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Add Page Numbers to Documents in Word 2007 & 2010

If you’re creating a large document with several pages you might want to add page numbers to keep them in order. Today we show you how to add page numbers on your documents in Word 2007 & 2010.

Add Page Numbers in 2007

To add page numbers, open your Word document and click the Insert tab on the Ribbon and select Page Number. From here select where you want the page numbers to appear in the document and choose from the gallery of page number formats.


In this example we selected the “Bold Numbers 1” format for the Footer, and after selected they will appear in the document.


After you’ve selected the page number format Headers & Footer Tools open in the Design tab. From here you can change different options such as Different Odd & Even Pages.


If you go to Print Preview, you can see how the page numbers will look when the document is printed out. If it doesn’t look how you like it, you can close out of Print Preview and choose another.


The process is virtually identical in Word 2010 as well. The only difference is when you view it in Print Preview, you’ll have more options offered in Backstage view.


The only difference is when you view it in Print Preview, you’ll have more options offered in Backstage view.


That is really all there is to it. The next time you have a large document with several pages, you’ll be able to insert page numbers to help people keep track of the data.

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 02/16/10

Comments (50)

  1. Bob

    You should do a follow up on creating an automatic Table of Contents that has page numbers on it!

  2. Anna

    I need to enter a custom 2 pages with the unique page numbering, ex.32a and 32b follow by the 33 number. How to do it?
    Please advice.

  3. judy

    I want to know how to do different page numbering for different sections of a long document i.e. roman numerals for the acknowledgements, contents page, glossary, and then roman numerals once the main body of the text starts.

  4. Terence

    I can’t find out how to place the page numbers at the bottom of the page on opposite sides — as in a book, even numbers on the left, odd numbers on the right.

  5. Anony Mouse

    Office 2010 is a joke! You can’t even have your custom header and a custom page number. once you select a page number header, your custom header is gone. Serious flaw by Microsoft

  6. April

    Office 2010 is giving me the serious irrits. I can’t play with the page numbers like in previous versions, or change from Roman to Arabic numerals as per Judy’s comment. How how how?????????

  7. Guest

    Is there a way to insert only Page No and No of pages like in previous version i.e., office 2003

  8. Guest

    Your little preview here I think a 2 year old could do with out looking here. How about showing how to start the numbering of different section of the document, like start page 5 as page 1 and page 6 as page 2 I follow the instructions in the help and this does not work.

  9. Anne

    I’m with guest on this one. Everything you’ve explained there is standard. How’s about how to start page 5 of the document as page 1?

  10. Reuben R

    You can get around it by the following steps.
    opening a blank document in 2007 or 2010.
    Inserting the page number from the insert page.
    Then copy and paste the page number and page of (eg Page 1 of 3) into your custom header or footer.

    Still a dodgy workaround to the simple method in Office 2003.

    This is another example of corporations choosing form over function.


  11. Nicki J

    AT LAST!!! I figured out how to do it!

    All who want different formatting on different pages please LOOK HERE!!

    I’ve had the same problem as alot of you on this. Basically what you are looking for is a “Section Break” in order to have different formatting on different pages, say first few pages in roman numerals and the rest in “normal” numbers. I will try to explain this the best way I can through my own example. I have 2010 office.

    OK. I wanted roman numerals for my contents pages and summary, but then normal numbers for my introduction onwards. So this is what I did…

    – Click on the page which had “Summary” on it, then press enter to go to the next line (so between summary and introduction).
    – Then press “Page Layout” tab.
    – Then press “Breaks” (under “Page Setup”)
    – Then press “Next page” (under “Section Breaks”). This then places an invisible section break in the document.
    – So return to page 1 of your doc, click “insert” then “page number” (make sure the formatting was set to roman numerals).
    – Then go to the first page of your second section (i.e. my introduction page) click “insert” then “page number” and make sure the formatting is set to normal numbers.

    VOILA!!! This should help….what a load of hassle….2010 is a nightmare!! If you get stuck feel free to contact me :D

    Now I can start writing my assignment…

  12. Rebecca

    You’re my hero! I was so excited to get 2010 and start playing with it….til I got this issue. Thank you!!!!

  13. Pam

    Nicki J – you star, that just what I wanted to do but could not figure it out – Thank you so much – Thats made my day.

  14. denz

    help! i cant understand how to put a page number in a different page :(

  15. AT

    Nicki J you have saved my life! Thanks for this explanation – it beats the one on the Word 2010 help hands down!

  16. Jared

    Thumbs up for Nicki J!
    man… i’ve been stuck at this for hours literally!
    Thank You so much!

  17. Dan

    Yes, kudos to Nicki J but I havent tried it yet; may be back-why should this be so hard!

  18. Guttorm Haaversen

    In Office 2007/2010:

    To get no of pages, simply insert pageno. Then mark the field, rightlick, select edit field, select Numpages and Ok. And Voila. This way you can select any available field.

    In my opinion this is an awkward way and not in the least intuitive way of solving it. It was much easier nd intuitive in the Word 97-2003 version. But that’s life.

  19. RCB

    Thanks for your explanation Nick J. Does anyone know how to get the different set of numbers (ie. after the roman numerals) to start at number 1 again?

  20. Lin

    Unfortunately Nicki J the “Breaks” menu item is greyed out for me. I don’t know if this info would help me anyway as what I really want to do is: I am dividing a 162 page document to send in successive segments in emails to one recipient. I wish for each segment to keep the original page numbers of the large document, but they disappear when I copy the pages to a fresh Word document. I don’t want to “start page 1 on the second page” or have a “page 0” or use the chapter numbering system. I only want to keep the original page numbers. I am willing to jump through whatever hoops are necessary to get my page numbers back, but what are the hoops?

  21. Harm Otten

    What about inserting the total number of pages? It is so nicely depicted here, but so HARD to find in the new Word versions. Help me out here!

  22. Chaz

    Here is a fix for all your problems: Go to Add / Remove Programs. Select Microsoft Word. Select “Uninstall” and confirm. No more problems! To summarize, Microsoft is and always has been and always will be mentally bankrupt.

  23. Jess

    Thanks Nicki J!

  24. Matthew

    to Nicki J – Thanks so much. Just saved me so much hassle. I owe you a pint. Cheers!

  25. Mel

    Why is that I dont have a page number gallerry to choose from all I have is a menu item marked more from which is greyed out
    Without the gallery to choose from I can’t insert a page number at ALL !! Help :(

  26. Mel

    Ok just in case anyone else is missing the page number gallery the solution was to unhide building blocks.dotx, I have no idea why it was hidden in the first place :( The file is located in the following places
    Windows XP Location:
    c:\Documents and Settings\{your username}\Application Data\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\1033\Building Blocks.dotx

    Windows Vista & 7 Location:
    c:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Document Building Blocks\1033\Building Blocks.dotx

    Mine was in a subfolder under 1033

  27. awkertivwtic

    thanks Nicki J. i read many sites but could not solve it, u r my hero!

  28. Astrid

    Hi, in the pre-ribbon age it was easy to add the code, and customize. Is that still possible now?

    It seems everything is hidden behind masses of icons, pop-ups, pull-downs and whatnots in this version. I really miss the simplicity of the older versions of word and excel, and their easy no-nonsense, straight-forward menus. Help!

  29. Jon

    All the advise on page numbers for different sections inform us that we need

    to create ‘section break’. After exhausting myself with this advise I did not succeed.

    Instead I neglected using ‘section break’ altogether.

    This is what I did to succeed if anyone is interested. (I have word 2007-but I think this might also be applicable to 2010).

    I double clicked on the header for the page where I wanted the particular page format to begin. When I did this it opens the header and up the top ‘design’ will apear. You will notice that a tab called ‘Link to previous’ is highlighted. Well unclick that because it is linking you to the previous pages and their headers. The goto the tab ‘Page Numbers’ and click on ‘Format page numbers’ and choose your format. Also unclick ‘continue from previous section’ which also links you to the previous pages. Then choose what number you would like to begin at. After pressing ok you can then insert your page number by pressing on ‘page numbers’ and pressing ‘Top of Page’.

    This is a quik explanation if you would like further explanation just ask.

    Hope this helps!!

  30. Annon

    I need a page number for every page EXCEPT for page 1, how do i do that?

  31. Jan

    I have a 170 page Word document and am fighting page numbers. I have removed the footer and re-entered the information and still it goes from page 103 to 105. Any suggestions how to get page numbers to not skip page 104?

  32. Preet

    Hey can any of you tell me how to change the page number colour as black in ms word 2010 ??? please reply as soon as possible… i need to submit my report..

  33. neo

    Nicki J you’re the boss :D:D:D:D:D

  34. Fierce

    Mel TYVM i couldn’t even get a freakin number on the document because i didn’t have the GALLERY!!! you’re a lifesaver I was about to boot up the old dinosuar to open my old office 2003 :)

  35. Gman

    Nicki J’s method didn’t work for me…….

    but Jon’s did…………u da man bro!!!!!

  36. LARA

    Nicki J Thanx a lot………..

  37. ozEworks

    @Mel. Thanks that hint saved me a lot (more) angst.

  38. sherie

    Hi everyone, been battling with this for hours, literally. In 2010, I have the page number inserted in my footer but #1 just continues. It doesn’t change to 2, then 3, etc. Suggestions for 2010 please? Thanks in advance for your help.

  39. YMichelle

    MEL!!!! I ditto FIERCE. You should be paid for doing what microsoft did not. I have a 73-page document to type over the weekend with changing footers and numberings. I’ve spent hours thinking I was doing something wrong. God Bless You!!!!!!! and thanks to FIERCE cause I actually saw your cheers first. wheeeew!!!

  40. Dwyndlee

    So, is Nick’s solution supposed to supply the “Page X of Y” formula, or is it for starting new page sequences within a document.

    The latter is certainly useful and one of the stupid collateral casualties of MSW’s sellout to the fashionista users.

    The Page X of Y fomula is acutally required by some journals and other presses, so is there a workaround for its loss as well?

    Oh, the horror….

  41. Elliott Maloney

    Why on earth did you take away that little checkbox that said “Omit page number on first page”???

  42. Christian

    How to create your own template for page numbering in Word 2010?
    I want this type of page numbering 1 / 2 and I want that Word automatically
    adds page numbers as many as there are 1/10…5/10
    Does anyone know how this can be done in Word 2010?

  43. Hally

    Have a simple three page Word 2007 doc, with one header for 1st page and one for successive pages. The footer is the same for all pages, and includes page numbering. When I open the doc I get Page 1 of 1; Page 2 of 3; and Page 3 of 3. If I click on the footer on the first page or click on Print Preview it updates to Page 1 of 3, but cannot get it to open correctly. Unchecking Different First Page deletes Header #1. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Thanks!

  44. Gail

    To Jon:

    I can’t thank you enough. Have spent hours today trying to figure out how to put page numbers on a poetry booklet and begin the numbering on page 7.
    I followed your directions and had to figure out a few more thinngs on my own concerning odd and even pages but it worked!!!!! Thanks

  45. Susan

    Mel, thank you so much! I’ve been searching for this solution for ages, and you’ve got it! YOU ROCK!! And I can number pages like a regular person now. :-)

  46. Suneel

    “Hi everyone, been battling with this for hours, literally. In 2010, I have the page number inserted in my footer but #1 just continues. It doesn’t change to 2, then 3, etc. Suggestions for 2010 please? Thanks in advance for your help”

    Hi Sherie
    Were you able to get this resolved? I have the same issue with 2010

    Thanks in advance

  47. Chris Perry

    The original response is missing the step on how to insert the total number of pages (e.g. … of ??)
    The previous Word version had this button alongside the insert button to enter the page number. Its the later part that I don’t appear to find.

    The date and time is certainly visible.

  48. Derek

    The problem I’m having right now is when I start my page numbering on physical page 5 with page number format “Page X of Y” and start the number sequence with page 1, The “Y” shows the total number of pages in the document and not how many total pages are included in the page numbering sequence. The problem with this is when I get to the end of my report, the last page reads Page 140 of 145 and so on.

    Anybody have a solution to this?


  49. Pinar

    thank you very much
    it really helped me!
    God bless ou

  50. xd

    Hey whatever happened to following comment which appears as second search output on searching Google with inputs ‘how to add total number of pages in MS Word Footer ?’

    The missing comment on this page but visible in good preview :-

    16 Feb 2010 – To add page numbers, open your Word document and click the … After you’ve selected the page number format Headers & Footer Tools open in the Design tab. …. What about inserting the total number of pages? … To summarize, Microsoft is and always has been and always will be mentally bankrupt. …

    And ON TOP OF IT the Heigth of the Article :-

    the article explains the steps from general ‘Help’ available locally in MS Word which NEVER describes HOW TO ADD TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES, but images ALWAYS display the output with TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES !!!

    “Guttorm Haaversen” has described it finally in his comment how to achieve it ! Boss :-)

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