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A repeater is a piece of telecommunication hardware that receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher power. Repeaters are used in a wide variety of applications including radio transmission and Wi-FI network deployment.

In the latter situation, a Wi-Fi repeater is placed on the edge of the current range of the primary Wi-Fi node to boost and repeat the Wi-Fi signal out beyond the range of the primary Wi-Fi node. If, for example, your Wi-Fi router was in your office in the front of your home and you were getting poor Wi-Fi coverage out on your deck, you could place a Wi-Fi repeater at the edge of the office Wi-Fi node’s range to extend the reach to your backyard.

In most applications, use of a repeater has no noticeable effect on communications. In rare applications (like real-time online gaming where a lag of even a tenth of a second can radically reduce play quality), the extra latency introduced by the repeater is undesirable.

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