Do you have webpages that you need to refresh every so often to avoid session timeouts or that update quickly throughout the day? Now you can automate the refresh process with the ReloadEvery extension for Firefox.


We decided to visit the International website for our test… To refresh the page we only had one “Reload Option” available…reloading the webpage manually. If you have a website that you want to avoid session timeouts on or your favorite webpage updates often throughout the day then you are most likely experiencing a lot of frustration.


As soon as you have installed the extension and restarted Firefox you are ready to go. There are no options for you to worry with…all that you have to do is enjoy that “Context Menu” goodness. You can see that a new “Context Menu” entry is available to work with and the first thing that you will need to do is enable automatic webpage reloading.

Once you have enabled automatic webpage reloading the extension will start working with the default “10 seconds” setting. If none of the preset times suit your needs then you can set a custom time frame by clicking on “Custom”.

Clicking on “Custom” will open this small window where you may enter the desired time in minutes and seconds. The default setting for “Custom” is “1 minute, 30 seconds”…

We decided to go with an exact “3 minutes” but you can set it however you like…that is the best part of all about this extension.

Accessing the “Context Menu” again shows that “Custom” is now set as the default instead of “10 seconds”. Notice at the bottom that you can apply your chosen “time” to all of your open tabs or disable automatic reloading on all tabs if desired.


While this extension may not seem like much it can be an extremely helpful addition to your browser (i.e. watching an Ebay item or keeping track of a “Woot Off” at If you are tired of always having to log back into your accounts or constantly refresh webpages then you are definitely going to want this extension.


Download the ReloadEvery extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the ReloadEvery extension (Extension Homepage)

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