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Hibernation Mode

Hibernation mode is like putting your computer in a state of suspended animation. Unlike sleep mode, where the core system remains powered up (but the peripherals and hard disks are powered down), hibernation mode effectively powers down the system while preserving the work state over time.

This state is achieved by saving the contents of the RAM to the hard disk until the session is resumed in the future. After the RAM is saved to disk, the system is completely powered down as if the user had shut the computer off. When the system is woken, either via the power button, a Wake-on-LAN command, or timer, the operating system unpacks the RAM save state back into the actual RAM and resumes operation right where the user left off.

Hibernation mode is an ideal way to preserve your work space when you are going to be away from your computer for an extended period of time (such leaving your work computer to go home for the evening). For shorter power saving benefits without the extra time to enter and exit hibernation mode, sleep mode is an ideal short term power saving tool.

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