Are you looking for an easy way to find webpage content related to what you are currently viewing? Perhaps you just want to keep up with the most current news headlines. Now you can enjoy doing both with the Glydo extension for Firefox.

More Information Please

We started out with one of the wonderful webpages here at the site…but to find other webpages with similar or related content (such as videos) we would need to conduct a search. What if there was something that could automatically do the searching and present the results ready to use?

Glydo in Action

Once you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox you will see a “welcome page” with information about Glydo and your new “Glydo Tools” in the “Status Bar”. Everything is ready to go at this point…

Here is a close-up of Glydo in the “Status Bar”…nice and unobtrusive.

Note: The buttons shown in the “Status Bar” will vary based on the content of the webpage that you are currently viewing.

Time for a look at each of the functions. The first button is for articles and stories that fall into the same general category as the content you are currently viewing (i.e. software).

Note: You will also be able to select/click on related news or webpage content in the “Ticker Area”.

The second button focuses on more specialized information related to the content that you are currently viewing.

The third button will display webpages with similar content to what you are currently viewing.

The fourth button is great for news addicts who love keeping up with the latest headlines. Notice that the headlines shown here all come from different sources such as Google, Yahoo, TMZ, and the BBC.

Note: You will also be able to select/click on related news or webpage content in the “Ticker Area” when viewing news articles.

Perhaps you have just found a terrific webpage and want to share it on your favorite social network. Easy to do…the fifth button will open a popup menu with a selection of popular social services. If your favorite is not shown at the moment just click on “More…”.

Clicking on “More…” will open a new tab where you can easily select your favorite social service from the extensive list available.

The Glydo button gives you access to a small popup menu. This is the most convenient way to access the “Options”.

Now that we have taken a quick look at the offerings presented by Glydo for our How-To Geek webpage shown above it is time to choose some related content. For our example we went into the “Webpages Category” and clicked on the second entry.

When you click on an entry that link will open in a new tab (unless deactivated in the “Options”).

As mentioned above you will see some variation in the buttons visible based on the webpage you are viewing. Two additional buttons became available for the Microsoft webpage shown above (Tweets & Videos).

The related Tweets…

And the related videos. Especially nice if you are a visual learner and love being able to watch “how it is done”.


Glydo has very few options to worry with. Select how recommendations are opened, the timing interval for the “Status Bar Ticker”, and choose how often notifications appear.



Using Glydo makes for an interesting way to find similar content on other webpages and to keep up with the latest new headlines. If you are the adventurous and curious type then you just might want to give this one a try.


Download the Glydo extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Visit the Glydo Homepage

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