If you’re one of the millions of the 150 million MyFitnessPal users, bad news: hackers have your email address, your user name, and your hashed password.

Here’s Jim Finkle and Nivedita Balu, reporting for Reuters:

The stolen data includes account user names, email addresses and scrambled passwords for the popular MyFitnessPal mobile app and website, Under Armour said in a statement. Social Security numbers, driver license numbers and payment card data were not compromised, it said.

You should change your password immediately—the app will eventually force you to do so. If you’re re-using your MyFitnessPal password on multiple sites you can now assume hackers can log into those services too, so change them ASAP.

Also, please stop re-using passwords. This is going to happen again, and again, and again. We’ll say it one more time: you need to use a password manager, which helps you create a different password for every account. It really limits the impact from these kinds of breaches.

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