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Stop uTorrent 2.0 from Automatically Starting in Windows

If you’re using the new uTorrent 2.0, you might have noticed that it starts automatically when booting into Windows. Even if you disable it in System Configuration. Here we show you how to completely disable it from starting automatically.

Open uTorrent and from the menu bar go to Options \ Preferences and under the General section uncheck the box next to Start uTorrent on system startup, then click Ok to close out of Preferences.


In Windows 7 or Vista go to Start and enter msconfig into the Search box.


In XP you need to go to Start \ Run then type in msconfig.


In System Configuration click the Startup tab then uncheck uTorrent and click Ok.


Now you won’t have UTorrent starting up automatically every time you restart your Windows machine.

Brian Burgess worked in IT for 10 years before pursuing his passion for writing. He's been a tech blogger and journalist for the past seven years, and can be found on his about me page or Google+

  • Published 02/8/10

Comments (18)

  1. SquareWheel

    That’s odd, uTorrent respected the setting to not launch at boot for me. I’m running the latest beta, and have been for some time.

  2. Justme

    SquareWheel: µTorrent 2.0 is out of beta! :)

  3. Agustin

    I’m not sure finding the point of this how-to, I mean, I want to think that every user (that considers a geek, at least) that visit this blog, already knows about managing apps that starts with OS.

    And, it is always better to turn it on/off from within application’s preferences, rather that from msconfig, because this way, it will remove it from the list, and if you do it from msconfig, sometimes when you reactivate it or reinstall the application, you get a duplicate instance on the list, and that sucks.

  4. John Shelton

    I have uTorrent installed and have the described checkbox unchecked on uTorrent “General” window. uTorrent is not listed in “Startup” tab in “msconfig”, but still starts up at computer boot. Is there any way to prevent automatic loading when uTorrent is not listed in the startup tab?

  5. fasdfsf

    If you do not disable the option for utorrent to start on system startup from within the program, it will re-enable the changed msconfig option every time you open it.

  6. getting there slowly, very slowly

    Thanks heaps, very informative. I really appreciate it.
    I know it may sound silly but the pics really help to get my head around this stuff.
    Even I cant fuck up when its this simple!!!
    You guys have been helping me out for a while and i just really wanted to say thanks.
    Seriously, I appreciate the simplification even if others dont.

  7. Mysticgeek

    Thanks, we try to make our articles as simple as possible for getting things done. Some people may think we make it too simple, but we have readers from complete beginners to the most experienced IT expert. Either way, we try to make our how-to’s as easy to follow as possible. Thank You for the kind words!

  8. MR304


  9. Ryan

    Thank you!!!
    Am glad I ran into this site!!

  10. bog

    thx a lot

  11. Tania Schramek

    thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I am totally computer stupid and I have been wanting to get rid of MANY programs that start up when I turn on my computer and even though I thought I had done so in the given programs preferences it never worked. This tip was amazing, clearly written for us common folk and it worked!
    thanks again

  12. Badly

    Good stuff, I did all that, now tell me why uTorrent opens automatically when I open Firefox to browse the web. How can I disable that??


  13. Chichi

    Thanks, the pictures were really helpful :)

  14. mach

    haha, Thanks for the article! I feel pretty dumb now about myself for not knowing it.:)

  15. Rahi


    I have small problem understanding the way utorrent works :
    After downloading some stuff , I just “Remove” d it from the uTorrent window by right clicking on the file and selecting Remove.
    however, the next day when I opened utorrent I was astonished to see that the same file was being uploaded and I saw a whopping figure of 1.08GB under the Uploaded column!!!
    Not even ones have I used it for uploading , then how come it has uploaded such a huge data ?
    I understand that while downloading some information might be uploaded back-restricted to some Kbs or 10-20 Mbs!!

    Would be great if anyone could shed some light on this !

    Thanks !

  16. dhyvfyu

    thank u

  17. Guran Two

    I still(!) have this annoying problem. uTorrent autostarts, sometimes at win startup, sometimes much later.
    I have carefully verified that the uTorrent general setting is unchecked. uTorrent was not listed for autostart in the msconfig settings.

    It STILL autostarts. Can it possibly be triggered from incoming requests or have a function for autochecking of upgrades?

    Very annoying as the machine is left running for other purposes. Do I have to uninnstall uTorrent to kill it?

  18. Jeff

    I have the setting to have uTorrent start on startup uncheck, and it’s unchecked in msconfig as well. I completely uninstalled uTorrent and installed a new version, unchecked everything again, and it still starts when the computer boots up.

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