Have you encountered a webpage that you really wanted to share on your favorite social service (or make a note of to yourself) only to find the “Share Options” are extremely limited? Now you can easily access extended sharing goodness with the AddThis Bookmarklet.

Note: There will be some webpages where this bookmarklet will not work because JavaScript is blocked/disabled from functioning (i.e. the official Google Chrome extensions website).


Here are some common examples of very limited sharing power on webpages. Each of these examples only have a “special chosen few’” available for your use. Unless you were specifically wanting to use one of these limited offerings you are totally out of luck for easy sharing. Well that problem is easy to take care of now…

Get the Bookmarklet

To add the bookmarklet to your favorite browser just visit the homepage and use your mouse to drag the bookmarklet to your “Bookmarks Toolbar”. Now you are ready to access all of that sharing goodness on any of the websites that you are visiting.

If you are needing a bookmarklet that is focused on a single social service instead of multiple services you can browse the bookmarklet library available at the AddThis website. Click on the “View all bookmarklets…” link to see the offerings available.

Here are all of the “individual social service” bookmarklets available at the moment. Grab the bookmarklets that you need and drag them to your “Bookmarks Toolbar”.

AddThis in Action

For our example we looked at an article concerning the general availability date of MS Office 2010. If you like to keep on top of availability dates for the newest releases then this is definitely one for the “list”. Notice the “sharing section” in the lower right corner…

Clicking on the “Share This” link shows that the service we needed was not listed…time for our bookmarklet.

Clicking on the AddThis Bookmarklet opened the following popup window…Gmail is not displayed in the initial list so we clicked on the “More… (225)” link.

Note: We moved our bookmarklet to the “Bookmarks Menu” .

Clicking on the “More…” link will present you with a wonderful list of social services to choose from. Notice that you can also do a quick search for your favorite service at the top. We were able to easily find Gmail and clicked on it…

There is our information ready to send out to our e-mail account…everything was already filled in except for the e-mail address. Nice, quick, and easy…certainly a lot better than doing it the hard way.

AddThis at How-To Geek

Remember that if you want to share any of the webpages here at the site all that you have to do is look for the “Share Link” at the bottom of each article. We have you covered for all of that sharing goodness.

Editor Note: AddThis Bookmarklets are compatible with Opera, Firefox, IE 7 and above, Safari, and Chrome. They are not compatible with IE 6 (which you should not be using for your daily browsing anyway).


If you are tired of the extremely limited sharing links offered at some websites then you will definitely love this bookmarklet. You are just one click away from sharing on all of your favorite social services.


Get the AddThis Bookmarklet for Your Browser

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