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Meta Tag

The term Meta Tag refers to the portion of HTML coding in a web page that provides a basic description about, or identifies the type of content a particular website contains. Two of the most important types of Meta Tags are ‘keywords’ and ‘description’ tags.

‘Keywords’ and ‘description’ tags are meant to help search engines properly index the contents of a website, thus making it easier for people who are seeking particular types of information to find it.

Meta Tags are a ‘hot’ focus point for a branch of marketing research known as search engine optimization (SEO). As the name implies, this branch of marketing looks for ways to maximize the effect of Meta Tag information to enhance a website’s ranking on various search engines’ listings, therefore driving more traffic to the website in question.

Unfortunately, the use of Meta Tags to enhance website rankings has been badly abused over time. Many search engines now place less value on the information provided in Meta Tags due to the abuse, and focus more on the actual content of a website when indexing it.

You can learn more about general, overall forms of Meta Data here.

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