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Friday Fun: Battlefield Heroes

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Another Friday as arrived and it’s time to have fun and forget about spreadsheets, meetings and documents. Today we take a look at Battlefield Heroes which is a free online first person shooter game developed by EA.


To begin playing Battlefield Heroes you must register for an account. Here we take a look at installing it with Firefox. You need to install the Battlefield Heroes Updater and restart Firefox.


When you get back you’ll need to install the updater.


Accept the EULA…


Then wait as everything is downloaded and installed. It’s a fairly complex game so the amount of time it takes will vary.

3 ff

After installation is complete you can start playing right away.


Playing Battlefield Heroes

When you first start out you might want to go through Basic Training so you can get a feel for the controls and learn what they do.


You start out completing different assignments throughout the tutorial…just follow the arrows to the next one.


You learn how to enter tanks, planes, jeeps and other vehicles and maneuver them.


Driving a jeep to the next checkpoint for a new assignment.


Learning to use weapons and attack enemies…


Firing at other tanks in the tutorial…


Flying a plane around… this is very fun and you can shoot targets as well.


There are plenty of settings you can change from the video and audio quality to keyboard controls.


You’re allowed to create up to three hero’s and can choose the way they look and the type of soldier they are including a gunner, soldier, and commando.


Unfortunately while I was writing this up I was kicked off the server during battle because I was idle and trying to get screenshots. But I’m sure you get the idea of the game. During the game other players can hop in a vehicle with you and shoot at the enemy while your driving. It’s kind of a “capture the flag” type rules. The controls are fluid and the graphics are very nice. It’s definitely a lot of fun.


Even going through Basic Training is a fun experience and would be perfect while you’re at work. Then when you get home and have free time you’ll be ready for real battle. We’re interested in hearing from those of you who have played the game. Tell us what you like or don’t like about Battlefield Heroes.

Play Battlefield Heroes

Videos and Screenshots of Battlefield Heroes

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  • Published 02/5/10

Comments (11)

  1. Lappalainen

    This game used to be good but they ruined with riddicolous VP prices.

  2. Mike

    This is my favorite free shooter of all time! I think I actually play this game more than any other game. Great article! Good job!

  3. tommy2rs

    I played some of the early beta’s of BH. Even they were fun, though the plane controls at the time were more suited to crashing than flying….lol. Might have to revisit, just hope it hasn’t become all about buy this and buy that just to stay alive for more than 3 seconds.

  4. Brad Taylor

    …. I played this a lot, but their recent big updates made the cost of even the basic items extreme to the point of making this no longer a ‘free’ game.

  5. techferret

    ….Play it every day at work during lunch. It has gotten more to a pay for their “uber” or “special” weapons, but eh…doesn’t stop me from having fun.

  6. lucentminds

    I’ve always loved playing Battlefield, and now I can play it for free. I don’t really care about the money-based upgrades. You can play without them because skill beats upgrades all the time.

  7. SquareWheel

    I played when it was in beta, but I became bored quite quickly. For a free game, everything sure costs a lot of money.

  8. Doctor

    I don’t know but graphic wise it’s kinda cheasey

  9. Titanium Pen

    This game is damn good. I know, the graphics look weird, but that’s the selling point-it’s different. This game is about fun, not realism.

  10. kopsq

    I love it. I have now a lvl 22 Commando, lvl 19 and lvl 10 Soldiers and lvl 17 Gunner. If you haven’t already, try it now!


    It’s an awsome game just sad for those stupid VP upgrades :S nowadays people who got money buy it without even thinking… making them stronger and some of them have skills so then you would be helpless against them :S unless you team them

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