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PHP is a scripting language used to power web sites like How-To Geek, and is extremely popular because it is very easy to get a new site up and running compared to many other languages, and the system requirements are very low, so many web sites can be run on a single server. When the language was created in 1995, the acronym PHP stood for Personal Home Page, but the creators have since decided that it stands for PHP: Hypertext Processor, which doesn’t make a lot of sense since the name is recursive.

Here’s an example of a very simple PHP page that would print Hello World to the screen:

echo "Hello World";

Since PHP is completely free and open source, it has become very popular–over 20 million web sites run on the language, including some of the most popular sites like Wikipedia, Lifehacker, Gizmodo,, and even Facebook (though some has since been converted to other technologies).

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