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Bacn, pronounced Bacon (like the breakfast meat), is an ideological and language offshoot of the idea of Spam. Where as Spam is unsolicited electronic communication you don’t want (the joke being that nobody ever wants Spam), Bacn is solicited electronic communication that you do want (bacon being something you do want, but not all the time).

Examples of Bacn include newsletters, coupon mailing lists, email digests, or other digital notifications and communications you signed up for (and thus solicited), but that you don’t really care all that much about nor do you need to stay current with them with the same attention you would give to emails from your boss or spouse. As such, many people set up filters in their email systems with a “Bacn” label, specifically to catch all those types of communications. This way, when you do want to check on sales coupons or check up on email digests, you can do so at your leisure without them cluttering up your primary inbox.

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