Are you tired of manually deleting your browser history or having to wait until the browser is closed to remove it? Then you will want to have a look at the Clear History extension for Firefox.


Unless you use “Private Browsing Mode” 100% of the time, you are naturally going to have browser history build up. Most of the time this is nothing to worry about but what if you:

  • Forgot to use “Private Browsing Mode” and need an extremely quick way to delete the history.
  • Just want a simple way to instantly clear out the history “clutter and build up” while your browser is still open.

There is no help for deleting history in the “History Menu”…

You could do manual deletions in the “History Sidebar”…but this is not the most efficient method.

Or if you prefer you could have modified the “Privacy Options” ahead of time.


But even with the modifications available in the “Privacy Options” you will still have to wait until your close your browser.

Even selecting “Never remember history” may not be the best choice for you. What you need is a “quick and easy” on-demand option.


After restarting you will find a new menu entry in your “History Menu”. All that you need to do to delete all of your browser’s history is click on “Clear history” or use the keyboard shortcut “Meta + Alt + C”.

Instant satisfaction…it just does not get any easier than that while you have your browser open in a regular browsing session.


If you need to clear your browser’s history at a moment’s notice or just want to remove the history “clutter and build up” then you will absolutely love Clear History’s one click cleaning goodness.


Download the Clear History extension (Mozilla Add-ons)

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