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Find Detailed Hardware Information with Speccy

Want to know exactly what your computer is made of?  Speccy is a new free tool from the developers of CCleaner that gives you detailed information about your computer hardware.

Note: Speccy is currently a public beta, so if you’d rather not use beta software, wait to use it until it’s fully released. 

Speccy is available both in an exe installer and a portable version.  Choose the one that works best for your needs, and download.  The portable version is especially useful for checking hardware on others’ computers, such as one your considering purchasing at a store.  If you use the portable one, simply run it; otherwise, run the installer and set it up on your computer.

Get your hardware info

Once setup is out of the way, you can see all of your system’s hardware information.  Speccy needs to run in administrative mode, and brings up a UAC prompt by default.  If it doesn’t, you may see this warning.


It will still run the program, but will not have all the information.  Just exit the program and run it again in administrative mode.  To do this, right click on the program and select “Run as Administrator.”


Now you can see a detailed overview of all of your computer’s hardware.


You can view more detailed information by clicking each of the sections.  The CPU panel gives you advanced information about the technologies your processor supports, its code name and family, bus speeds, temperature, and more.


Clicking on one of the graph indicators shows you the temp or speed over time while Speccy was running.


It shows you the brand, part number, frequency, latency, and more, which is really great information to have if you’re considering upgrading or adding more RAM.


The motherboard page even tells you what chipset and BIOS you have.


Speccy gives you very detailed information about your hardware, and this can be very useful information when troubleshooting problems.  It lets you save a snapshot of your computer’s current hardware information so you can view your current information later, or could even send it to a support team so they could also see what is in your computer.


Speccy will run on XP, Vista, 2000, 2003, and Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit versions). Remember once again, Speccy is still a beta program, so only use it now if you feel comfortable running unreleased programs.  Otherwise, wait and try it in a couple weeks, as Priform says it should be finished at that time.

Download Speccy

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  • Published 02/18/10

Comments (8)

  1. mchlbk

    Very cool app. And there’s a portable version too.

  2. mchlbk

    Which you already wrote, my bad.

  3. Website Development

    This looks like a great tool, specially for companies which have to provide hardware tech support etc. It just makes troubleshooting so much easier.

  4. Daryl

    Cool – ccleaner is a handy app and Speccy looks like it may well fall into that category too. Thanks for the run-through.

    P.S. Blog feedback: Love the blog. Just a thought, but I wonder if you’ve thought about putting a link at the top of each page to the comments box at the bottom. I normally read your posts in GReader, have already read it when I click through in order to comment (which admittedly I don’t do too often) so a link at the top to the comments at the bottom would be a boon.

  5. Konc

    Does this also give information about the PSU (i.e. wattage)? I’ve been looking for something that does, not sure if it’s possible though.

  6. Matthew Guay

    @Konc No, it doesn’t show PSU info. Sorry!

  7. gentk

    Speccy provides just enough info for me, it is very organized, and despite all the info that is on display it feels ‘lite’.

    Doesn’t completely replace SIW of course, which displays just about everything it possibly can… but for most times this could be enough.

  8. cahit avar

    …. …

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