Do you need a way to sign into multiple accounts for the same online service in a single browser? If so then you might want to have a good look at the Multifox extension for Firefox.


We have three separate Gmail accounts open here…the only way to access them all at the same time is to use three separate browsers. Going through this on a daily basis could get frustrating very quickly.

How to Access More Accounts

Once you have installed the Multifox extension there are three ways to access it. Any of the three will cause a new and separate window to open.

The first is in the “File Menu”…

The second is in the “Tabs Context Menu”…

And the third is the “Context Menu” for your bookmarks.


As you open each window you will need to login with the appropriate credentials. You will also notice a “blue square with a number” at the end of the “Address Bar”. You can see here that the numbering starts at “2”…”1” is considered as the “originating window”.

Note: Do not combine the separate windows (tab dragging) into a single window or you will lose access to the multiple accounts. The separate windows help maintain the separate identities.

Clicking on any of the “blue numbered squares” will open a drop-down window like this with basic information about that particular “identity profile”.


If you have been wanting to try “same service multi-account” access for a single browser install then this might be just the extension for you.


Download the Multifox extension (Extension Homepage)

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