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Email Obfuscation

Email obfuscation is an attempt to make an email address difficult for spam bots to harvest and begin spamming. There are two forms of obfuscation: manual obfuscation and HTML-code obfuscation. In manual obfuscation, the user manually breaks up their email address using text that a human can easily read and decode but that wouldn’t form a valid address a spam bot could harvest. Thus, an email address like might be written like someguy AT somehost DOT org; a human could read that but it wouldn’t register as an email address if a bot was scanning for a typical *@*.* email address format.

The other type of obfuscation, HTML-code obfuscation, relies on using the HTML codes for letters, numbers, and symbols (as opposed to plaintext) in order to throw bots off. Thus the same would appear (in the HTML code of the web page) as The benefit for this method is that it’s easily read by humans with no amount of decoding and ignored by all but the most sophisticated spambots.

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