If you like to view album art and the visualizations in Windows Media Player in Now Playing mode, you might want to set it to always display on top of other windows. Here we take a look at how to set it up on WMP 12 in Windows 7.

Open Windows Media Player to Library view and go to Organize \ Options.

Now in the Options window click on the Player tab and under Player settings check the box next to Keep Now Playing on top of other windows the click Ok.


Now WMP will always stay on top of all the other application windows you have open.

If you only want it always on top during some computing sessions, and easier method is to right-click in the Now Playing window, then check or uncheck Always show Now Playing on top from the context menu.

Using the Right-click method is probably the easiest way to quickly enable or disable the setting. If you want to make sure WMP stays on top of other windows while your working, this will do the trick.