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Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are a physical screen panel or film mounted on to desktop monitor or laptop screen. These add-on panels feature special microscopic louvers within the material so that the angle of viewing available while using the monitor becomes extremely restricted for the purposes of keeping others from looking at the screen.

For example, the angle of view on a typical laptop might be as wide as 160 degrees (while sitting 80 degrees off center would be less than ideal, it would still allow the other person to see what was on the screen). That same screen, with a privacy screen mounted on the laptop, might only provide a 30 degree angle of view, making it impossible to see what was on the screen unless you were seated directly in front of it.

Although not typically installed on machines within a private office, privacy screens are quite useful for applications where data security is important and members outside of the organization could see the screen (such as screens angled at a bank teller’s window or corporate laptops frequently used while traveling and otherwise in public).

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