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Print Only Selected Areas of a Spreadsheet in Excel 2007 & 2010

Sometimes you might need to print out data contained in an Excel Spreadsheet, but printing out the entire thing is a waste. Today we show you how to print out only specific areas of the document that you need.

Open the Spreadsheet with the data you need and hold down the Ctrl key while highlighting the area of the document you want to print out.


Click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon, then the Print Area button and Set Print Area


While still under Page Layout click on Print Titles…


The Page Setup screen opens up and you’ll want to select the Sheet tab. From here type in the Columns and Rows that you want to repeat (if any) then click on Print Preview. This allows you to include any headers or labels associated with the data.


Now you’ll be able to preview the area you’ve selected and can print it out.


You can also select multiple areas of the spreadsheet. Just select another area and when you click on Print Area select Add to Print Area.


Then when you go into Print Preview you can page through the different areas you’ve selected.


The Print Areas will stay set until you clear them out. Just click on Print Area then select Clear Print Area.


This also works basically the same in Excel 2010, but when you select Print Preview, Backstage View opens and you can select your printing options from there.


This is a great way to save ink and paper if you only need to print out specific areas of a spreadsheet. Being able to include column headings and row labels is also nice so the data you print out makes more sense.

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  • Published 02/8/10

Comments (13)

  1. morris

    this is not a computer ? I just want to commend this website for all the help you give us morons who don’t know to much about computers but are willing to learn, and that is where you guys come in, big THANK YOU GUYS. I think the best part of this website is the way you walk us through step by step and showing the drop down picture. again thanks for this website GEEK .your tops.

  2. Anita

    thank you so much for walking me through “how to print selection only on the new Microsoft Office 2010. It was so easy on the old 2003. If Microsoft wanted to improve the program, why did they make some things much more complicated?

  3. Sue

    I just installed Office 2010. Excel took a big step backwards in ease. I have several tracking spread sheets and you used to be able to just highlight an area you wanted to print, click file, print, selection and print it. now there is no option at all – has anyone found this option somewhere?

  4. Jarek

    Thanks, it helped a lot.

  5. Rajan

    i am using office 2010. when i select the print area (to print more than one page in a single A4 sheet)in print preview it shows in a single page. But when i am giving the print it will print more number of pages like 5 pages or 10 pages or even 80 pages also. i am using toshiba printer. what is the problem? is problem with the printer or the area i select. plz help me to retrieve. it giving me a lot of prob in my office…………………..

  6. Denis

    I Rajan,

    We have just installed MS office 2010 at our office this week and we have had the same problems as you. We also have a toshiba printer (E-studio 2330C). We think, just figured it out.

    We believe that it’s the printer that does not support office 2010. My temporary solution is to print it in .pdf the first time you print. if you make pdf writer software as your default printer it is easier and less stressful.

    we are going to contact toshiba for an update in the meatime.

    hope this helps.

  7. paul

    Thanks guys, you really made my work easy to execute.

  8. Stephanie

    With the printing issues above – you can also download the post script or PS driver for your printer and it will fix the settings. I have another problem – when we have a print area selected or print titles selected in combination with a hairline border, the borders do not print properly – only some of the time/select tabs of excel files even though others print fine. Printing to Adobe or various printers does not fix the problem. Suggestions? Oh – a temp fix was to select print graphics in high quality in excel options – but this didn’t fix printing to PDF really – it looks fuzzy……

  9. tasha

    thanks. great advice

  10. Richdelta

    @DENIS and RAJAN.

    I have the same problem at work, i also use the PDF printer to get my work done.
    We also have a Toshiba printer, I have ask them for help at Toshiba.
    But it’s not the drivers or the compatibility between PC AND Printer nor Server.
    So, if any one can help with this, i will be gratefull.

  11. Jeanette

    I’m using Excel 2010. I want to print select pages only. It used to be I could make a list (e.g. 2,4-5, 6,8-10). I don’t see this in Excel 2010…. is this selection field hidden somewhere? Thanks.

  12. Geiko

    Sorry, this does not work for me on 2010. No matter what I do, selecting, setting print area, etc., the preview shows exactly what I want on the one page, and tells me I have one page to print. When I hit ‘print’, it sends me 24 PAGES! I have been using Excel for years, so know how to print and do these things. I’ve read everything, tried everything, and nothing is working!

  13. jamil

    Is is possible to print more than one selection on a single page in excell 2007. if yes, Pl, explain , how

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