It’s unusual for Microsoft to release and Insider Build on a Monday, but that’s exactly what happened today. Insider Build 18298 isn’t about big features or crazy changes, however—this one is bringing some nice fit and finish to Windows 10.

There’s a laundry list of things in this upcoming build, but there are a few bigger things worth pointing out that are really going to polish up the experience.

Downloads Will be Sorted Date

For starters, your downloads will be sorted by most recent as the default setting in 18298, which just makes sense. Most of the time, when you download something, you’re going to want access to it pretty much immediately, so having it at the top of the list is just a nice tweak.

What’s nicer, however, is that if you’ve already changed the sorting option to something else, the update won’t change it back. In other words, the update will only tweak the setting if it’s still the current default. Good, good.

Killer Touch Keyboard Improvements

If you’re using a two-in-one Windows devices (like a Surface device), then there’s a chance you have to use the on-screen keyboard from time to time. You also know that sometimes your hands don’t tap the key exactly as you intend—and Microsoft knows this, too.

That’s why the upcoming build features some pretty awesome tweaks tot he touch keyboard. Basically, it will interpret the key (or keys) you’re most likely going to tape, then expand the touch zone for those particular keys by a small margin. As a result, this will also make the touch zones for the most unlikely keys smaller, meaning the keyboard is more accurate.

While that will happen behind the scenes, this is what that will look like under the hood:

Very cool.

New Console Features

If you’re a Console junkie, you’ll be pleased to see a gamut of new experimental features on board in the new build. The keyword here is, of course, experimental, so keep that in mind as you mess with these tweaks an options.

You’ll find new options for terminal scrolling, cursor shape and color, terminal colors, and more. You can read all about these upcoming changes here.

…And A Lot More

Like we said earlier, there’s a lot of new stuff in this build, most of which appears to just bring more refinements to Windows 10. For the full skinny, hit up the Windows Blog.

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