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Add TV Channel Logos to Windows 7 Media Center

Are you tired of those bland channel listings in Windows Media Center? Do you wish they had nice colorful logos like a commercial DVR? Here we look at adding a bit of color and flair to Media Center Channel listings with My Channel Logos.

Download, extract, and run the installer file.


When the install is finished, go to Start \ All Programs \ My Channel Logos to open the application. As you run My Channel Logos for the first time, it will proceed to download your regional logos to your PC.


After the Logo download is complete, the My Channel Logos windows will open. Click the Auto Populate Logos button to automatically assign logos to your channel listings.


When finished you will see a pop-up window indicating how many logos have been assigned. Click “OK.”


Under Merged Channel Listing, click to expand Channels without logos to see which, if any, of your channels are missing logos.


If you have some missing logos, you can choose to manually assign your own custom 96×42 pixel .png image. To assign a custom logo, click to highlight the channel, then click on the the dark blue box under logos.


This will pop up a browser window to allow you to browse your computer for a logo. When you’ve selected your .png image, click “Open.”


Your new logo will now been added to the channel listings.


Close out of My Channel Logos and open Windows Media Center to The TV listings guide and check out your new logos.


That’s it! Sit back and enjoy the new rich, colorful appearance of your channel listings.

Download My Channel Logos

Andrew is a media center geek with some serious Windows skills. He's never far from a WiFi connection or a great cup of coffee.

  • Published 02/16/10

Comments (3)

  1. russell bishop

    i have the wndows 7 home premium why don’t i have the tv progam guide?

  2. DigitalGeekery

    Do you have a TV tuner card install & configured? If not, the program guide won’t show up in WMC.

  3. Pierre26

    MCL Vers 1.22 not running at all under Win 7 x64 with a TV tuner setted and running.
    When you choose your region in pref (FR) and update : NOTHING done and then still on ARgentine
    Why does not you simply give the pack of these files in a direct link. Well near nothing to do with it

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