In the movies clearing up fuzzy photos is easy: just yell “Enhance!” and “Zoom in!” Enhance, a browser game by programmer Nicole He, works just like that, and it’s hilarious.

The concept is simple: there’s a crime happening somewhere in a photo, and you need to use inefficient voice commands to find the code that will solve it.

Every detail here is great—the faux-hacker Hollywood look, the unnecessary blurriness, the seeming impossiblity of actually finding evidence using a voice interface. It’s perfect, and you should give it a try.

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You might want to wait until you get home from work, though, unless you don’t mind yelling “Enhance,” “Zoom in,” and “Move right” repeatedly in your cubicle. Unless that sort of thing will blend right in at your workplace? Then go for it, I guess. Have fun!

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