Would you like to be able to zoom in, zoom out, and/or rotate images on a webpage for better viewing? Then join us as we take a look at the Image Zoom extension for Firefox.


Normally if you would like to do something with an image there are not a lot of options available in the “Context Menu”.

A Look at the Context Menus

As soon as you have installed the extension you will find two new entries (with sub-menus) in your “Context Menu”…”Zoom Image & Rotate Image”.

Here is a look at the sub-menu for the “Zoom Image Menu Entry”.

And a look at the sub-menu for the “Rotate Image Menu Entry”.

Image Zoom in Action

Time for some image manipulation. We decided to begin our tests with some quick zooming/enlargement of an image and chose “150%” as a starting point.

Note 1: Notice the image information available in the “Status Bar” in each of the following screenshots. The information will remain until you move your mouse over a webpage link.

Note 2: You can also “undo” any changes made to images by refreshing/reloading the webpage.

As you can see the image was definitely enlarged without affecting any of the surrounding text or other images.

Just for fun we decided to try “400%”… As you can see even with the browser window maximized the image goes totally “off screen” and super-imposed itself underneath the “How-To Geek Article Sidebar”.

After resetting the image to its’ normal size we moved on to image rotation. First we chose to rotate the image to the right…

Looking good…

Or perhaps rotating the images “180 degrees” is even better…especially if someone was trying to be “artistic” with a photo and instead just made it irritating to look at.


The options are simple to sort through and are broken down into three nice categories. You can change the “Mouse Functions & Individual Zoom Options”, “Zoom Context Menu”, and “Rotate Context Menu” display options.


While this extension may not be something that you would use on every webpage, there are instances where it could be very helpful in viewing “odd angle” or “wrongly sized” images.


Download the Image Zoom extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

Download the Image Zoom extension (Extension Homepage)

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