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Disable Office 2010 Beta Send-a-Smile from Startup

If you are testing out the new Office 2010 Beta you’ve undoubtedly noticed the annoying Send a Smile feature. While it’s cool that they want our feedback, two smiley faces sitting in the taskbar just doesn’t seem right.

After installing Microsoft Office 2010 Beta you’ll notice the Send-a-Smile feature in the Taskbar. It’s so you can send Microsoft a smile or a frown based on what you like or don’t like about an app or feature.


To disable it from running automatically during Startup, go into System Configuration \ Startup and uncheck the box next to Office Send-a-Smile scheduler…


If you’re wondering where it is in Windows Task Manage it’s “OfficeSAS.exe”…


If you want to access Send-a-Smile in the future it’s in the Start Menu under Microsoft Office 2010 Tools.


To close out of it you can right-click and select Exit.


You can completely uninstall it if you want as well if you’re not going to use it at all.


Now you’ll have your Taskbar smiley free! What do you guys who are testing out the 2010 beta think of it so far? Have you sent Microsoft more frowns or smiles, or just don’t care? Let us know!

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  • Published 02/11/10

Comments (7)

  1. Harish

    even better option would be to un-install it completely, i mean just the send a smile app not the entire suite.
    PS: The RC is out (allbeit to selected testers only!), and it does not include it.

  2. SquareWheel

    First thing I did. Office 2010 has been wonderful so far, but the send-a-smile tool was just so silly.

  3. Tyler

    I just to control panel, and uninstall. It was its own program so I just uninstalled it. Office 2010 works just fine.

  4. SDreamer

    You can always uninstall it. It’s listed in the list of programs to uninstall.

  5. Phil

    Anyone know how to reinstall SaS? Iuninstalled right after installing 2010 but am now finding various little issues I’d like to feed back on.

  6. moey

    hi i unistalled office SAS and now the smilies r gone but i wanna know how to remove it in my registery so when i go into the taskbar notications the smiles arent there saying show or hide ??

    Plz help thanks heaps

  7. Neptune

    Office 2010 is very good in fact great. Still not using it anywhere near its full potential. The one unsettling thing about sending a smile is that it gives MS details of all processes running on your comp and your iep address for your comp.
    Is a kind of hidden Big Brother thing or am I worrying about nothing. I am more than prepared to send feedback but what’s on my computer is my business and not MS. Does anyone feel the same??

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