A few months ago, Google added a feature to Google Assistant called Custom Routines that allows users to create strings of commands that can be executed with just a single phrase. Starting today, you can schedule those commands.

The new scheduling option is found inside the Routines menu, though it’s worth noting that it’s only available for new routines, not ones that were created before the feature was live. That means you’ll need to recreate your existing routines if you’d like to schedule them. Bummer.

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To find the new feature, open the Google Home app, slide open the menu, and select More Settings. You can also do this from the Google Assistant Settings menu, which will effectively take you to the same place.

In Settings, scroll down till you see Routines and tap on it.

In this menu, tap the plus button in the bottom corner to create a new routine. The first open is “Add commands,” which is where you’ll specific the phrase, but below that you’ll find “Set time and day (optional)”—this is the new scheduling option.

Within this menu, you’ll be able to specify the time and day in which you’d like for this command to be automatically ran, as well as which speaker will start the command. You’ll get a audible notification from this speaker when the command is executed.

There’s also a toggle to get a visual notification on your phone when the command runs, so you’ll know all is well if you’re not near the speaker at the time. Good stuff.

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