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Add Your Own Folders to Favorites (Quick Access) in Windows 7, 8, or 10

When you open Explorer in Windows 7 you’ll see a list of Favorites in the Navigation Pane. Microsoft has already put some there, but today we show you how to remove them and add your own favorite folders including Search Connectors.

In Windows 10 it’s called Quick Access instead of Favorites, but it works exactly the same way

Remove Folders from Favorites or Quick Access

By default Microsoft has included some favorite locations for you that you may not want. The default locations are Desktop, Downloads, Recent Places, and Recorded TV if you’ve set up Live TV in Windows Media Center.


To delete the locations from Favorites, simply right-click on the location and select Remove from the context menu.


Add Folders to Favorites or Quick Access

Adding you favorite locations that you visit often is easy. While you’re in the folder you want to add, right-click on Favorites and select Add current location to Favorites.

If you’re in Windows 10 it’ll be called Quick Access instead of Favorites but it works the same way.


You can also drag a folder over to Favorites to link it there as well.


In this example we removed all of the default locations and added four locations…a FLAC folder from a home server, My Documents, My Videos, and our Dropbox folder.


If you want to get the default locations back just right-click Favorites and select Restore favorite links. It won’t delete the locations you added, but will just restore the originals.


Search Connectors in Windows 7

You can’t add Internet Explorer Favorites or files to your favorites in Windows Explorer. However, you can add Search Connectors which allow you to search a favorite website and view it in Windows Explorer. This is a neat trick we covered in a previous article.


This should help make navigating through your favorite locations a bit easier and allow you to add Search Connectors as well. Make sure to check out our links below that will help better understand Search Connectors and why they might come in handy.

Search Websites from Your Desktop in Windows 7 with Search Connectors

Download the How-To Geek Search Connector

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  • Published 02/5/10

Comments (16)

  1. cz-man

    Thanks. It’s very great tip.

    How can i add my favorite folder in windows vista?

    Excuse my bad English…

  2. Bob2

    I like the idea of search connectors but I need some basic first steps, like how do I find OSDX files to download and where do I download them to. I tried to download the How-to-Geek search connector by clicking on the article hyperlink and I got some code in my browser but no icon. I did not know what to do next.

  3. trek

    Same question as Bob. How do you find the OSDX files in the bfirst place?

  4. Edward F Smith Jr

    I’m sick to death of windows 7! How do I get rid of it and install W -XP? My E-machine won’t let me do it. Money is an issue with me (retired) and I have many good programs and a scanner that W-7 won’t let me use.

  5. Lee

    Is it possible to use the Favorites folder as the default folder when opening explorer (preferably using the WIN+E short cut)? I’ve tried using ‘%USERPROFILE%/Links’ in the properties>target box, but that just opens the full path to the links folder (where the favorite shortcuts are saved I believe) and not the Favorites folder at the top of the explorer navigation pane…

    I would really appreciate any help :)

  6. Vera

    Thank you soooo much – it’s great to know there are
    wonderful people around, who are ready to help.

    I wish I could be one of them!

  7. Pierre

    The article is all nice and well butn( excuse me for shouting ) WHERE DO I FIND HOW TO CREATE A NEW FOLDER IN FAVORITS?

  8. Tomi

    I succeded beating this one by creating a “Links” folder in my user’s directory. But the folder must be created in the language of the Windows you are using, the folder’s name that worked was “Povezave” in my case.

  9. qais

    Thanks for sharing very intresting

  10. qais

    piere just drag and drop the folder u want to make favorite under the favorites on the side of your windows

  11. Daniel U. Thibault

    I think what several commenters are asking for is how to create a *folder of links” in the Favorites, instead of a “favorite link to a folder”. I can create a folder in %UserProfile%\Links and put links in it, but that folder is only visible in the main pane when Favorites is selected in the left pane: it does not show up alongside the other links. I need it to show up there, with an expansion arrow (like the Libraries have).

  12. naser

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  13. ivica CRO

    Thank you for your advice.

  14. Sali

    Really useful

  15. Neil

    On that third screen shot… I’d really like to know the full name of that second directory from the top… haha

  16. Donald

    I miss being able to create folder contains that can themselves contain links in… like I could with Favorites in XP. In XP I could add the favorites from IE to the File Explorer and use it as an advances file system navigator… but in Vista/Win7,8 I cannot group my links into folders.

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