse I manages to get to recovery and do a system restore and thank god my computer is now back to normal and the keyboard is working again.But one thing is for sure I will never use VM ware player again,never. And my advice is to stay away from it after what it did to my computer. It was very fortunate that I had the plug in mouse and that I was able to use recovery,a valuable asset on Windows that can save your computer,when things go wrong. But it was the software VM ware player that causes the problem so just stay away from it if you dont want to crash your computer.Andrea Borman

  121. asdf

    that’s a bold statement there Andrea Borman

  122. Mandy

    Great Article,
    I just used Zinstall XP7 and it got the job done for me (it also copied all my files and programs to my new XP environment on my Win 7 computer)

  123. squatpuke

    Very good stuff….installed both XP Mode and Ubuntu in bout 30 minutes…

  124. Vikas

    Is there is any possibility to run xp on win 7 home premium? if yes, then please help me.

  125. David H

    I’ve installed xpmode and vmplayer 3.1.3 on my windows 7 x64 machine with a chipset and motherboard that allow vt. everything has been working great. Hardware drivers and the software I need have been loaded onto the xp virtual machine and it all works good. But occasionally the log-on screen in xp does not accept my password. I know it’s the right password. Luckily I made a copy of the whole xpmode directory and was able to copy it back to its windows 7 location. It loaded up fine and I was able to login normally. Of course I lost my work between the copy date and when I had trouble logging in.

    This has happened a few times and is a little irritating. I now back up all my files onto the windows 7 host machine before shutting down xp.

    Is there anything I can do to solve this problem.


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  128. cisslybee2012

    I don’t understand. This site’s instructions says it’s for computers with no hardware virtualization to run xp mode on VM Ware player, but then it has a link stating that you can’t run xp mode without without hardware virtualization. Microsoft has a statement on their site stating that 7 no longer requires HAV, so what’s the deal? I downloaded both xp mode and VPC on 7 pro and can’t even find it. If I go to download it again, it tells me that it’s already installed on my system, but I can’t find it not even through a search. I downloaded the VM player and it can’t find it either.

    It’s on my harddrive but don’t want to show itself or be found. I assume this means that it can’t run on my brand new netbook. I’m so confused and frustrated. I only bought the damn thing to run xp, put all this stuff in it memory upgrade and what not to only find that I can’t run it. What a big fiasco.

  129. Ashutosh

    Hey man, Can you tell me how can i download VM player 3.0…….

  130. Niedhart

    Thanks for the detailed and accurate tutorial.

    I was successful up to the point of the VMware Tools installation. I’m installing XP Mode on a machine with no internet connection (successful XP Mode file download on a machine with internet connection and installation on the “no internet” machine), and although I have been to download VMware Player (successful download and installation), no luck finding and downloading VMware Tools. There is a mention of VMware Tools on the VMware forums, but no straightforward instruction on how to find the right one for Windows (apparently there are different version for different OS operating on VMware), or any one.

    So here’s my vote for a tutorial update to help with this. In any case, nice work with this tutorial; even though I’ve got some more work to do, it has helped a lot with my understanding on VM’s. Thanks.

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    Those are the most fabulous instructions I’ve ever witnessed…Incredible!
    Thank you so much…

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    That was a great artical for running XP Pro on Win 7, as I am a Senior (70+)it was easy to get my head around the step by step that you set out, I am at two mines as to the right aproach to having a dual boot as I am Running Win7 on aSata H/D an have XP Pro on An internal IDE H/D that an if I do them as you have outlined Information will be on the same H/D? Will there be a Clash with the two systems running?


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    Great article Matthew. Thanks for your diligent research and ability to communicate a complex process with such ease. My VM Player / XP Mode installs have gone flawlessly on a Win7 Home Premium and a 7 Pro system – both 32-bit. I’ll be checking it out on a Win7 Starter version tomorrow. My question stems from something I read about bringing up the XP Pro VM at system boot, wherein VM Player must be started then Unity Mode manually initiated. This is a bit of a problem for me as I’m using UltraVNC to monitor remote systems and don’t want the operators involved in any aspect of initialization. UltraVNC encryption has not yet been upgraded to run with Win7 – a serious security issue – therein my interest in XP Mode. Am I correct in understanding the Microsoft XP Mode version – for Pro and above – has a feature that will accommodate full and operator unassisted integration of XP Mode on system boot of the Win7 guest?
    Thanks for all you do Matthew… U da Bomb!!

  135. Wizard

    I’m running XP Mode seamlessly in Windows 7 Home premium. Seems pretty simple too . But I feel XP mode is a bit slow than VM ware workstation. is it because the Remote Desktop Connection?. Should i have to tweak something or have to reduce the animations in guest system?

  136. sjwaas

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  137. Tim Martin

    Installed VMWare on my Windows 7 Home Premium. In your article it says to hover over the Windows 7 “Start” menu and a new button called “Windows XP Mode” is supposed to appear above the Windows 7 Start Button but it does not, what am I missing?

  138. jhon

    The VMplayer is running on my notebook, but when i try to install a program it fails.
    I installed vmplayer to run games that doesnt works on my pc with win7.
    I want to install age of empires, and after the wizard runs all installation, it says that the installation was not possible.
    When i look in the program files folder the folder that the wizard is supposed to creat did not exist.
    So i had tried to create this folder manually, but again, the installation fail.
    Any ideas?

  139. George Czar

    VMplayer is up and running – excellent tutorial – I DO have a question though. On the step where it explains how to enter UNITY the option is bold but when I select the Enter UNITY a message appears telling me –

    The virtual machine cannot enter Unity mode because:
    -Unity is not supported on the guest operating system

    I am running Windows XP Mode on Windows 7 Professional based system.

    If anyone could assist I’d be grateful.


  140. Jimh77

    I just want to say, I am now downloading 22,000 emails from outlook express I use for work following this setup. I was unable to do anything. I spent (wasted) 3 hours today drawing up a system running MS version of XP mode. After I was done I couldn’t print it, couldn’t save it couldn’t do anything. Had to re-draw it on my old system for another 1/2 hour. I can not afford to buy another CAD program. MS really screwed us all on this. Why , Oh why did I spend the money on this new laptop. I will be kicking myself in the ASS for years to come… But, in the after math, I am up to 1077 of 22, 000 emails still downloading!!!! I cold not get this to even connect yeterday usingMS XP Mode. So, as for my CAD program’s, won;t know till my emails finish. I was able to make new drawings, in all programs including, expresspcb, turbocad and dip trace. Then not being able to copy or print. Old computer can’t read DVD’s, had no other disks… Had to re-draw all… But, now with this, I am up to 1308 of 22,000 emails on outlook express. I still have Office 200 Premium to install, and If I can get Outlook to work, I am Golden!
    MS really screaed this up royally. I started in DOS, went to Win3.0, 3.1, then 95, stuck with that till XP SP3, then went to XP, did looksies at ME, Longhorn, and a few others I forget. Now. After 6 years of pushing this laptop to the extreme, I found a deal. No FKN deal with Win7 Pro. Nothing works. Now maybe I can get back to where I was before. I am basing this only on outlook express up to 1481 of 22,000 emails DNLD’D. You have no idea how exciting this is for me. Up till now I could not get it to connect. If Outlook works there is 98,000 emails to retreive. Yaa Hoo!!! I will have to get back to you tomorrow. I will not DISTURBE outlook express downoads. 1587 of 22,000 now. This is 2 years work! Plus all files and addresses!! I am impressed.! I am seriously impressed. I am also a retired Bass player and it does take quite a bit to impress me, to say the least. I am so far impressed with VM Player.
    I will have to get back to you all tomorrow with Outlook 2000. If that works, you will see sparks like the shuttle launching from your back yard. We shall see. Not disturbing the system while it is still at 1768 of 22,000 emails. Sad fact, I need all of them to keep in touch with my vendors and MFG’s.

    More to follow on this Win7 Downgrade. Bring back DOS!!! OK, Basic!! No, maybe assembly?!? Just asking?

  141. Scott

    I downloaded xp mode which opened Windows Activation Update on my computer (im running a 64-bit version of Windows 7 home premium) and it did it’s thing, then closed. Afterwards I installed VMware Player and played the windows xp professional which before playing it, it said:
    State: Suspended
    OS: Windows XP Professional
    Version: Workstation 6.5-7.x virtual machine
    RAM: 512 MB.
    I played the virtual machine but I need the buslogic SCSI adapter which i can’t get. I found a site that had it to download and told me
    To attach the virtual floppy file to the virtual machine::

    Right-click the virtual machine.
    Click Edit settings.
    Click the virtual floppy drive and choose Connected.
    Select Use floppy image.
    Browse to the location of the virtual floppy file.
    Select the file vmscsi-1.2.x.x.flp or vmscsi.flp.

    but the floppy drive is set to auto detect and I can’t change it to use that. Is there a way of fixing this so I can get it to work, because right now it shows the Operating System not found.

  142. Jimh77

    OK, I can run MS Outlook works perfect, I can run outlook express (I use this for work email) Works perfect. Nothing else works. I can not update CAD drawings and save them, I can’t add or change files, I can not do anything except email… MS SUCKS. WIN7 SUCKS! I got a great deal on this new computer and have been screwed so royaly. I tried to load XP on a new HDD, totally screwed. MS does not have the drivers to handle the new hardware. VM player can’t share networked drives, I tried MS answers, and 1/2 worked. I am not spending another 10K for updated software to work on Win7.
    I never before went to a new operating system until now. Apparently I did not do the research required befopre the price of this got me. I went from DOS to Win 3.0, 3.1, 95 then XP. All transitions were painless. This Win7 Pro totally sucks. I will do my best to go back to XP Pro and someone has to have the drivers out there to make this thing work. And work Right!

  143. Miss. Andrea Borman.

    I have got a Windows XP Netbook with Windows XP Home Edition service pack 3. As well as my other Windows 7 Netbook. So I don’t need to run Windows XP mode when I have got the real thing on my other Netbook that has genuine Windows XP. I was very lucky to get the windows XP netbook as in England they are no longer making laptops with windows XP or Windows Vista,only with Windows 7. And this is a brand new Netbook,the last they had in the store.

    So I enjoy the benefits of both operating systems. And by the way, most programs that are made for Windows XP run on Windows 7 anyway without having to install XP mode. Which I cannot anyway as I only have a Windows 7 Netbook.

    So why install Windows XP mode when you can have the real thing running on a Windows XP Netbook?,Which you can still buy from the shops if you hunt around. Andrea Borman.

  144. johann

    I hope someone can help me. Have windows 7 home premium , installed vmware player 3.1.4 ,
    it won’t open . Tried vm 2.5.5 it too won’t open . Help . John .

  145. prem shankar pandey

    Windows XP mode

  146. prem shankar

    Run xp mode on windows-7-machines-without-hardware-virtualization/

  147. MrYu23

    i have dual boot xp/win7 i want to run application like autocad,antivirus,vb that installed in winxp to win7 is vmware can work on that?

  148. Straightanswer

    Windows7 XP mode sucks. I have used Virtual PC for years and on my old 2Ghz system the Virtual PC runs twice as fast then my Quad Core 3Ghz SATA3 with 6Gig of RAM. The old system only had 1.5Gig of RAM and a IDE drives and it runs my apps on Vitual PC faster then XP mode. This says it all. Add to that that XP mode does not allow you to use the Function keys in a app. WTF!!!!! Windows 7 XP mode SUCKS, you have to be a noob or a idiot to think this is better.

  149. Al

    Upgraded my windows 7 home to pro and installed vmware player 3. it seems to be working fine but I am having the same issue as tim martin march 30, 2011. when I hover the start icon the xp mode icon does not come on. what am i doing wrong ?

  150. Ronald

    I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and I found out this article will show you how quick and easy it is to get a virtual copy of XP running on any computer, even if it’s running Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows Vista Home Premium can actually integrate a Windows XP Virtual Machine, even there is no import xp mode. You can use “Enter Unity” to make a XP mode-like feature in vmware player even with Home Premium versions of Windows 7 and Vista.
    Hope this helps.

  151. Roy

    “Import Windows XP Mode VM.” does not appear in my VMWare options.

    So I don’t know what to do…

    3.1.4 vm ware
    Windows 7, 32 bit install, SP 1

  152. arturo


    I bought a new laptop toshiba satellite windows 7 home premium, can i use Windows XP Mode with VMWare, cuase I bought a software from sony acid pro 7 and I can’t download this software to my new laptop. Cna you help me an if so…How….?

  153. Suleman

    thanku for a wonderful helping article…

  154. Ashley

    After I download XP Mode, VMware doesn’t show the Import XP Mode VM option. Could you help?

  155. Ashley

    Nevermind, to anyone who asked and hasn’t been replied to, here is what happened to me: Once I downloaded the file off Microsoft I thought I was done, but you need to locate the file and download it from there to make it show up in VMware.

  156. Sabyasachi

    Can I run my hp scanjet 4370 or G3010 along with solution center through this feature

  157. Sabyasachi

    Can I use my hp scanjet 4370 & hp scanjet G3010 along with hp solution center.

  158. Steve

    Hi there,
    I’ve followed your instructions and installed VM Player. When I open ‘file’ and select import Windows XP mode VM, I get an error message which says
    ‘This feature of VM ware requires the VMware vCentre Converter Standalone product. Click OK to install VMware vCentre Standalone. Try again when the installation completes.

    this then produced another error message, thus:

    The VMware vCenter Standalone product cannot be installed. If the problem persists,please contact VMware technical support.

    This keeps on happening, and I’m getting nowhere fast. I’m running Windows 7 Professional, and can’t run XP mode via the downloads from Microsoft, the installers keep telling me they are’t applicable to my machine, which is a HP G61 laptop. Any help you can offer would be great-

  159. Jim

    I have this up and running. Two questions –
    1) I would like to run multiple instances of XPMode (not necessarily at the same time).
    Virtualization is great for running a test program in its own space and then restarting with a fresh image. I would like to keep one image for my real XP VM machine and others to test things. How difficult is this? Can I just rename files and copies of files or can I import the XPMode more than once on the same PC.
    2) I like the security isolation between XPMode and my Win 7 PC. Does unity create security issues that might cause me to not use unity mode?

  160. Rajni

    i have host os Windows 7 ultimate on Core 2 Duo, 1.6Ghz, 2GB RAM, 320GB HDD out of which 70GB as System drive (C:) Laptop. I want to use Visual Studio 6 which needs windows xp.

    I installed VMWare workstation v8.0 and installed windows xp sp3 on the virtual machine, allocating 40GB for virtual disk. Optical drives, USB drives and other devices are imported directly from host and are working fine.

    Now i have a partition in host (D:) in which i have software developed (also partially developed) in VB. now i want to continue developing the software in vb within virtual machine. for that i want to add the host drive (D:) into virtual drive as D: but i don’t know how to do it properly. the virtual machine has the letter D free. if the host partition is imported, it can be given the drive letter D:

    please help. i followed the virtual machine setting edit option, but i could not import the drive.

  161. Mad_noob


    Doesn’t work with vmware player 4.0 or virtualbox!

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